Il VOLO A VENEZIA ~ by Daniela

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have just returned from Miami.  We all thought that they would return to their homes for a well-deserved rest, and instead they headed to Bologna immediately, without going to their homes.

We all wondered what they were doing in Bologna?   Yesterday morning we saw pictures taken by Piero and Gianluca in Venice.

Another mystery, what will they do in beautiful Venice?


Here is the mystery revealed.

On the evening of October 16, 2017, a private event at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco took place, with cocktails, gala dinner and a concert that featured the trio “Il Volo” by Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble.









Piero gives us some dinner details.


Every year in Venice in February, there is the famous carnival  with many masked dances.   At the end of the carnival there is a particularly sumptuous dance, IL BALLO DEL  DOGE  (Doge was like a king of Venice). It is a very exclusive dance and the artists wear very sumptuous costumes.

These artists also participated in the event where IL VOLO took place.

 Il Volo and the Doge’s Dance Artists were hosts for the evening.


 The woman standing with Il Volo is the organizer of the February event and is also the creator of the beautiful costumes.


This is the exterior of the palace.


Venice is always a very charming city and this is one of countless buildings that you can visit and where you can also admire paintings of famous painters like Tintoretto.



The show is over, Piero Ignazio and Gianluca come into their hotel, naturally through Venetian calle, Gianluca offers us a glimpse of the return.

On to the next  ILVOLO-Adventure!


Credit to all owners of photos and videos.

58 thoughts on “Il VOLO A VENEZIA ~ by Daniela”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful costumes and venue, thank you so much Daniela. The boys never stop and go from one event to the next with no time in between !! What a wonderful busy but exciting life they are living.!! Thanks again.

    1. Really nice these costumes, and what about our 3 jewels? Magnificent.

      Marion I do not take the plane but I have already received the confirmation for me and my husband for enrollment in Milan.

      1. Wow Daniela that was quick, I hope you have a wonderful time and I believe there is a contest with a prize…….I hope you win whatever that will be !!! Perhaps it would be dinner with the three jewels ???!!! If that is the case I really envy you !!!

  2. By the way for anyone who will be in Milan on October 26th at 12.30pm Italian time they can meet and greet, photos and autographs Il Volo at Griessegi of Bolgna store.Address Santa Sofia 29 yellow M3 stop.. This is the furniture store that I Volo promote. Will anybody hop on a plane for a quick visit ???

      1. Jane, I too would like, and then Milan is so close to me, only 1 hour by train, but I do not think that Beppe and I will go with the problems we have, anyway we already have confirmation of Giessegi Store for participation ……., fingers crossed.

    1. I think we’d like to see singing, IL VOLO even if they were in a cave instead of in a beautiful palace.
      Of course, this is like a dream

      1. yes, from casual easy-going latino Miami, to elegant classic Euroean castles……

  3. Thank you, Daniela! How are our precious young men able to keep their feet on the ground after these sumptuous events they have been attending?!? Beautiful Venizia, elegant castles, costumed ladies, marvelous dinners & sharing their magnificent Music with the audience!!! Many of their hopes & dreams have been achieved!!! Bravo, Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!!! We love you, lead on we will follow wherever you go!!!

    1. Anne, I think sometimes it’s really hard to get back to the real life of their homes, but I also think these wonderful guys are so good and humble that their dream sometimes is to return to the simplicity of their families and their simple homes.

  4. Daniela, these are simply beautiful pictures! Pure elegance and enchantment.
    Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio just FIT in these surroundings. They look and sound like yet another masterpiece occupying space in this fine setting!

      1. So hard to know that they are all in their early 20’s. When they perform it is truly magic, and they give so much pleasure to all.

    1. Thank you Maria, Venezia and the Venetian atmosphere always enchant us, the presence of the VOLO makes Venezia even more beautiful.

    1. Joan, but what a compliment, thank you infinitely !!!
      But the jewels are their three, thanks to which the whole world knows and loves Italy.

  5. Daniela, absolutely the most beautiful venue I have seen them perform in. The acoustics were wonderful. I thought the audience was a little reserved though, maybe because of being in the palace. It was good to see Ignazio loosen up a little. Like his usual self. I have been to Venice 3 times, it is such a magnificent city. I am curious, do you mean you are going to the Giessegi Store by train? Which one?
    Love to you and Beppe.

    1. Hi Rose, the audience was more reserved but you have to understand that it was a private event and I think it was at the end of a congress. The first video was posted on the internet by a Thai who was present during the event.
      As for Giessegi, I think our chance to go is lost. The appointment was Thursday, October 26 at 12:30 in Milan and the guys will be there to sign autographs and take photos.

  6. The pictures are stunningly beautiful. I’m so glad the boys got to enjoy this event. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

    1. Hi Victoria, I knew you would have liked the photos with these costumes, it must be fascinating to attend a party like that.
      I hope you and your husband are fine!

      1. Daniela, I was enchanted with the beautiful costumes. They must have cost a fortune to design and make. That party is ‘THE’ event to get invited to in Venice. With your background in wedding gowns, you must know what it takes to create those sensational costumes, The artwork was overwhelming. I sooo love Italy and I don’t think there is anywhere in the world with such glorious artwork. I was in heaven over there. Thanks again and again for the pictures. Jay is recovering very slowly. It will take time and we are doing fun things that require little effort. Thank you for thinking of us.

      2. Daniela, you mentioned problems you are having. I have been just reading and saw that. I hope you are well and I do get you mixed up with Daniele. I would love to hop a plane for Milan. Our daughter is waiting for her passport renewal and then we will know when the kids will be in Italy. I hope we can join them and it is difficult right now. Maybe in a few months we can come. Hold good thoughts. Love to everyone. I hope you all saw the Grande Amore from the Ukraine I posted. It was wonderful. Plus the interviews Lower on the page were delightful.

      3. Thank you Victoria for your interest, actually I’m fine but my mother-in-law tomorrow (instore day) will undergo a small surgery, so we can not go to Milan.
        Yes, Victoria, I saw what you posted of Ukraine and I shared the interviews you posted with friends here in Italy. GRAZIE MILLE.
        If you come to Italy we will have a chance to meet you personally.

  7. What a beautiful venue for our guys to perform in. And they sound magnificent!
    Real Italian treasures, both the palace and Il Volo.

    1. Janet is really a mix of two real Italian treasures, the beauty of the palaces and the skill of IL VOLO.

  8. Beautiful, Venetian setting and Doge’s Dance Artists for that event. Another pretty post. Thanks, Daniela. The sweet lads must have to pinch each other sometimes. Regarding a gorgeous picture of Ignazio that you have there, where he’s playfully mimicking the pose of the Harlequin sitting next to him: It’s one of the best pictures of him I’ve ever seen. It captured his own, unique personality and charisma which is very captivating. ( Note: Have always been just a wee bit more noticin’ of ‘PB’, so That’s sayin’ somethin’ !) 🙂 I know I’m not the only one who, when looking at this picture of Ignazio, Instantly sees him transform into a 17th c. Cavalier, Musketeer and Pirate, all rolled into one, the epitome of the idea of a dashing, jaunty, swaggering, high-spirited Cavalier. Would love to see him dressed in a big, black, feather-plumed Cavalier hat, cape and boots with a sword hanging from his belt, posing at a candle-lit, tavern table with a group of other merry revelers, a ‘comely wench’ sitting upon his knee… Hmm… and a group portrait with Piero and Gianluca,too, all three authentically attired in each of those three 17th c. professions. 🙂 Maybe for Halloween, someone skilled ‘out there’ might want to try costuming these adorable lads that way, via Photo-Shop, or some other magical method, just for fun. 😊 (I swear I’d commission it, if I could, from one of the terrific, long-gone portraitists of that wondrous, wild and wicked time during Western Europe’s Age Of Sail. 🙂

    1. Laura, you have also noticed that Ignazio made Arlecchino’s laying, which is certainly the one that reflects the character of Ignazio on the scene.
      I would also like to see the guys, especially Ignazio wearing the 17th century clothes.
      It would be nice if the guys were invited to the next Doce’ s Dance and then we would be delighted to see them with beautiful Venetian costumes.
      Who could wear Casanova’s clothes?

      1. Yes, RoseMarie, I think you might be right, but I think all three in Venetian costume would be very beautiful

      2. Somewhere on the internet there are some photoshopped pictures of the guys in costumes. I don’t remember exactly what Gianluca and Piero were–one of them I think was a knight, but I do remember Ignazio was an extremely dashing pirate!

      3. Daniela, Hi. I left you a couple questions down below this. (When convenient for you to reply; no hurry). Thanks again!

    2. Daniela, Rose Marie, Penina, (respectively): What is “Arlecchino’s laying” and where might I find that, Daniela?! Would the next Doge’s Dance be held during the Carnival in February? (Would somebody in Venezia please, please invite them?!) I think Gianluca has the ‘suave’ looks and would have fun as the suave Casanova! 😍😃 I think darlin’ Piero might be a tad shy in Casanova’s clothing? 😎 He’d have no problem attracting the ladies, however! 👼 Would love to see the pictures of Piero (or Gianluca) and Ignazio as a noble knight and “extremely dashing” pirate, Penina! Wishin’ that I had more time to search for those, but thank you for informing that it has been done already, spookily confirming that many others have noticed that they each sure appear to fit right into certain historical eras. ( imagine “The Twilight Zone” theme-music playing now..😅)…….

      1. Laura, Arlecchino’s laying is exactly what you call POSE OF HARLEQUIN.
        Yes, the next Doge’s Dance will be in February 2018.
        It would be nice that the organizer of the Doge’s Dance calls them to sing at the event wearing Venetian clothes !!
        Penina is right, there’s photoshop photos of guys in strange clothes, if I find them, I send them to you.

      2. Daniela, I apologize for being late in thanking you for your very kind offer to search for those photo-shopped costume picture(s) of the guys, but I don’t want you to have to spend time on that just for me, unless and only if you have the time. Also, I can’t use my personal e-mail yet. I can only utilize it on websites such as this one, for now. I can see if I can borrow someone else’s for the pictures, so just let me know here in case you’ve already found the picture(s) and are waiting for me to contact me, okay? Again, Grazie, Daniela, either way. Thanks, too, for explaining “Arlecchino’s laying” to me. That’s such a coincidence that the explanation was in my own description, lol! ((Hug)).

      3. Daniela, I tried to correct my error, but it was too late to catch . I obviously meant, ” … if you are waiting for me to contact you.” 🙂

      4. Daniela, I Found the pirate costumes photo, coincidentally, when doing a quick search for an older, favorite photo of Piero (getting a haircut in 2015 without his shirt!:) Wanted to ask if you all had seen it. Found those two 2015 photos on: Ilvolovers. Marche. Official Instagram. Thanks again, Daniela and Penina.

      5. Sorry, I do not have them, and I am not a member of facebook which is where I think they were first posted. Someone out there help please!

      6. Brava Laura, you’ve been quicker than me to find that picture. It would be great if you posted the photo, I think so many people have never seen it.

  9. Thanks for all of the detail and photos, Daniela. I knew some of the story, but now I know a lot more.

    On Oct 19, 2017 9:11 AM, “Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love” wrote:

    > Jane posted: “Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have just returned from Miami. > We all thought that they would return to their homes for a well-deserved > rest, and instead they headed to Bologna immediately, without going to > their homes. We all wondered what they were doing i” >

  10. Daniela, i came back to look at this post again more thoroughly. it is a beautiful post. thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    would you know what the occasion is this time, for this private event?


    1. Unfortunately, a few news have been said, I believe it is the end of a congress.

      Thank you for your compliments!! Kiss.

  11. Was so happy to get another posting from Daniela! Then I started reading the comments and discovered that it was four years old!!! I know there can’t be news every week, but from 2017??? I wasn’t even a member of the flight crew then. Such a disappointment but I’ll survive!

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