~ALTAS HORAS ~ by Daniela

IL VOLO late last night (October 27, 2017)  appeared on the Altas Horas, television show recorded during their last concert in Brazil.




At the beginning, after the presentation, presenter Serginho Groisman revisits a piece of  last year’s program, where a very curvy girl is singing (note the famous bumbum).

Piero comments that this is the first time he does not pay attention to the words of the song and Ignazio admits that the Brazilian girls are all beautiful.

 It continues with the guys singing, ” Libiam de lieti Calici dalla Traviata.”

In the end Serginho says “the most liked trio of Italy.”

He comes close to the boys and says their appearance has made the return to popular classical music.  Piero confirms that they are continuing what the three tenors: Domingo, Pavarotti, and Carreras began. 

Piero says that the strength of their success is the music they sing, the beautiful Italian song, the Italian tradition that is loved all over the world.

Seginho asks Ignatius if he is married (casado) and Ignatius kidding on the word says he is tired (cansado) …….. very cunning!  Ignazio was asked if he was married (CASADO) and he replied pretending to understand if he was tired (CANSADO) and said, ” Yes, I’m very tired.” Ignazio had understood well but did not want to answer a very personal question.


Serginho asks if there are questions for IL VOLO.

The first question asks where they have seen so much beauty and they answer that they live in Italy and invite him to Italy.  It’s like saying all the Italians are beautiful!

Before the second question, Gianluca jokes about the boy’s resemblance with Marcelo, a Real Madrid player, and then everyone jokes about the significance of gestures in Italy and Brazil.

The second question asks whether they have participated in some Italian mafia. Gianluca replies joking that he must be careful of them !!

At the third question the girl asks if they had a good time singing in Brazil?    Piero responds that they did 3 concerts in Sao Paulo that were wonderful and then says they are looking forward to returning to Brazil next year.

Final greetings.


 Photos were published by Il Volo Mundial and Il Volo Sicilia.

All credit to owners of video and photos.

36 thoughts on “~ALTAS HORAS ~ by Daniela”

  1. Baci, Daniela. Lovely. Grazie.
    I hear our guys speak some Spanish.
    What about Serginho? I can’t make it out. Is it Portuguese?

    1. It’s Brazilian Portuguese. They’re really good at understanding it actually, but when they speak they end up mixing Portuguese with a bit of Spanish (so funny!), so that’s why it sounded Spanish to you. 🙂
      They speak Spanish fluently, though.

  2. Wonderful, Daniela & Jane!!! So great to know what they are talking about!!! I love watching them sing any song! Their facial expressions so intriguing!!! Their passion for the music of each selection surrounds the listeners!!!

    1. It really is, indeed. t’s so musch better when we understand what they are saying… I love them even more since I know what they’re saying… such lovely and funny guys!

  3. Kudos to Daniela! She sends me the information. I just put it out here on the screen for you all to see. 🙂

    Thanks Daniela, because of you we get to know what our darlings are actually saying.

    1. Jane, we’ve also laughed for some interpretations, I’m send to you but you also have to understand what I mean.
      Italian ways of saying are not exactly the same for you.
      You are my interpreter !!

  4. Thanks Jane and Daniela. It certainly is not an easy task keeping up with our guys as they travel around the world!

    1. These guys are not stopping for a moment, better for us than we want to see them and always hear them.

  5. I LOVE when the guys are so at ease in TV shows like that one. Gotta love them!
    I’ve found a subtitled video of their last year’s participation at the same show – it’s half an hour, only the highlights (the funny stuff, not the performances), but apparently if someone wants the entire show (with english subtitles) they can send you a link to download it.
    I’ve watched it, and it’s hilarious – I actually did enjoy the other guests too, especially Tadeu and Ellen (the curvy girl).

    1) https://theycallmepatss.tumblr.com/post/166785673844/omg-this-is-hilarious-i-swear-i-cant-stop

    2) https://theycallmepatss.tumblr.com/post/166786127354/it-really-must-be-hard-pun-intended-for-piero

    3) https://theycallmepatss.tumblr.com/post/166786242241/oh-boy-they-really-like-those-curvy-latin-girls

    I’m hoping to find a captioned video of last weekend’s TV show…but for now that was all I could find. Hope it helps! 🙂

  6. Oh, I forgot to leave you the link to the highlight video – silly me!

    Here’s the link: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/9bbed2e1bdb939ba54f6e71b0eaa2bf520171029142131/1d1d3e85a88ec3c790f93448d8f29eaf20171029142131/7ef3cd

    There’s a link for downloading the full (translated) video but, since I had to ask them (Il Volo English Translations) for it, I think it’d be more appropriate for whoever wants to watch the full show to write them and ask for it too – it’s one hour and a half of their hard work after all.

  7. I saw this video yesterday before it was put on the blog and I am very happy Daniella that you explained what they said! Even without explanation you could tell some of the context. Ignazio is very quick to think up that way of deflecting that question! Good for him! By now people should know he values his privacy and should refrain from asking him such personal questions.

    1. Penina, the purpose was just that, let you know what they were saying. I agree with you that certain personal questions to Ignazio should avoid , he of the three is the most reserved of his personal life

  8. Daniela possiamo non rispondere sempre alle tue traduzioni, ma per favore sappi che l’invio di tutte queste informazioni sul nostro caro Il Volo è molto apprezzato. Personalmente penso che tu sia un prezioso angelo e non posso ringraziarvi abbastanza per tutta la tua corrispondenza con noi. GRANDI ABBRACCI..

    1. Ineke carissima, ma che brava sei stata a commentare tutto in italiano. Tu stai facendo grandi progressi, la prossima volta faremo dei discorsi lunghissimi.
      Grazie per tutti i tuoi complimenti……un angelo……non esageriamo!!
      Sono molto contenta di fare qualcosa che vi piace.
      GRANDI ABBRACCI anche da me.

      Ineke dear, but you’re good at commenting everything in Italian. You are making great progress, next time we will make very long speeches.
      Thanks for all your compliments …… an angel …… we do not exaggerate !!
      I am very happy to do something that you like.
      BIG HUGS also from me .

      1. Oh no Daniela!!! My Italian message was via Google!!! I just wanted to make it easier for you to read. Believe me I would love to be able to communicate with you. One day!!!!

      2. Ineke, your message confirms that we have many things in common, because my answer is due to Google !!
        But do not worry, we will find the way to understand us, just talk about IL VOLO !!

  9. Hi Daniela:: As always, thank you for your translations! I just find it interesting that Ignazio is so outgoing on stage, yet is the most private off the stage! But good for him that he manages to keep his private life, private!

    1. Yes, Annette, he is the most silent on his private life, is just the opposite of how it is on stage.

  10. Of course I loved this interview. And God bless you Daniela for the translation. Those boys are sharp in wit and talent. They really know how to divert a conversation skillfully. In our family we call that exercise “Look a squirrel .” I loved how Ignazio kept his personal life personal. The boys give so much of themselves freely, and that should be enough for anyone. The song from La Trviata was certainly an addition to our ride home from a house call today. I got to ride along and put the music through the car for Jay. He misses some of all the emails and he loved hearing it. Then we discussed whom we liked better Puccini or Verdi. I read the interview and the comments. Thank you for the delightful ride. A wonderful chilly day warmed up by Daniela and Il Volo. Hugs to everyone, Victoria

    1. Hi Victoria, I like to warm your days.
      I love how Ignatius changes topic to not answer personal questions, “look at the squirrel” too sympathetic this sentence.
      You have noticed that during the interview the presenter says Traviata of Puccini and the boys are at the game, in fact Traviata is of Verdi.
      Thanks for the compliments and a great hug to you and Jay.

      1. Ah Daniela, we too caught the Puccini faux pas. Jay said Puccini didn’t write that? Someone should have researched better for the interview. Verdi is the best. I’m so proud of the boys for giving so much and holding back their own private world. It’s a real gift. I got such a kick out of Ignazio misinterpreting the word…. quick mind. I love you dearly for all your work in getting these translations to us. I can hardly wait to see what they’re up to next. If it’s anywhere in the USA, please let us know. Jay just told me that he met a group of Americans ( in our age group) at the Rome June 12th concert. They were following the boys on their Italian tour. I had a feeling maybe some were from this group. I’ll never know. He left me and wondered around a bit when he parked my wheelchair…. just another mystery of life. I’m playing some music and paying for my outing today. Hugs to all, Victoria

  11. Daniela, Jay recognized the woman on the left in the picture (from their article they posted) and he had a nice visit with her in Rome. What a small world. Jay just read the article they posted and couldn’t believe their wonderful trip. It was a dream trip…. that’s for sure. I wish I had seen that post earlier and Jay thanks you for finding it for us. We had a small accident in the taxi on the way to that May concert and I slammed my head into the seat in front of me so it threw me off a bit for the concert. I remember putting my head on Jay’s shoulder because I kept going out. I wish I could have met the women as Jay said they were having the time of their life. Things got hectic when we returned home or I would have seen that article and seen their meet and greet picture for that night as well. Jay and I both thank you for posting that site with their trip description. I’m still in awe of that article. Love and hugs! Victoria

    1. Yes, Victoria, the adventure of these women is really formidable.
      You think that one of them will come to live in Italy for 6 months each year.
      The left woman, the one hugged at Piero and wearing a white jacket, is Judy, she lives in Tennessee.
      Their five, come from different states, IL VOLO has joined them.

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