There seem to be a lot of newer crew members who have missed some great concerts and videos. The one, Amore e amare l’amore, with Toto Cutugno, is one of them.   They  also sang Il Mondo and O Sole Mio at that concert.  Whoever filmed the Il Mondo video was fixated on Ignazio, keeping the camera on him for the whole song.  It’s fun to watch as he sings along under his breath when the others are singing.  And they have some antics during O Sole Mio.  Piero is wearing his red glasses, Gian is elegant in a white jacket, and Ignazio is wearing the same suit he wore for the Disney outing.  The old faithful among us can tell what year it is by their outfits, hairstyles and the progression of Ignazio’s beard. 

Let us go back to 2014 in Moscow.


~~~ L’amore e’ amare l’amore ~~~


~~~ Il Mondo ~~~


~~~ O Sole Mio ~~~



Thank you, Penina, for taking us back in time to enjoy this performance again!


~~ Credit to all owners of videos. ~~


  1. I love “L’AMORE E’…… AMARE L’AMORE” is a beautiful song and I would love to hear it more often, thanks to Penina and Jane for this dive in the past.
    Just today Piero posted a video from Japan while singing Toto Cutugno’s L’ITALIANO.

    Lisa Joy you’re right there are the singles videos of Gianluca and Piero of that concert, here they are.


    1. Thanks Penina for having us revisit this concert in Moscow and thank you Daniela for these videos also. L’Amore e’amare l’amore is a beautiful song and I would love to hear it more often also. You can’t help but wonder what Mr. Cutugno felt or thought listening to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sing this lovely song with him.

    1. Marie,
      I miss your writing on this site. There is a certain style with you that unique and wonderful.

  2. I refer you to a review I wrote on this site about the 2014 concert. I have always harped in my articles about being careful in their singing habits. Management sometimes ( more in the past than now – thank goodness) scheduled too many concerts in short order. 2013 was the worst ever so far. 2016 – 2017 was one of the best with plenty of days off in between concerts. These boys do take care of their voices and they do not smoke or drink too much – a few beers or wine is no problem – and they try to get good sleep.
    This video shows that Toto has abused his voice for those very reasons and now he cannot get the total voice he used to have back again.

    Another example is Jose Jose ( El Triste ) – also abused his voice with terrible life style and now he has nothing.

    When you ruin your voice you cannot go to the music store and buy a new one like you can a clarinet or trumpet. Once ruined it is very, very hard to get it back and most often impossible.

    This is old material but since you put that Russia concert on I was reminded of that.

    1. I think Frank Sinatra was another one who ruined his voice with smoking and drink.
      He got a “pass” from audiences in his later years but his voice was nothing like what it used to be when he was a young man.

  3. Penina – what a great idea!! I hope you come up with more of this! Looking back, it’s always a treasure and pleasure to see the differences in their voices and appearance. My, how they’ve grown… I remember the Moscow concert. That was the weekend of his birthday, I believe, or I thought it was on his birthday? I know they were in Moscow on his birthday a few years ago. But I think I do remember seeing the one and loved that someone finally focused their whole video on Ignazio! It was so wonderful to watch him and his reactions while the others were singing. It still amazes me how practiced and perfect they are. Never missing a beat. Even when they seem to fool around, they “almost” always know exactly when to come in and at the right spot. Of course, I remember, and I think it may have been Moscow, where they were singing Beautiful Day and Piero had to call Ignazio in time for his part. Sure miss that song!!

    Great job on these oh, so precious, memories!!

    Just think, when they get older, their whole entire career will be on the internet for all of their children and grandchildren to marvel over!

    1. That is really a mind blowing thought! Let’s hope youtube doesn’t have a time limit on keeping videos! Even for them it must be amazing to watch their earlier performances. Remember that Porta a Porta show when they showed some very early videos how embarrassed they were?

  4. Thanks Penina there were concerts that I have never seen & saw the antics performed ln stage that were really funny.
    It is such a pleasure to see Ignazio’s smiling face while singing or watching him while him & the other guys are bending over from laughter to what he has done or said to make them laugh. Love watching him smiling when he is singing. He has the most beautiful face.

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