Your First Time…with the Guys!

I know from time to time, Marie would often post some comments that were too precious to leave behind and worth being read by all.  I feel this is one of those times….

Laura, from Florida, made some beautiful comments, along with a few others on my “$6.86 a minute” re-post from a few weeks ago now… here are some excerpts from (or in its entirety) their comments!  And thank you to those that said I was pretty!  That photo was from the first meet/greet with the guys from PBS, taken by the pro photographer.  I honestly can’t remember, but I think that was before we saw them!  Certainly, you can see the joy and anticipation in my face.  It is really a good picture of me.  🙂  I don’t always look that good – lol!

Laura (and others) – hope you don’t mind me re-posting this, I thought it was so awesome!  To those that have met them, we all say the same thing the first time “tongue-tied, star-struck, zombie-brained,” etc. and wished we could have come up with something a bit more witty than “you were so wonderful….”  You know, I wonder what the guys are thinking and what it’s like to have all these “mature” women, just seem to turn to mush right before their eyes (that’s it – don’t look into their eyes!  That’s when our brains turn to mush!)?  We have a long time now to decide what to say to them, whether for the first time or the fifth time, and Laura has helped us out here!

Laura said….

Jana, You sure are pretty and I got a kick out of your ingenious (and scary) title! I’m a two-years old “newbie” to IL VOLO. This is the first time I’ve read your piece here. I smiled, laughed and almost cried from what apparently can be a very poignant IL VOLO Meet & Greet experience. I’ve not yet attended one, but if I ever do, I think I’d have to go armed with some kind of self-protective, humorous, but sincere comment for the actual, terrifyingly awkward moment of having to say one other thing to them beyond a sincere, quick, ‘Hello. Wonderful to meet you! ‘ Maybe something to each, like “I just had to come talk with you; sweetness is my weakness.” or, “When God made you guys, he was showing off.” “So, how was Heaven when you left it?” “If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.” “What time do you have to be back in Heaven?” “I’ve never seen such dark eyes filled with so much light in them.” “Oh, I think you’ve got something in your eye. No; wait; It’s just a sparkle.” “I think I can die happy now, ’cause I’ve just heard and seen a piece of Heaven.” “Did it hurt when you fell out of Heaven?” (For the bolder Ilvolover, s/he could pretend to look at the tag in the back of his shirt and say, “Yep!! Made in Heaven.”)

From Victoria Wilson…

I don’t even know how to tell you how touched I was about what you wrote. You are beautiful and your story made me realize how similar we all are over these boys. On bad days when the pain is so bad I cannot have a blanket on me, I am so grateful to have my YouTube on my TV so I can sooth that savage beast in me that is making my day miserable. I’m past being infatuated with them after seeing them on American Idol and went on an urgent search for them on YouTube. Even then you could find bits and pieces. We’ve gotten all their albums, DVD’s and after seeing them in Minneapolis, we had tickets immediately to go to Italy. My husband and I have them singing in our house and car and wherever we are. Every day we think we have found our favorite song until we find something we haven’t heard before on YouTube and then we are enthralled all over again. We cannot seem to get enough and marvel at how they have grown. How I did that trip to Italy, I will never know. I pray I can do it again. Thank you is such a small phrase to use in telling you how much I enjoy your emails every day. My dearest friend has a tin ear and how sad that she cannot get the joy I do from these wonderful talented boys. They make my days happy and some rough nights fly by with their voices in my ear. Bless you and I’m so glad someone else feels just the way we do and can never get enough of their music. I love all of you out there. Victoria

From Laura Parish…

And you are completely reeled in. There is no hope from this addiction.

From Loretta Foley, Canada…

Girls are you all crazy asking yourself is it worth it? OF COURSE IT IS WORTH IT & OF COURSE THEY ARE MORE THAN WORTH IT THEY ARE IL VOLO. NO SINGER IS BETTER THAN IL VOLO. THEY ARE OUR PRECIOUS IL VOLO & NOBODY CAN TAKE THEIR PLACE EVER. Cost is nothing. IL VOLO IS EVERYTHING IN OUR LIVES. The only thing I have to figure out is how can I get enough money to follow them around the world???? then for sure my son will be trying to force me into a home for the mentally unbalanced but that will never work either. WE ARE ALL ADDICTED WITH LOVE TO THE MOST AMAZING YOUNG MEN ON EARTH. All other entertainers will never understand how they can get the same attraction from their followers, their loss. PLEASE, PLEASE KEEP ME POSTED ON ANY CONCERT OR INFORMATION THAT I MIGHT MISS

JANA LOVE YOUR POST excuse me for going a little crazy. Can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t put them first & foremost. Oh well I’ll settle down in a few minutes. I go to a senior centre on Thursdays & I bring Il Volo with me so they graciously play their music for me. A new lady has joined the group who is from Italy & she also listens to Il Volo so now everyone else is getting used to listening to Il Volo. YIPPEE.

From rpappas…

I can’t say anything other than PERFECTLY SAID. I could feel my own emotions welling up with each word. Could never explain it but you did. Thank you. I’m going to copy this and just give it to people when they ask me why11! Thank you!

From Dorothy Henderson…

Jana, you are priceless! When I made the big discovery, on PBS, I didn’t have a way to see them! I told my daughter to search on her computer…bingo…she found the three that were to forever change my lack of technology! , She went right out and got me a tablet and the rest is history! Thanks for sharing your experience! I haven’t even looked for a support group! Here’s to more and more AMORE! Dot in Texas!

From our own Daniela P…

Jana, are you sure you posted it a year ago? Then maybe I did not read it.
I had a lot of fun, because I recognized myself in your attitudes.
I believe every Ilvolover recognizes itself in your words, in the anxiety that makes you look for everything talk about them, that you spend for both distant and expensive Meet & Greet concerts.
You wonder if it’s worth it …….. certainly yes, we have no doubts.

From Joan Guyon…

Jana Lucky you. I have yet to attend a meet and greet. If I get the chance, I will take your advice and save up for it. Joanie G

From Marie… (I know she posted this last year, but a good laugh again is always great!)

Jana, I swear I laughed for 5 minutes. Believe me I understand.
~ Just another addict.

From Lynn Delaney…

Jana, this cracked me up. There’s so much in your story we can relate to.

My heart-felt thanks to those that commented here.  I did not have much of a chance to reply to your comments, as I was in Miami, but I loved them all!  However, I read them all and many smiles came to my face.  Each day I think I’m going to throw in the towel here and is keeping this site going worth it?  But then I read your comments, it only takes one or two, and then I remember why I’m doing this!  So, thank you!  Grazie Mille!  






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  1. thankfully I knew what I wanted to say to each , and except for Gianluca who was having a laugh about my name and wanting to ” sing my blouse ” = had musical notes and bars of music on it = I said exactly what I had planned to say to Piero= and it pleased him so much he kept shaking my hand even after the M&G woman kept telling me to move on., even came after me to shake my hand again.! and he was smiling from ear to ear. If I ever M&G again I’ll say the same thing again to him…

  2. After looking at the posts from the previous pages they seem to be only about the dancing nothing about l Volo.
    Rosemarie glad you had a wonderful fun time with the guys.
    I have been reading about the Il Volo boys concerts on the previous pages and am very concerned about the problems Ignazio is having with his voice. I do hope he is under a doctors care & that doctor is travelling with them. PLEASE everyone pray for Ignazio I am quite sure he is concerned & frightened & is worried that he is going to let the guys down.

  3. Jana never doubt for one minute you are not doing a trememdus job of posting & looking after this site. We all know it is a hard job gathering informatiion as well as working at your job without going insane. I’m offering my assistance again as before. Anything I can do for you please let me know.

  4. Here I am sitting thinking how crazy & possibly senile I am that I am following 3 young men who I have fallen in love with especially my precious Ignazio. I am no spring chicken by a long shot. Yes I am asking myself when I speak to them that they only see an elderly lady. I refuse to call myself OLD, I don’t feel it they have made feel young, nuts EEHH??? I am champing at the bit to see them again & seeing my son scratch his head & saying “here we go again” with tickets & tiinking he has to travel with me again. He is wrong at the travelling bit. I only want at least 3 or 4 tickets anywhere. To see at least 4 concerts thats not asking too much. Trying to wait patiencty.

  5. These comments are so heartwarming. I’m going to print them out and show them to my 50 year old kids. I want them to know what an exclusive elegant blog I am a member of. Whatever I spend on travel, concerts and M/G’s is a gift to myself since at my age I really don’t need anything else. The boys are food for my soul and oxygen for my heart. I just need someone to travel with me as my Il Volo friend will not fly, but she will drive so I see some road trips in my future. Hopefully there will a tour next year. Ciao tutti.

    1. OMG, you have 50 year old kids? 🙂 I’m trying to think of what it would be like if my mother followed a young group of singers? But it is so “not” like her….. lol.

      I think we all secretly have the “YOLO” mentality – you only live once and as we get older, we know there may not be a tomorrow, so seize the day – carpe diem! 🙂

      1. Jana I have YOLO IL VOLO itis. It is an inflammation of the heart. Also white shirt itis. That’s when they wear their white shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Yes, I have 3 kids in their fifties and one just on the edge. You know there are 2 Rose Marie’s here, 1 Ringenbach and 1 Paliobeis, we met here and live within 1 hour from each other. We drove to Detroit together and had front row seats next to Marie and Leelee. It was “heavenly”.

    2. Rosemarie enjoyed your post immensely. I discovered Il Volo Dec. 2018 watching PBS and that was it, all that came out of my mouth was Il Volo this and Il Volo that. My neighbor said I needed help for obsessing over young boys at my age, lol. I love the way they sing to the entire audience, how they interact with them. The way they treat family, friends, fans. Their brotherhood to each other how they help different causes and their live for Italy. They are young refreshing and good people. Forgive me I wrote more than I should have. Franny I. Texas

      1. Dear Franny from Texas, these posts are from 2017 but thanks for the comment and bringing it up again. Sometimes I ask myself “did I really write that?” But yes they are still my food and oxygen and they give me “fever” I don’t know how I would have filled my days these past few years without them. I love their interaction with each other, it is so sweet. Last year I had the very good fortune of going to Naro on a tour run by Dario, Piero’s very good friend. Piero came to see us every day at the beach and a few other places, so exciting. He is truly a very, very nice young man. Ok, I’m finished. Ciao

      2. Thank-you for your reply. I am so glad you got to Naro. I always felt Piero is a gentleman. Adios, e grazie

  6. I have a friend who owns a pizzaria here in town. I gave him photos of the art quilt things I made for Iggy and Peero,s 21st birthdays. He is going to Sicily next year and will take them with him. He will visit Marsala and Naro. His Dad,s home town is Marsala and is just a block from Nina,s pizzaria. I hope Ignazio saw the art piece at the time. He will also visit the castle in Naro where Piero,s museum is located. Maybe the tapestry will be on the wall there. I can’t wait for him to go and see. Love you gals. Joanie g

  7. Rose Marie I like your comment that Il Volo is food for your soul & oxygen for your heart. I am definitely with you whole heartedly. They are permanently glued to my brain, heart & soul & I can’t spend one day not thinking of them & listening to their voices singing & I LOVE the song Emense. I NEED to see their pictures ESPECIALLY IGNAZIO. If anyone thinks I am nuts, crazy or anything else you want to call me then I am, I feel I want them to be part of me and that sounds rediculus.

  8. It’s always a joy to read all your comments!
    They are always positive, full of sincere affection and also very nice

  9. From Sheila, Please don’t stop the Flight crew… I love to read the comments, news and watch the videos.. One of these days I will get to go to a concert and hopefully a meet and greet.. You all have a great day. Thank you so much.

    1. Sheila – do not worry! As long as I’m still breathing, can type, and can afford the Internet, this site will not crash, I promise! 🙂 Oh, and someone else pays the bill! lol!

  10. Hi Laura the more I read your ideas I think I will go with made in heaven that is if I have the nerve to say it without feeling foolish. I have told Ignazio his voice is magnificent & he thanked me & continued to look at what he was looking at. So I can’t see them having swelled heads.

    1. Loretta, Yes! I think you are of the enviably ‘bolder’ Ilvolovers who could pull that off, plus probably make them laugh as a result. 😂 I think that you are likely to defend Ignazio’s instantly returning to his device, or whatever he was engaged with at the moment, but it still hurt me for you that it seems it was a disapponting and probably awkward moment for you. Do wish he’d just said something else beyond his sincere (I’m sure) thanks for your compliment, like a thanks to you for coming to their concert. I guess folks might say he’s still young or was probably doing something important at the moment. I do see how you turned what could feel awkward to some fans into a positive reflection of him, re/ that it means he and they don’t seem to have their egos involved when they are complimented. I sure do admire you for that, Loretta. You’re a good person, if I may say so. 😘

    2. Loretta, Just posted a comment for you, but don’t know why it failed to show up 🙁 Now I don’t have enough time left to repeat my (not lengthy) comment, so will have to now suffice it to say that I think you’re a good, kind person. (Most of my original comment would have explained why I say that, for it had to do with your meet&greet experience comment above). ((Hug))..

      1. Now I see why, Loretta!: Not my usual avatar for some reason, but at least my original comment finally showed up moments ago. lol.

  11. Dear Beautiful Jana, I just found this from the Ukraine. I hope is opens and you can get down halfway down the page to where the boys sing.
    Otherwise you can find Week Nine of Dancing With the Stars in the Ukraine. They have the entire show on YouTube and you have to speed through most of a 2 hour show to find the boys. They sing at hour 1:45 in the show. Of course they are gorgeous and must have a concert there tonight. I hope there is video on YouTube from their concert. I’ve watched it already so many times. They just get better and better. How do they do it?…….All the flying around. As my dear friend Tricianna says… they belong to the world now. I however, like the rest of you still feel thrilled to have been with them almost from the beginning.

    1. Hi Victoria, thanks for the link. I had already seen their performance but I didn’t see the review written by Padraic Muldoon. It was a very positive one, and well deserved by the boys.

  12. I spent the day with the boys. I found a concert or benefit on YouTube. Everything was beautiful beyond words. Some of the flashing lights throw me off so then I just listen. The boys are all so distinct and the magic they make together cannot be surpassed. They did fall out of heaven. I always told our girls that when they were with God, they chose us for their family because we were what they needed for their destiny. It is obvious the boys chose their families for the same reasons. That destiny was assured . Too much coincidence (which I don’t believe in anyway) for them to take over the world the way they have and in such a short time….. without glamour, tricks, and God awful costumes…. They just presented their talent and won over the world. It was always their destiny and they walked right into it. I am the Grandmother who could predict brilliance my whole life. Il Volo has grabbed the hearts and souls of those ready to realize it. I’m so glad there are so many of us.

  13. Jana, Sorry I’m replying late. Technical difficulties posting last evening, plus was trying to catch up on previous posts in ascending order. Became too late to continue. Looking here the first time yesterday evening, had just started to read your first line when I got shocked, thinking something had happened to Marie! You used the past tense referring to her and I momentarily forgot that she has more or less simply ‘retired’! Oof ! Then I got a second shock when I saw my name on the second glance, hahaha! No, I don’t mind, Jana! Thank you for your sweet words. 😍 By the way Loretta’s acquired first dibs on “Made In Heaven.’ 😂😃

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