I’m Smiling Because …


It’s been a little while since we’ve had one of these…

In a world that gives us more than enough reasons to frown, let’s give each other reasons to smile!




I’ll start…


I’m smiling because … today is Friday (TGIF)!!!  And because my best friend is finally feeling better as she goes into the 2nd trimester of her 2nd pregnancy … <3

Oh!  And that we get extra sleep this weekend… 



This is a Public Service Announcement from the guys of Il Volo:



Remember to Fall Back 1 hour on Saturday night/Sunday Morning!


~~ Kelly

28 thoughts on “I’m Smiling Because …”

  1. So glad your friend is feeling better, Kelly! I’m smiling because I am happy living here with my daughter & her husband! And the 3 cats! Lovely area in Utah, weather is still in the seventies! I will listen to our Boys & check my FB to see what they are doing!!! Have a great weekend everyone! Buon la Vita!

  2. I’m smiling the sun is shining, weather is mild NO SNOW looking forward to our precious young men telling us if & when there will be a concert nearby & I am going to listen to Ignazio singing solo.

  3. I’m smiling because I enjoyed reading your post, Kelly, and because I loved the picture of our sleepy boys! – Allene

  4. I am smiling because we are expecting precious little grandson #3 at Christmas time…also, more snow coming tonight! I love it! I know I am probably one of few who truly love snow. Oh well…what can I say? 🙂 And last but not least the amazing voices of Il Volo put a smile on my face every day…no matter what I face…they are there to get me through sunshine and cloudy days! Thanks Kelly!

    1. We were blessed with grandson #3 on December 22nd five years ago! He’s the most precious little guy in the world. Congratulations!!

  5. Kelly, Jane, Jana,Marie all you girls that know how to get hold of Il Volo I have just listened to Il Volo sing Immenso again for the inth time. Please could you girls get hold of them to put out a CD singing Immenso by themselves on a CD?. I think that song is perfect for them. Hope you girls can persuede them that others are requesting that also. That has got to be a million seller.

    1. Loretta, they read our site so I would guess they would see your request right here! Good request!!

      1. Thank you Mary I didn’t know they read our site. I tried to find their emails to send them a request. That song is so beautiful that it is perfect for them.

  6. I’m smiling because I can’t wait to hear the new IL VOLO album. The anticipation is killing me! 🙂 And it seems our boys love to tease us all with their coy smiles and vague references. They sure know how to fan the flames, eh? As if ANY of us need our flames for these guys fanned! LOL

  7. I’m smiling because I live in Hawaii and the only snow we see is on the mountains.It’s pretty to look at,but I don’t want to walk in it.
    I also love the picture of our sleepy guy’s.
    Thank’s Kelly

  8. I am smiling today because the guys have finished recording their new album and it is now in production. 2018 will bring a bigger smile when the new album is released. I listen to their music every day! Thank you for this fun and informative fan page!

  9. I smile at this moment and I always do it when I read all of your comments, because they are so much fun.
    Today in my car I was smiling because I was listening to the fantastic IL VOLO that sang a wonderful song that says LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL !!

  10. Its a good thing I don’t have the cd of Inmenso because it would be worn out by now the guys sing it so beautifully I can’t stop listening to it. Am I in love with them YES ONLY THEM.

  11. Hi Daniela
    The cruise ship that the guys are doing the concert on has left Barcelona.
    I had thought that they would board the ship in Palermo to do the concert.
    Other people have said that they will be on the cruise for three days.
    Have they mentioned on Facebook anything about it?

    1. Hi Jill, the boys had to go to Palermo, but yesterday Piero and Barbara who were flying in Sicily, had to stop in Naples, for bad weather. This morning in Naples, they joined Ignatius and left with a small plane to Palermo. Gianluca has boarded the ship in Cagliari in Sardinia and is therefore going to Palermo already on the ship.

  12. If the guys read this site then I have to tell them that fans in the US and Canada like ALL their albums, including the Spanish ones and they should definitely sell the new album here. Otherwise we will be buying it from the Italian Amazon site!
    Yes we love bel canto but we also love everything else you do!

    1. Penina, I have already replied that I was informed about the distribution of the new CD and I was told that the CD will be distributed also in America, Gianluca’s phrase was referring to American tastes in general but not to distribution.

  13. Good Penina its good to keep telling them how much we love them & their singing voices which can’t be beat by anyone & whatever they sing is tops. SSOO looking forward to the new CD which will be worn out in short order so am going to buy 2.

  14. I’m smiling because I didn’t have to do this post! lol! 🙂 Also because I have the best boss in the world, at least for a few more months! We are having beautiful fall weather and it was 60+ degrees the last few days, although along with some rain and storms. And the extra hour! 🙂

  15. I’m thankful fall with all the beautiful colors of the changing leaves and the smell of people home with their family baking with the scent of warm autumn spices filling the air!!

  16. I’m also smiling because even though I’m fighting stage 4 bile duct cancer, I not only have my friends and family praying for me, but I also have my wonderful Il Volo family praying for me and that brings a big smile to my face and I’m so grateful as well!! These 3 special guys give us the gift of their beautiful voices, but also an extended family all over the world. They bring so much joy to our lives, I’m so grateful for all they give of themselves every time they record a CD , do a concert or even a meet/greet!! They truly are special and with Thanksgiving coming up in America I wanted them to know how thankful I am to be a part of this extended family. I hope one day to be able to see them at a meet/greet

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