Ode To Ignazio Boschetto ~ by Valeria Bosch





I am a fan of all three of Il Volo’s boys.  I find matchless their way to make music, their song better than the angels, outstanding the idea of ​​putting them together, giving us all a phenomenon that will mark the musical history of these years. So it’s right I love and support them all in equal measure. 


But, you know, the flesh is weak and nourish a passion, a preference I think is a pardonable sin. Well, my weakness is called Ignazio.  I love Gianluca’s singing, with his wonderful hot and caressing voice, and also Piero, with his excellent male and powerful tone. But Ignazio, in my way of feeling,  has that extra quid, an added value, because he gives me, when I listen, an emotion that no other voice ever gave me. I tried to analyze, as if it were a chemical reaction, what “reagents”  cause me everything and here are the conclusions:

1- Ignazio’s voice is clear and crystal.  It is the very essence of FRESHNESS, referring to natural scenery made of clear skies, spring waters, and green blinding meadows.  His entrances make the lighter and brighter the musical fabric, think of “Quando l’amore diventa poesia”, “Tornerà l’amore” to the same “Grande amore.”

2 – Ignazio’s voice is FEELING and EMOTION.   When he sings “Memory” or “Unchained Melody,”  it  becomes penetrating and sensual, digs you into the soul.  His vibrations exert a fascination on the listener that leaves the desire that his singing will never end.

3 – Ignazio’s voice is PASSION.   In some songs he does not enter, but “breaks” into the musical fabric.   Just think of “Cinque giorni” or “Aspetterò,” where his impetus opens up scenarios of ardor and passion as whether it would lead to paroxysmal love.

4- Ignazio’s voice has a thousand facets and shades.   We are accustomed to listening to him in modern and lyrical pop. It was a great surprise that  last winter, during a House Party broadcast, we saw him masterfully interpret, “Somebody to love,” by  Queen, and naturally bear the impact with the rock style of Gianna Nannini in “Meravigliosa Creatura.”


5 Ignazio’s voice is MUSIC itself.  When Ignatio sings, he forgets everything, closes in a bubble of his own, becomes unique with the notes he is interpreting, allowing him to give the text an unprecedented expression.


Below, his solo interpretation of the famous “Caruso,” performed when he was not yet 20 years old in the “Porta a Porta” broadcast, just as an example of the extraordinary nature of this unique voice.


Written by Valeria Bosch and translated by Daniela with  Valeria’s permission.


Credit to all owners of video and photo.

46 thoughts on “Ode To Ignazio Boschetto ~ by Valeria Bosch”

  1. Valeria thanks you for sharing your feelings about Ignazio. Daniela you are our Italian correspondent translating so many articles.
    From the first moment I saw Ignazio I knew he was someone that made me sit up and listen to him. I can be busy and listen to the boys and have to stop and pay attention when Ignazio sings. He just tugs at my heart.

    1. Gina, how could I not translate such beautiful words? Valeria reads in her heart and translates into words what she feels…. what we all feel.

  2. Valeria, you put into words my feelings exactly👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️

  3. Valeria thank you for your insight & feelings about Ignazio’s voice & personality. You have expressed with every word the essence of Ignazio & how he makes me feel when he sings & even when he walks out on stage. No one will ever take his place for me because he exudes love.

  4. Dear friends, I’m so excited about your words! a great thank you Jane for publishing the “ode” and Daniela for translating it. If Ignazio enters your heart, he will not go out anymore: his voice is incomparable!

    1. I was trying to explain to my niece the difference in Ignazio’s voice but I could not find the right words. You did it. That is exactly what I was trying to say. Thank yhou so much Valeria.

      Alice in Florida

  5. Oh, Valerie, you do have a way with words! You are so right! He is “a force to be recorded with”!!!! I’m hoping this will be pardonable…..otherwise there will be quite a few of us in trouble! And thanks to Daniela for writing the words so I could understand them! Correction above “a force to be reckoned with”!!!!! Ciao from Texas, USA!☆☆☆☆☆☆

  6. Thank you Valeria for posting this and Daniela for translating these beautiful words about our dear Ignazio. I too love all three; but from the beginning, my heart was captured by Ignazio’s beautiful voice and the passion he feels and displays through his music. He does feel his music instensely, and that is why every song he sings has his own trademark on it. It’s impossible not to be swept away with the talent of this special young man.

  7. Valeria, your eloquent way in describing Ignazio’s beautiful voice has touched the hearts of many here. Some people have a way of expressing what so many others feel. Thank you for coming here and sharing your thoughts with us…they are priceless!

  8. How could I not comment on this beautiful post. (Besides, Ineke called me from a So. Africa and said, “read this now”!) Valeria, I have written about Ignazio for years trying to express what you have written here.
    I often wonder why the entire world doesn’t see (hear) what we here do. The Boys are incredible, but my heart belongs to Ignazio for all of the reasons you so brilliantly put onto words.
    I was in the audience the year HE sang “Caruso” as one of his solo’s. I will never forget the strength and power that came from the breath he took before the final line of that song. I remember being happy it wasn’t the final song of the concert because I knew that if it was my wobbly legs would would not allow me up the aisle right then. Thank you, Valeria for bringing me that memory along with your wonderful words.

    Also thanks to Daniela and Jane.

    1. Marie, while I translated Valeria’s words, I constantly thought of the expression of your face when you would have read it!

    2. Dear Marie, as I wrote, all three guys have wonderful voices. But there is no other voice in the world that gives me feelings like that of Ignazio. I understand when you say that your legs trembled when you heard his “solo” Caruso, it would have happened to me the same thing! thank you for your words!

  9. ‘Thumbs Up’ and Thank You, Valeria and Daniela. Yes, M’am — that “clear and crystal” voice and how apparent it is that he is singing with all of his heart and soul. Really like your 5th point, too, Valeria. Your beautifully expressed ode is also a big help for people who might wonder what it is about soulful Ignazio’s singing that they love so much. (His humbleness and bashfulness, as seen in the video here, are endearing).😇

  10. Dear Valeria and Daniela, I wish I was capable of putting into words the feelings I have for Ignazio. I love all three of the young men, Piero for his strength, Gianluca for his romanticism, but Ignazio has captured my heart. He is the most versatile of three (my opinion) and can sing anything and give me chills. He can bring me to tears while singing the most upbeat song just because of the beauty of his voice and his emotions while singing a song completely unknown to me. He has introduced me to Pino Daniele who I have learned to love. Thank you Ignazio for expanding my taste in music. I cannot wait for the new Spanish CD.

  11. Valeria and Daniela thank you for writing and translating the beautiful words about Ignazio. While it is actually Piero who “floats my boat”, I love, love Ignazio’s clear, fresh voice, with such depth of emotion . His voice has so many dynamics and so much color. He truly can sing anything and make the audience feel every word. You so clearly put into words what so many of us feel about his gorgeous voice and his sweet personality.

  12. Its wonderful to read everyones comments & we all feel the same way about Gianluca, Piero, & our precious Ignazio who has attached himself to our hearts in personality & song. For me he has always had my heart from the first time I saw him & heard him sing. He is permanently in my thoughts daily & the first one I think about when I wake up & I thank God everyday that I can at least see & hear him sing.

    1. Loretta, I’ll tell you one thing. For many years, due to a family pain, I stopped listening to music. Only with Il Volo and above all with Ignazio, I resumed loving and listening to music. So the smile is back on my face. I think their music is therapeutic!

      1. I agree Valeria. Their music lifts up my spirits especially in difficult times.

  13. I agree with you 100% Valeria. His voice is just Magical. I also really like Somebody to Love but I think that his ‘Ancora’ is just priceless especially the live version at the Arena di Verona . I just love Hablando de Ti which is the song he wrote but which unfortunately for some reason we don’t hear very often. May God look after Our Boys always

  14. Valeria you totally described Ignazio’s voice perfectly like a poet, a writer and may I say as a chemist too. Ignazio sings and it is magic a gift if you will. I enjoy all three but Ignazio has an edgy heartfelt tone.

  15. I am sorry I forgot to mention one of my many favorite song is Ignacios song I think he may have wrote is Hablando de ti. It is beautiful.

  16. I agree with all that is being so beautifully said here. One question: how is it that nobody mentioned Ignazio’s extraordinary smile? It gets me every time, even before he starts singing! Renée

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