DWTS – Kiev! For real this time! :)

Ok, we tried to bring it to you yesterday, but tried in vain, and all I finally got was “not available in your country!”  Not sure how all of this techie stuff works, but it can be quite frustrating at times!  🙂  Anyhow, thank God for those that can navigate all the rules, regs, and other techie areas, and allow us to enjoy the fruits of their labor!

I think we all hoped they’d be doing a little dancing, like before, however, below is the video of the guys singing Grande Amore, uploaded from the official Il Volo Facebook page.  I’m sure many have seen it by now.  I let the next video roll, and it was an interview the guys gave in Kiev on some TV show.  It appears it may have been from this morning, before the concert, as they were showing footage of the DWTS  show and the lady interviewer held up a signed CD and 2 tickets.  🙂  Even though it’s all in Ukrainian and Italian, there are some nice still pictures and snippets of other song videos in the intros of each.  And of course, it’s always fun to watch their adorable faces, even if you can’t understand a word they are saying!  🙂   The interview video was uploaded by something in the Ukraine – maybe the show, or that “1plus1” site.  I tried Google translate, but it would not take it?  Enjoy!!  (both videos were uploaded to YouTube)

If we have any fans out there from Kiev, Ukraine that would be willing to translate to English, that would be awesome!! 🙂  

Tomorrow I’ll canvass the concert!


I hope you are able to see this interview…

And where are our awesome gents off to next?  We have a blip of their next few dates here….besides what is listed below, I guess we’ll have to follow the trail of leftover pizza crusts and drips of gelato, onto their next appearance!  Love whomever put this together – such a great picture of them.  Looks like they are back to Italy for a few days for the furniture store opening/signing, then another TV show?  Altas Horas?  Then on to the cruise.   Several weeks rest and then on to Japan and Australia!


Ciao – Jana

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  1. Jana, if you want, I can translate the Italian part of the interview, they are their answers, but you guess the question.
    After the presentation of the three Ignazio laughs because as always they have made a mistake in pronouncing his name (Izio instead of Ignazio), the girl asks what they think about the television show that Dancin with the stars participated and Piero replies that there is a similar program even in Italy and that last night was good because they only had to sing (clear reference to when they also danced in Italy) the boy asks if they have danced and Piero says yes, yes in Italy all three confirm Gianluca.
    Gianluca says she is really very beautiful.
    (watch the video commenting on the broadcast)
    They ask Ignazio if he has found similarities between Ukrainian and Italian food and Ignazio says ravioli are similar to their varen.
    (I think the woman asks what they like about Ukraine, besides the varen / ravioli) Piero’s response is “the girls.”
    To the new question of the man, Gianluca replied that it was an honor for them to bring Italian music to Eurovision.
    The man continues saying that IL VOLO tonight will have the concert in their Palasport, (the woman shows the CD), Gianluca says that the important thing is that they will sing their song they have already sung to Eurovision and last night also in their TV, Gianluca says they can sing a piece of the song if they want. (they sing)
    Interviewers ask as long as they will stay in Ukraine and Gianluca answer until tomorrow morning, and tonight at Palasport.
    Gianluca advertises the concert with Ukrainian words and then says Viva Italia, Viva Ukraine.
    The woman asks if they will return to Ukraine and Piero responds yes.
    They go on with greetings

      1. Hi Cinthya, it was a few days I did not hear you, then I saw you here, all right!

    1. Hi Daniela, yes I am here too. Grazie for the translation. The questions are repeated in so many interviews, so often,I feel sorry for the boys but this is a part of the business they are in. They are always gracious and polite with their answers no matter how often they are asked the same questions.

    2. Thanks so much for this Daniela! 🙂 So glad Piero likes the girls. 🙂 Interesting they asked Igna about food? Almost sounded like they were glad they did not have to dance?

      1. Jana, it’s a pleasure for me.
        Poor Ignatius, he always asked about food.
        They were glad they did not dance but we would all like to see them again in a dance.

  2. Jana, thank you for getting Gianluca’s birth date into Performances and Important Dates. Also thank you Daniela for translation of interview.

    1. Grazie Daniela for the translation. You are awesome!
      I also want to add my thanks to Pat and Jana for restoring Gianluca”s DOB info back onto the list of Important Dates.

      1. Yes, Pat added it back in last night. We have no idea how it fell off of there though? 🙂 Glad some of you noticed!

  3. Did anyone notice that the interviers were talking over each other & even when our guys were talking. That happened a few days ago when someone else was interviewing them

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