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I  recently came across several quotes that jumped off the page at me, making me think of none other than our three guys and the charming, alluring country they come from.

See if you agree…


“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” – Truman Capote, American writer.










“My favorite thing about Milan is that you see these guys, and it’s as if a spaceship came out of the most attractive planet invented and just dropped them off all across the city.” – Brad Goreski, Canadian stylist.


Tennis Meets Fashion At The Milano Gala Dinner Benefitting The Novak Djokovic Foundation Presented By Giorgio Armani












“Rome, the city of visible history.” – George Eliot, English writer.










“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” – Giuseppe Verdi, Italian composer.

1491898767_Dolomites Robert J Heath

“In Italy, they add work and life on to food and wine.” – Robin Leach, English writer.


“And that is … how they are. So terribly physically all over one another. They pour themselves one over the other like so much melted butter over parsnips. They catch each other under the chin, with a tender caress of the hand, and they smile with sunny melting tenderness into each other’s face.” – D.H. Lawrence, English novelist.


The last one sums it up so perfectly.   The young men of Il Volo show their love and affection for each other and all those around them so easily.  They love having us complete strangers, give them hugs, kisses, and gifts!  We as fans love being close to them as much as they love being close to us!   Are we lucky or what?  



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  1. Thank you Jane for the pictures of the handsomest men in the world who come from the most beautiful country I have ever seen pictures of. And looking at the pictures of the food if I was there I would order everything I see & worry about my weight later. I hope Jane that is true that they love being close to us.

    1. Loretta, I really do think they like being close to their fans. They are Italian! It is in their being to be genuinely affectionate with others. It’s one of the things I adore about them. (Jane) I’m including my name here as the site still keeps putting me out there as Mary. I know that is confusing. 🙂

    1. I know! I loved the quote about a spaceship coming out of the most attractive planet invented!! They are soooo handsome!

      1. Yes, the spaceship thing would explain why they are “OUT OF THIS WORLD”!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. The quotes fit our guys and Italy so well.Wonderfully handsome and talented Il Volo and beautiful Italy, neither one can be bettered or duplicated.

  3. Thank you, Jane, for a wonderful posting. I am so very thankful that these three handsome, talented young Italians came into my life. They have brought love and happiness into my life even at times when things seemed their darkest. – Allene

  4. Jane, did I tell you that you made me feel very proud of my country? This is one of those times. I will not express myself in comparison with cities, I would be too partisan, but I must say that Lawrence’s words seem to be made to speak of them, of Piero Ignazio and Gianluca.

  5. Jane, this is a terrific post. It is a perfect description of our beloved young men! It makes me appreciate even more the generosity of Italy and all its amazing people.

  6. Thank you, Jane! A beautiful post! Georgeous Il Volo!!! Wonderful Italy!!! Famous quotes!! What more could we want?? Just to be thankful these three unique young men came into my life bringing love, joy, & happiness!!!

  7. Thank you for your nice comments. And Daniela, you have so much to be proud of! Italy is all it’s written up to be and then a million times more! Italy is mesmerizing, holding your attention as if by a spell. Once you have been there you long to return.

  8. In case anyone did not know, the writer George Eliot was a woman called Mary Anne Evans who wrote “The Mill on the Floss” “Silas Marner” and “Middlemarch” among her seven novels. Some people still think that she was a man. It was easier to have her work published by using a “nom de plume” or pen name.

    While I am sure that it would not be the case for any Crew members, in Italy, a meal without wine is called breakfast. However, it is a custom that we can all adopt from time to time! Personally, I only drink wine if the name of the day has a “y” in it; and I skip breakfast for reasons that you must try to guess.

    1. Bernard, you have me curious now. Why wouldn’t an Englishman like yourself not eat a full English breakfast?

  9. Oh Jane what a wonderful post! What studding shots of the guys especially the ones on the steps and in front of the Armani screen! They are just so classy! And what can one say about Italy! It has spectacular scenery, fabulous food and some very handsome men that are known as Il Volo! Thanks Jane

  10. YES! We are sooo lucky! I feel sorry for those who do not know them and for those who have not yet been to their lovely homeland.

    Thank you, Jane for the quotes and those wonderful photos,

  11. Thanks Jane for these wonderful quotes and photos. They certainly describe Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca and their beloved Italia!

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