Notte Magica – Kiev, Ukraine! October 23, 2017

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Yes, folks, the tour is winding down with Kiev, and just Japan after this one.  Soon the memories of these concerts will be like autumn leaves, blowing in the wind.  As the remnants of their voices rustle in our head like falling leaves, and we rake up the memories, let’s treasure these last two cities….

Let’s start with the meet/greet!  Looks like there was a small crowd for this one and the lady in red got 3 pictures!

Thanks to Pat for finding these great links to some FaceBook pages.  Thank you to IlVoloMundial for posting these awesome photos of the Kiev concert!

Also thanks to IlVoloFanCommunity on FB for their gorgeous pictures, as well!  🙂  (the newest ones are under the first part of the “all photos” pictures.)


And now, for your listening enjoyment….. a few videos!  🙂



I’m sure there is a lot more out there….thanks to everyone that uploaded their videos to You Tube.  Thanks also to Max for keeping many of us informed!  🙂 


Ciao – Jana

7 thoughts on “Notte Magica – Kiev, Ukraine! October 23, 2017”

  1. Thank you so much for the music. Whomever is sending it in is making my days grand. The sound is magnificent. I can never get enough. Prayers for Daniels’s family. You are always in my thoughts. I have not been reading all the comments lately. It’s been a slow couple weeks for me. I am catching up. The boys interviews have been delightful and I’ve been spending time devouring their music and resting a lot. Love to all of you for making such an effort to share.

    1. Victoria, you’re always so sweet.
      As far as I read your comments here, I’m happy why it means you’re okay.

    1. This was a wonderful video and a real gift for my day. The introduction was adorable. I love how real they are and how they are willing to share their personalities with the audience. Everyone can see them as real people with great humor and not just famous singers. They are delightful. Victoria

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