~~What Guys, Our Guys!! ~~ by Daniela

On November 10, 2017, this article written by Bartoletti was published on Facebook.

Marino Bartoletti is a renowned Italian journalist and writer.   He is an extremely correct and exquisite person and ……. loves IL VOLO.

I translate for you what he has written.   I’m moved by reading it.


How much value do they have in the world of entertainment and communication, which I somehow represent, affection, esteem, sincerity?   How much value do  the human relationships have?  How much value does friendship have?  Last night, while presenting my book at San Lazzaro di Savena, a step from Bologna, amid an audience – I seem to be able to say, interested and involved –  came from the back of the room two  guys who are famous all over the world: but really VERY famous. They sat with discretion: they attended, applauded. They smiled at me.

Those two guys were Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone, that is, “IL VOLO”, accompanied by their manager Michele Torpedine.    Gianluca Ginoble was not present.  However, he sent me a very affectionate message, as he  was not able to attend only because he was blocked by a commitment  hundreds of kilometers away.   Until a few days ago they were on a stage.  They were on the “Luna Park” in Buenos Aires not at the San Lazzaro Media Center, before going to Miami, then jumping to Kiev, acclaimed by thousands of crazy fans.


Yes, I admit, the one in the middle is not Ignazio. But Piero and Gianluca are the real ones, those of IL VOLO. And I always meet them with great joy. Because beyond their talent, their spirit of sacrifice, their desire to improve themselves, the persistence with which they hold the good name of Italian music in the world (they are backed by a triumphant  tour in Central and South America and are about to launch a new album to say the least surprising), I consider them above all, and first of all  simple and wonderful guys. Why am I saying that? Because I KNOW THEM!


To those who were astonished at their entrance, they replied, “What is it?  We wanted to  surprise  Marino and we came to greet him.” 

I would like to say who writes negative about them, to those who write antipathy forbidden and meaningless, who even insult them (for evil gratuity? By ignorance? Perhaps by envy?)  If they had the opportunity to look these guys in the eyes, only once,  they  would understand so many things.

Thank you for your visit, champions. I’m sorry I can not go to Tokyo next week. But I know you will be very good on your own.

Marino Bartoletti is really a great friend of our guys, so he often defended them in various television broadcasts and defended them by the jury of Sanremo too.



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15 thoughts on “~~What Guys, Our Guys!! ~~ by Daniela”

  1. A big thank you, Daniela for the translation. A beautiful article praising our precious trio!!! So glad he is an Il Volo champion against those negative writers!!! Like all of us, to know them is to love them! Mr Bartoletti met Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero & they are now friends!!!

    1. Anne, I have to tell you that Mr.Bartoletti is really a person who admires the guys and wants them really very well. Of course, Piero Ignazio and Gianluca have the same affection for him. It was a very nice gesture from the guys to attend the presentation of Mr.Bartoletti’s new book.

  2. Thank you Jane & Daniela for telling us this story about how our precious treasurers present them selves. They give back honour when they receive honour & ignore ignorance & jealousy. I so wish I could give each one of them the biggest hug to show them how proud I am of them.
    I will when I am at the next concert & if I ever see anyone of their parents I will be telling them the same.
    Also was that Allesandra sitting beside Ignazio in the last picture? Can you just imagine how she feels? She is seeing how successful Ignazio’s career is progressing which I am glad for her & him. God bless our precious young men Il Volo & whatever Ignazio & Allesandra decide to do in the future God will give them guidance.

    1. Loretta, you see very well, yes, it’s just Alessandra near Ignazio. Do not you find that Mr.Bartoletti’s phrase saying that so many journalists should look at our boys in the eyes, is it very appropriate? The eyes of our boys do not lie.

    2. Loretta, you put your thoughts into such beautiful words. I liked your message! Yes, that is Allesandra sitting beside Ignazio. I can only imagine how proud she is of him. Yes, I think God is giving them guidance. They have said their voices are a gift from God and I believe their genuine way of being is also a gift. They are so centered and appear so full of peace and love for all.

  3. Thank you so much, Daniela, for translating this for us. What generous and meaningful comments from a well respected journalist. Just makes you love and appreciate the guys more when you read of such genuine appreciation of not only their talent, but their down-to-earth demeanor, respect of others, and class. You have been a super addition to this site, in bringing us information (which we can understand), and likely would have not seen otherwise. Thanks for your dedication.

    1. Esther, you’ve hit in the sign, we fans know the value of our guys, but when we read these compliments by honest people like Mr.Bartoletti, we are proud of them as if they were our children.
      Thank you for your compliments, you are very kind.

  4. Thank you Mary it is wonderful that we all feel the same way about our precious young men.
    And Daniela yes wasn’t that wonderful & very appropriate that Mr. Bartoletti’s commenting to look into our guys eyes & see their honesty. These naysayers & critics don’t have the nerve to be honest in themselves because they can’t face their own dishonesty & unfairness. I was so overjoyed that Mr. Bartoletti has been going after those critics especially since he has experience & knows how to clamp down on them. Fans don’t know who to contact to be able to put a stop to unfairness.

    1. I fully agree with you and Mr. Bartoletti, these critics who write badly about them, do not know them, can not know which simple and honest people they are.

  5. Daniela, I saw that Mr. Bartoletti did not mention Alessandra being there with Ignazio. That tells me that he understands and respects the boys and their need for privacy in their personal lives. Bravo Marino.

  6. My heart swelled with love and pride as I read those wonderful words. Thank you so much for translating for us, Daniela.

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