Il Volo – Groundhog’s Day??

Hello folks, i just thought I’d share my evening with you tonight….

Chris and I dutifully volunteered tonight for Il Volo night at PBS.

Nine-thirty came and we anxiously awaited the start of our guys.  I was finishing up a pledge, so did not realize the Nessun Dorma they were playing was at the END of the concert, until the credits started to roll!

What was happening??  We did not have a clue!

So, they tried to fix it, but it was like on continuous repeat of the last few songs.

I clapped briefly to libiamo and enjoyed it again, and again,  and again… I think like 6 times, at least?

We eventually went just totally live, and they were just talking.  They must have been doing something right, people were still calling and ordering our guys!

It was also freezing cold in here tonight!

I even told the one person how to say Ignazio’s name and she repeated it well, however, she was a smart girl and said she would not attempt it on air.  Unfortunately,  not so for the other speaker, Fred.  🙁

Anyhow,  an interesting night it is.

Writing to you, LIVE, from Wixom, Michigan, Detroit PBS!



9 thoughts on “Il Volo – Groundhog’s Day??”

  1. Jana,
    Your efforts are certainly appreciated! You have the cold weather in Mich. that we are getting in Minnesota plus more of the lake effect. I’m so glad the calls were coming in despite the glitches you had to deal with.
    Jeanette Hicks

  2. Jana, I had a similar experience from our PBS in San Antonio! This was a repeat of the original which came out last year or early this year! I think the stations just gave them another go for it! Our station only does the sales thing twice a year, maybe it’s that time….anyway, apparently callers could still order!

  3. Oh, Jana, that was sad and funny at the same time.

    Actually…Nessun Dorma six times in a row sounds ok to me. However, that may be a little too much for folks who are not us. They have been overdosed…probably in a stupor, drooling in some dark corner somewhere. They will be ok…better than ok….happens to the best of us.

  4. Ah, Jana. I’m sorry about that night you volunteered for PBS. I could ‘get it’ (but not like it ! ) if that freezing studio was here in S. Fl., but in Michigan in December?? What; were they trying to kill any chance of catching a cold virus or something! 😷 It reminded me of when my mother and a man had planned and were all ready to leave for the West Palm Beach PBS studio to volunteer for the Pledge Drive when they got word that a tropical storm was coming that day after all, so they had to cancel. My Mom and her acquaintance were so disappointed; of all days! ( BTW, the bigger stores around here still have their A/C going in December). Hey, Jana, like poor Ignazio, you’ll know to be wearing thermal underwear for next time at PBS, hahah!

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