Il Volo: Off Stage ~~ Life in Black and White

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to this edition of Il Volo — Off Stage…but not really.

Today, I’m feeling a little…abstract…maybe.  That isn’t the exact word that I’m looking for, but I think that for the concept of this article, that’s OK.

I’ve been inspired by the Black and White Facebook Challenge that is currently going on.  For those of you that use Facebook, you might have seen it.  The one where someone posts one black and white photo that depicts their life, no people, no explanation included, for 7 days?  It’s been so interesting to see my friends’ and acquaintances’ lives through the medium of black and white photos.

Black and white pictures speak to me.  Of course, I love to see a beautiful picture in full color.  It speaks of life in full bloom, you know?  Vibrant and present; in the moment.  Like the way we’re supposed to (and I’m trying to learn to) live life.  But Black and Whites speak of a fullness of life in a different way.  In a way that draws us in and makes us see the subject in a deeper, more meaningful way.  In a way that makes me want to know the story, the feelings behind them.  Is there happiness?  Love?  Fear?  Loss?  What makes the picture mean what it does?

So, instead of “life in color,” let’s live a little in black and white.  I chose a few random photos of Il Volo in this medium, and would like to know what you see.  Choose one of the photos  — or more than one  —  and tell us what you think.

Have a great weekend!

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11 thoughts on “Il Volo: Off Stage ~~ Life in Black and White”

  1. Well I see 3 handsome young men who have grown up into the most amazingly handsome young singers who have conquered the world with their voices. Who I am constantly hoping to see them in person. These pictures show us how they are progressing before our eyes & how the compatibility between them is of pure love & caring for the welfare of the other without jealousy. I think each of them has the copacity separately to keep them grounded & focusing what is important, their voices & the concert.
    I hope Kelly that is what you are looking for. I just know I don’t want to see them separate because they have the perfect sound which to my way of thinking no one can replace either one of them. The sound wouldn’t be there.

  2. Also when I was looking at a video this morning & Ignazio was stumbling over the words Gianluca was supporting him by telling him that he is speaking well & to continue his speach. That is brotherly love.

  3. There are 2 words that come to mind when I look at all these photos in Black and White, focus and elegance. First I think it is easier to focus on the subjects of these photos without the distraction of colors. I might be somewhat distracted by colors in the background, or color in the sky or ground. But with back and white the handsome guys stand out more. Also the black and white sends me a sense of elegance, I guess like tuxedos suggest elegance. And we all know how elegant our guys can be. I do like seeing them in living color too, but this look is really classic.
    Thanks for the challenge , Kelly.

  4. Black and white photos strip the image of irrelevant details and show the essence.
    In picture one we see the different personalities of our guys perfectly, and in number 4 their caring and feelings for each other.

  5. The photo No.6 immediately makes me think of extreme elegance, attention to detail, clean face, all very rare in boys of this age.
    It gives me a great deal of seriousness but also great affability.
    It puts me trust (hand on shoulder), courage, friendship.
    This image confirms the seriousness with which the boys face their work, it is not easy to wear elegant clothes at that age without being ridiculous but showing a class that distinguishes them.

    Kelly you had a wonderful idea, thank you!

  6. Photo No. 1 speaks to me of the fun our guys have when they are together. And No. 6 speaks to me of the elegance and seriousness of them when they are ready for a more formal concert. Our boys have a lot of class, no doubt about it! – Allene

  7. Hello, Kelly 😊, I very much like your post and reading your finely-expressed thoughts about Black & White pictures and also the thoughts and feelings of all your readers above. Personally, have always preferred the Black & White Classics-era of Hollywood films, mostly those made before the mid- 1950’s — when color-technology began to rapidly improve and become less expensive for use in photography and film-making. The Art Directors and their Lighting Directors were highly artistic and technically adept at (painstakingly) creating atmosphere and mood in the great, classic, B&W film stories of that era. The greatest photographs are primarily in B&W, too, in my opinion again, because of B&W’s ‘ability’ to hone in on a subject’s internal, hidden essence or soul. (Penina’s and Janet’s and Jill’s comments stated or alluded to that fact, too). Color is definitely wonderful, also, of course, and can be artistically handled to create mood and atmosphere, too, but, usually and inherently, it tends to distract ( as Janet also mentioned in her comment) our focus from the internal world to the external world. I think that has much to do with our human visual perception — versus our other natural, innate human ‘wiring’ re/ emotion, curiosity and perceptiveness. For just those reasons, I’d choose #5 and #8 — the two, singular individuals’ portraits. Both of those pictures, if we study them, prompt our curiosity about the subjects’ moods, thoughts, etc. and especially for the technical or artistic observer, an ‘automatic’ perusal of those aspects / qualities of the photographs, as well. (Being that those two pictures are of attractive members of the gifted Il Volo, it’s easy to be drawn in, linger a bit, study, wonder…). 😊

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