~ Good Singing and Good Looking ~ by Daniela

As everyone knows, IL VOLO is in Japan where they are preparing for the two concerts in Tokyo and Kawasaki.

Tokyo has long been sold out, but Kawasaki has also been sold out since yesterday.

During these days the guys are doing promotions and interviews and today this beautiful article was published and translated on the Facebook page, IL VOLO JAPAN FAN SITE.


IL VOLO is currently staying in Japan. As you can see, they are a charming Italian threesome. When they got off the bus of the official they said, “We have been wanting to visit Japan for a long time.”  They gave a greeting in remembered Japanese as, “Ohayou Gozaimasu!” (Good morning!).

They shook hands and greeted  each and every staff member. During a walk in the town of Akasaka for a photo session, they saw a sample of food at the shop of Soba (Japanese noodle), took a selfee, and were sharing jokes.
Even though they debuted seven years ago, they looked like junior high school students on a school trip.










If street people noticed and said “Oh, IL VOLO!?”  They cheerfully answered, “Hi!”   They even said hello to a child in Italian.
They were cheerful, energetic, friendly, bright and so to say, looked like very ordinary boys.

But when they stand on the stage, the atmosphere is completely being changed.  They are a vocal trio of  tenors  who sing everything from opera to pops. The tour received great success both in Europe, America and South America. They can be described as nothing but “Super Entertainer,” standing on the big stage in a tuxedo and singing ” ‘O SOLE MIO, ” or “Nessun Dorma.”


Received by the Italian Ambassador.







The boys are extremely nice and playful, but when they start singing they become serious professionals.  This contradictory feature makes them very enjoyable to people.  We Japanese call it GAP MOE.
I guess the word of GAP MOE might be suitable for Il VOLO themselves.

This week’s YEO will shoot and interview with IL VOLO ( from the left, Ignazio, Gianluca, Piero).

We want to update their charm every day until Friday and introduce them. 


Please enjoy “IL VOLO Festival” for 2 weeks!!

~~ Credit to owners of photos.~~

 ~~ Credit for article to Il Volo Japan Fan Site ~~





11 thoughts on “~ Good Singing and Good Looking ~ by Daniela”

  1. Thanks for sharing this nice article about IL Volo with us and after reading it I thought isn’t this one of the many reasons we also love IL Volo is how really sweet , open, and caring they are towards all people wherever they go and then of course iwhat amazing singers they are when on stage no one is better than them

  2. Jane & Daniela wonderful pictures of our precious young men & of course they are professionals personifide & absolutely NO ONE IS BETTER THAN THEY ARE IN SINGING & LOOKS & HOW THEY PRESENT THEMSELVES.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and news of our boys. They are such great examples of love, caring and perfection in everyway. It is so nice to know they are appreciated and adored wherever they go. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. I never doubted for a minute that people in Japan would love them. They are indeed playful, friendly, and nice and oh so professionally talented. Always Gap Moe.

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