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Ciao!  Remember the “old” days when we voted in a frenzy just so our guys would win??  I think you can only vote once on here and I think it is just through this Friday, if I read it correctly.  The site is mostly in Italian, but the headers are in English.  Il Volo is just in one category – Italia Live.  And you have to go ALL the way down, they were in the last row for me!  You’ll get a chuckle out of some of the “oldies but goodies” in some of the other categories of “international!”  🙂

Below is the link.  Good luck guys!


As we know, our guys have been in Japan like for a week almost already and they are having a blast doing promos and being on various TV shows, etc.  Looks like Max joined them the other day.

Tonight is their first concert in Japonne!  I’m sure it will be amazing.  As with the other concerts when they had 2 in the same country, we will be doing just one post on it.  There is likely to be tons of material, so please bear with me if I only select a few things.  The good thing is that it’s likely to be in English because I don’t think they know much Japanese.  I did see a short interview somewhere and they were speaking English!  The last concert is on Dec 1, so look for a post maybe on Monday or Tuesday for the Japan concerts.

A few days ago, I also got an email from the Il Volo Fan Club, as many of you may have, with the link to the Japan interview TV show Asaichi?  Unfortunately, for one, it was all in Japanese and Italian. Only the songs they sang were subtitled, although in Italian!  You also couldn’t download it and they were pretty specific about that.  I tried several times, before I read where it said for FAN CLUB MEMBERS ONLY!  Do not share, copy, download, etc.!  You didn’t miss too much, I think they sang 3 songs.   Although it is still cute to watch their expressions, even if you can’t understand a word they say!  I think those 2 ladies there were the Jap-It interpreters…

I know many say, why join the fan club?  Well, you get little treats like this one!  Yes, it’s about $25 and you get this cute little card with their picture on it and their logo on the other side.  Do be careful when you order it, as your confirmation purchase email is your actual ID number.  You get your card about 6 weeks later, but there is no member number on it.  There is also a “private” fan only Facebook like social site, as well, on the website.  Here is the website if you want to order it and sign up:  This is their official website and at the top you will see “shop.”  You can click on there and sign up!  All that is being offered on there right now is the membership.  I’m not sure what they did with all of their merchandise they had.  Maybe they are coming out with a new line of things? 

Another tidbit… the new Energetix catalog with the guys on it is coming out on December 1.  We were just informed of this the day after Thanksgiving.  I will do a short post on this with the link to the new catalog on December 1.  With each order guys catalogfrom the website, you will get a catalog!  There are several pieces on the site that are less than $50.  So, order early to get in time for Christmas.  It will be a 2-in-1 gift!  You can keep the catalog and give away the jewelry, or keep the jewelry and give away the catalog!   Either way, it’s a win-win situation!!  🙂    A really big Grazie Mille to Susan T. and Anne Q. for being my 1st (2) orderers from this site!  🙂  It will be a few weeks before your orders come in, but it will be worth the wait!




3 thoughts on “Vote for the Guys!! Awards!”

  1. Jana, I am a fan club member. My advice is to use PAYPAL. if you have an account, when ordering the card. Mine came in 3 weeks.
    Also, (one of the perks) members have been invited to the soundcheck before the concert where it was offered. Soundchecks are exclusive to members and are free, but you must have a ticket to the concert to attend. Hopefully if they tour in USA next year this will still be in place. Also, I voted once and the site will not allow me to vote again, couldn’t do it from iphone either, only computer.

  2. When it comes to concert time I hope all these fan clubs & catalogues etc. aren’t going to interfier buying tickets. Jana I am glad you have a job with Energetix. I feel that the guys have progressed so far in their careers that it is going to become hard to get tickets unless we belong to something. I hope I am wrong. I am definitely scared. Camada is not listed in anything being sent to to other countries from their company. The movies weren’t sent here, Energetix does not list Canada in their listings of coutries from what I saw.
    Its wonderful for Il Volo to succeed & I am not begrudging their success I know I have tried buying tickets to an artist I wanted to see a few years ago & it was impossible. I so wish their was a way for us to get first priority to concert information before anyone else. WE are their most important fans. Does that sound piggish? To bad if it does that is the way I feel.

  3. Has anyone looked at the listing for the American Music Award. I have perused & listened just for a minute to the Awards these so called singers have been chosen. I know I can’t sing or play an instrument how come the ones who think they can sing are the chosen ones by American Music Awards. These people chosen to judge have got to be tone deaf.
    American Music Awards have NOT CHOSEN IL VOLO FOR ANYTHING AS FAR AS I KNOW. . If I am wrong please anyone enlighten me & keep me on the joy full track.

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