This article previously published on Patrizia Ciava’s Blog and translated by Susan Ambrosini.


Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are three normal guys in their early twenties, friendly, cheerful, funny, playful.


But when they go up on stage they become huge. They become ageless. Almost intimidating. They make you feel that kind of awe that is aroused by true talent. A talent that is made up, not only of their powerful voices, but also of their extraordinary capacity to immerse themselves in music and convey intense emotions to those who listen to them.


Usually, those who have important voices set their performances on their vocal skills and focus on virtuosity, while these three young artists use their beautiful voices as a tool to arouse empathy and emotion, as a painter uses colors, a poet words and a composer notes. This obviously entails a special sensitivity by both the performer and the listener, and you can’t try to explain rationally to those who don’t possess it what you are experiencing. Harmony and beauty in its many forms, touches deep chords of the human soul and is not always explainable in words.


Artistic talent is a divine and mysterious gift. As John Paul II wrote, in a letter to the artists: “No one better than you artists, ingenious creators of beauty, can imagine something of the pathos with which God, at the dawn of creation, looked at the work of his hands. A glimmer of that feeling has shone so often in your eyes when you, like the artists of all timescaptivated by the hidden power of sounds and words, colors and shapes, have almost felt the echo of the mystery of creation with which God has wished in some ways to associate you with. “

Unfortunately, recognizing true talent does not stir the same reactions in everyone; in some it elicits admiration, in others envy, because it makes them realize how insignificant they are.

Real talent can be daunting.

And it can be annoying. Above all, it is annoying to a certain kind of press that would like to be the only mediator between artists and the public. They would like to exercise unlimited power, become supreme judges to determine the success or failure of an artist, if he does not fall into their limited circle of friendships and interests.

Mass orientation techniques fail when the public recognizes true talent, hence the angry and scornful rage of certain journalists. The conformism that they try to impose crumbles in the face of true talent, which is free from genres, time or fashion.

So, dear boys, be prepared to endure many insults and humiliations. Those who cannot fly as high as you will do anything to clip your wings. But that’s exactly what will give you the magnitude of your worth and of your success.




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  1. Thanks for bringing us this blog. Patrizia’s words completely describes Il Volo. The article was very well written and captures the true genius of the boys. Patrizia’s words got right to the heart of Il Volo’s talent and relationship with their audience. Everything she wrote was true. I was awed by her insights. Her words struck a chord in me with regard to Il Volo’s place in the world. It’s apparent we all struct gold… getting in on the beginning of their careers. The boys are a true gift from God and some in the press are exactly as described in that blog. Il Volo has something I haven’t seen before. Their connection in mind, body, and soul with everyone they meet…. plus their unique relationship with an audience, is going to intimidate some who will try to determine the success or failure of artists. They cannot define Il Volo nor can they control them. We are so blessed to see all the things Patrizia sees. Her blog was brilliant to the very last word. I will keep her description, to remind me that we are in the midst of great genius with Il Volo. And Patrizia captured that special gift in the boys. Please thank her from all of us.

  2. Patrizia’ words are right on and express what Ilvolovers feel about them. and she is right about certain people jealous of their success . Thank God that did not stop them. I have always thought that it was such miraculous luck that 3 solo singers with such talent, charisma, emotion and humility were at the same place at the same time, and there were people who could see their future.

  3. Thank you for a lovely translation. They are special and with their fame will come the critics wanting to voice their opinions and sometimes not fair and ugly. I believe the boys have matured and now can accept it and go on.

  4. Patrizia can really express very well the feelings that we all relate to Piero Ignazio and Gianluca and we find ourselves in her words because are dictated by admiration but also by the heart of a true fan.
    Unfortunately, is true, with great success comes the admiration but also the envy.
    Our guys grew up and soon became aware of this world, sometimes so unjustly bad towards them.
    But they know that there is so much love for them, everywhere comes our total genuine affection and the strength with which we will defend them from unjust attacks.
    IL VOLO is in our hearts.
    Thank you Patrizia for your wonderful words.

  5. Thank you, Jane for sharing this again!!! This is a beautiful piece which captures all our thoughts & emotions!!! You have said it all. I can only add that I fell in love with them the first time I heard them. Amazning voices coming out of the mouths of three adorable teenagers!! Will love them forever!!!

  6. Thank you, Patrizia and Susan. This is a beautiful article. I love the way you describe the boys and their amazing talent.

  7. Thank you Jane for Patrizia’s blog she has writtem exactly how I felt when I first heard the boys on TV & I said to my son WHO are they? & I couldn’t get over Ignazio singing with a beautiful smile constantly when he was singing. Then Steve said they were coming to Toronto so of course I found out pronto where they were playing & got tickets & have been following them ever since. There isn’t a day goes by that I have to hear their voices as I know everyone else feels the same way. God sent us these beautiful singers to give us the pleasure of listening to heavenly music & we are blessed.

    1. As we give thanks this year for all the good things in our lives, I’m sure the young men of Il Volo will be on our list. So I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, even those of you who do not observe, because we all have something to be grateful for.

  8. Thank you for this beautiful piece. Il Volo has their own, original families, plus a huge, other ‘family’ of whom we are a part. That’s another marvelous blessing stemming from Il Volo’s courage to express their prodigious talents. Grateful. 🍁🎵💐

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