Gossip on the new CD ~ by Daniela

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have returned to Italy!

 Seeing their show in Miami one could see how happy they were and relaxed while they were enjoying themselves.


Gianluca made this message on twitter.


They quickly recorded the new album because everything was already prepared, as in the music bases, lyrics, etc.  It lacked only their voices.  Nothing has been said, but some facts make us think of a collaboration at least in a duet with ……. Natalia Jimenez.
Of course, all of you will remember this great Spanish singer with which our guys performed at the Latin Grammy Awards last year.

Here is the song they sang, entitled “Creo En Mi.”

Natalia Jimenez, in addition to being a  good singer,  is also a good songwriter.  The beautiful “RICORDAMI” was written by her.

Jimenez’s presence right during the video recording and the camaraderie between her and the guys, as true friends, makes us think of a likely duet.


They are really all very happy in these videos.

Natalia Jimenez has a really beautiful voice that is amalgamated with Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca’s voices.

In the videos, Gianluca and Natalia talk about the new album and they say it will be different but very nice.  Natalia says it’s just gone to the studio just to make a greeting ……… but we really do not believe this version !!!

We’re all waiting for the release of the album that seems to be already in the early months of 2018.



Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

20 thoughts on “Gossip on the new CD ~ by Daniela”

    1. Loretta, you understand well , but are just suppositions, nothing is certain.
      Natalia was with them when they were recording the new album, which means there will be at least one duet with Natalia.
      We’ll see.

      1. ha ha ha, Loretta! i so relate! i enjoyed the camaraderie of the guys with Natalia in the videos….
        but for singing, i too, would like our guys alone!

      2. Loretta and Cynthia, we are all so exclusive, we all like to hear only Piero Ignazio and GIanluca, without any collaboration. Nothing is affirmed so it may even be so, maybe Natalia has just written songs for them, she is very good as songwriter.
        But even though my thoughts are like yours, I must tell you that the familiarity they have with Natalia makes me think that if it really needs to be a duet, better with her.
        In a few months we will find out.

      3. Agreed, Daniela, our guys have a nice rapport with Natalia. I enjoyed their bantering around with each other. Nice energy.
        I do like Jackie Evancho and I appreciated their ‘Little Drummer Boy’ last Christmas.
        But we all agree, we like our guys alone, exclusively. Just them. That’s more than enough. (heh-heh).


  1. Can’t wait for it to be available . So looking forward to the newest music from our guys.

  2. Just the thought of the new album is sooooo exciting. i love the more latin side of their music. wouldn’t it be wonderful if it is sooner rather than later?

    1. Hello Sue, we are all very excited, they talked about a different but very nice album, they show that they are capable of every kind of music, but we fans know this very well.
      From gossip will be very close, we talk about January.

  3. Well January isn’t too far I thought it would be 4 or 5 months from the way Gianluca spoke. Trying to wait patiently hope its not going to be a struggle. I don’t care what they sing as long as its THEM singing.

  4. Are you sure they will be releasing this album in America? Gianluca said ‘this album is ‘Not’ for the American audiences, for them we do Bel Canto”.

      1. Penny, safe sources tell me that the CD will be released also in America, Gianluca’s phrase was intended for American taste and not for distribution

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