~Il Volo Super-Guest to Sanremo ~ by Daniela

Today in Italy several pages have reported this news:  IL VOLO will be in Sanremo as super-guests.

Of course I can not describe the happiness  all of us feel with this news, but we will have to be very cautious because last year it was reported for certain their presence but then it was not true.

I chose the article published by ZON.IT and written by Antonella Esposito.   I will translate it for you.



Sanremo is coming closer and with it comes the first rumors about the hosts and the name of IL VOLO stands out.

Sanremo is always Sanremo.  Claudio Baglioni will present the festival. He is also responsible for the entire organization and choice of the songs and the list of international guests. He wants to  respect more than ever the historical phrase that has made it a world famous singing contest.  Baglioni,  (the Roman songwriter) is making his first Sanremo beautiful as he will be conducting (he is Sanremo’s artistic director) and also for the guest series which he will propose. 

In short, Baglioni will do his utmost to make a beautiful figure in conducting his first Sanremo festival.

Many different names have been mentioned, from Miriam Leone to Ilaria D’Amico, by Sabrina Ferilli to the brothers Fiorello, but no confirmation so far.  Half  certainty seems to concern the boys of Il Volo instead.  As announced by TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, the return of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca would be almost certain.  The three artists after winning the GRANDE AMORE song in 2015, would be ready to re-enter Sanremo 2018, the first time led by Baglioni and his co-conducting team still top-secret (at least until January).

The news of Il Volo in Sanremo had already been given in the previous edition and then denied. Fans of the trio representing beautiful singing in Italy and overseas, can not but stay on edge and trust in the confirmation of the announcement given by the weekly publication of music and television. However there are some details that leave us uncertain and hoping.

IL VOLO has recently been involved with recording tracks that will feature the new album released in 2018.   Also in October, there are photos that portray the three artists working on the disc, in the company of their producer, Emilio Estefan, husband of the famous Gloria.

Everything suggests that the stage of the ARISTON (the name of the theater) could be a launch pad for the single, which will open the brand new Sony Latin music CD.  What better place than Sanremo to present what the trio called “a pop revolution”?  

We will  learn exactly who will be on the list of international guests  at the preview press conference, scheduled for January.  Until then, the confidentiality, chosen by Baglioni, for this 2018 edition, will have the best of any chatter and gossip.

We just have to cross our fingers …… meanwhile, below is Il Volo in Sanremo 2015.


Credit to owners of photo and videos.

11 thoughts on “~Il Volo Super-Guest to Sanremo ~ by Daniela”

    1. GIna, we all hope that this will happen, it would be great to see them again on that stage, the Ariston of Sanremo.

  1. Does anyone know why Il Volo CANCELLED their concert in Victoria, Australia scheduled for Dec. 3 ? ? ? WHY ? I have been hearing from a lot of fans down there that are very upset. I have been out of touch recently so have not been up on the news.

    1. Myron, my sister-in-law lives in Melbourne,and says that as far as she knew they were only going there to appear at the closing ceremony of the auto race. I don’t see on their tour schedule any mention of a concert in Australia.

  2. Daniela, I will hold my breath and keep my fingers crossed to wait for the news of San Remo. Will they be guests or will they compete possibly singing a song from the new CD? Can they compete a second time? I’m not sure what the rules are if they have already won once before. Thank you for keeping us up to date.

    1. RoseMarie, the rules of Sanremo, do not forbid to compete again many times, in fact if you remember when Flight won Sanremo, Nek came second but he had been to Sanremo 15 years earlier. However, the boys do not compete, they come as super guests.

  3. What is a Super Guest? They perform but are not in competition? . In anycase I just love looking at that moment they won Sanremo !

    1. Precisely Connie, Sanremo is made up of singers participating in the race and super guests who cheer the evening and are usually international guests.
      I also like to see the moment when the guys won … beautiful and exciting !!

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