After Thanksgiving, Prayer of Thanksgiving!

We are now all stuffed and scared to get on the scales!  Just one more month of indulgence and we can get back to our diets…. 🙂

Here is a little poem I wrote….

We are truly thankful for our boys

For they give us countless joys

Some say they are angels from above

All we know is that they are love!

Sunrise to sunset, sun-up to sundown

We listen all day, all over town

To their voices that lift us to the skies

They keep us waiting for their next surprise!

Just hearing their names, we swell with pride

From town to town, we follow them world-wide.

To know their sweet tones, dimples, and smiles

Hoping they’ll fall for our womanly wiles.

Hope everyone had a grand turkey day

And all spent it, the Il Volo way!

Yes, Lord, we are truly thankful for our guys!

And know they’ll inspire us to lose a size!


Happy Black Friday/Weekend to all and be safe shopping!



<3 <3 Jana <3 <3

18 thoughts on “After Thanksgiving, Prayer of Thanksgiving!”

  1. It is said that when we remember to give thanks, much is given to us to be thankful for. I think that those “sweet tones, dimples and smiles” will be with us for a long to come and Jana’s charming poem will help ensure that for everyone. So, thank you, (sweet) Jana!

  2. Love your poem, Jana, and I will definitely not be getting on the scale for several days to come. Oh no! Christmas is just around the corner! Well, I know what I’ll be eating come January – rabbit food! I’ll have to stock my refrigerator with celery and carrot sticks. I do so hope we’ll hear of a concert or two sometime after the first of the new year. That is always an incentive to diet! – Allene

  3. Thank you Jana for that charming poem which hit several nails on the head. Hope eveyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving including the Il Volo boys wherever they are. Also great picture of our precious young men above

  4. Beautiful your words Jana, the final part where you say they will inspire us to lose a size, I must tell you that I have to listen better and work harder because it would be great if I lost a size.
    Strength guys, inspire me !!

  5. Jana, you put into words what so many of us feel for the guys. I loved it! I can’t imagine a day without them.

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