~Personally Speaking ~ A Tortello…In Honor Of Ignazio




Ignazio’s sister, Nina, has posted this delicious looking creation on her pizzeria social media!  She says it was made “in honor of Ignazio.”  I’m not sure exactly what is inside of it.  Ricotta?  Nutella?  Pistachio?   I am going to try and get her recipe for all of us IL VOLO…IGNAZIO fans here to make at home!











What could be “sweeter” than these photos?  

Eating one of these Ignazio Tortello’s  while looking at his photos??






Look for future post with the recipe included!  Wish me luck!!



Credit to all owners of photos.




19 thoughts on “~Personally Speaking ~ A Tortello…In Honor Of Ignazio”

  1. The sweetness of this post is unique, starting with the tortello, from the photos of our dear Ignazio and ending with that beautiful and sweet hugging photo of brothers.
    Brava Jane, we wait for the recipe!

  2. Jane, good luck getting the recipe from Nina. Very curious about what it is filled with.
    These gorgeous pictures of my favorite Ignazio, the change from boy to young man is amazing.

  3. Let’s have a pizza and tortello party !!! Hopefully the recipe will be forthcoming, and we could use all three fillings. This could be the start of something new, especially if the guys showed up. One can but wish !!

  4. Continuing to work on getting the recipe. My family always says I “dig and dig until I get to the bottom of things!” As Marie put it awhile back, “Jane nor I are easily daunted. We have already proven that.” The quest goes on…:-)

  5. I would love to know what is in it. It looks as sweet as the music of Il Volo. I had Italian grandparents . They were from San Giorgio di Pesaro. I recently made contact through Facebook with a relative in San Giorgio who has sent me s couple of recipes we have tried. The most recent one was for risotto with Gorgonzola and chestnuts. Fabulous. I grew up on and still love Italian food but had never had risotto. I have never had a tortello either. Thanks so much for posting this. Cheers from Maryland!

  6. What a great idea to get the recipe! I am not sure that Nina knows what she has unleashed! The Flight Crew all running into their kitchens to try to make this delectable looking pastry! Can’t wait to try it!

  7. Jane I will kiss you if I ever see you again for the precious pictures of Ignazio my sweetheart. If you could get the phone number for Nina’s Pizzeria she could give it to you over the phone.

    1. You are so sweet!! Can’t talk to her over the phone…need electronic translations…works better to contact via computer. We used our technology translation apps when we met her in person that worked great, but then we were face to face. Much easier that way, but won’t this way. Being very patient and awaiting reply. 🙂

  8. Thank you Jane for the sweet pastry and the even sweeter photos of our Sweet Ignazio. He was adorable and sweet then and now he is the icing on the cake! I don’t think I would be thinking of food if he was sitting opposite me!

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