Need The Name of That Plumber…Please!

Here is one Marie sent us awhile back that almost got lost in the shuffle!  It’s too good to be missed. 

Whether you call them faucets or taps there is no

argument that Italians make the best ones. The latest

design provides Chianti, or anything else Italian,

whenever you need it 🙂 I’m getting mine fitted next

week – one with Prosecco and the other with Barolo ❤️



What would YOU order?




Photo Credit to Wine Trail Adventures


Fun Credit to Marie!

25 thoughts on “Need The Name of That Plumber…Please!”

  1. One holiday season some years ago there were a few of us in the office who thought that refilling the water cooler with red wine was the right thing to do. Of course, the boss was away when we thought this. And our work for that day did suffer a bit. But, yeah, there were a lot of happy workers that afternoon! Ciao!

  2. I find this post extra funny as I have a plumber in my house at this very moment
    fixing a leak in my ceiling! Now would I fix it if it dripped wine instead of water??
    Hmm. Something to contemplate!

  3. Great idea, I’d have montepulciano wine, my favourite and it would seem that area likes to sell plenty of it. I am doing my best.

  4. I have two bathroom sinks, a kitchen sink and an outdoor faucet…Let’s see, that covers Prosecco, Moscato, Barolo and Merlot. Yep, that should hold me for awhile.

  5. WOW, I read that you are all great Italian wine connoisseurs.
    Congratulations, at this time in my home we drinking a red wine of Umbria.
    But even close to Brescia there are some excellent wine areas called FRANCIACORTA.

    1. Daniela

      When I went to Lago d’Iseo, I made a particular point of consuming some Franciacorta. It is every bit as good as Champagne (including the bubbles) but at prices well below its overrated French neighbor. In addition, O found some on sale at Montalcino, in Tuscany, when I went there to buy Brunello. Any Crew members who like dry, sparkling (fizzy) white wine should sample Franciacorta wine. You won’t be disappointed!

      1. Bernard, my favorite is dry, “fizzy” white wine!! I shall try this. Thanks for the recommendation!

      2. Wow, Bernard, eri a due passi da casa mia, ho solo mezz’ora di strada per arrivare al lago d’Iseo, dove ho portato anche Marie e Jane.
        Franciacorta è una bellissima zona vinicola.

        Wow, Bernard, you were just a stone’s throw from my house, I only got half an hour to get to Lake Iseo, where I also brought Marie and Jane.
        Franciacorta is a beautiful wine area.

  6. I shall have my new plumbing fitted with Moscato and be happy as a clam all day long! Nice to hear from Marie. – Allene

    1. Marie and Jane, do you remember our talk about Montepulciano and chocolate? Tonight there is fog, it’s just an evening of Montepulciano and hot chocolate drink near a beautiful fireplace with the fire on.

      1. Sto venendo, Daniela! Lasci la luce del portico sopra!! : -)

        Translation: I’m coming, Daniela! Leave the porch light on! 🙂

      1. Now where did you find that teenie tiny stop light? LOL No wonder it hasn’t turned GREEN yet…you can’t see it, it’s too small!1 🙂

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