~ Magnifico…MY WAY ~ by Jane and Penina

Penina wrote me that a friend of hers sent her this video of the Three Tenors (not the two tenors and a baritone!)  singing My Way in Los Angeles.  The cool thing about it was that Frank Sinatra was in the audience watching and appreciating their performance.

In response Penina sent her friend a video of the boys singing the same song.  Her friend’s response to the video sent was one word, “magnifico!”  

If only Frank Sinatra could sit in the front row RIGHT NOW and watch Gianluca and Piero give such timeless beauty to this song of his.  He would be so proud of these three young Italian men who are bringing their bel canto to the world and keeping his legacy alive by honoring his song.  Mr. Sinatra did it HIS WAY and IL VOLO is doing it THEIR WAY.  Yes, he would indeed be very proud of them.


~~ The Three Tenors ~~



~~ Piero and Gianluca ~~




Credit to all owners of videos.

16 thoughts on “~ Magnifico…MY WAY ~ by Jane and Penina”

  1. Thank you, Jane & Penina!!! So beautiful!! Frank was really pleased with their performance!! Big smiles & standing ovation! My opinion & you understand I am biased our precious trio sing My Way better than Sinatra! I love the House Party version with Mario Bondi done Dec 18th. 2016. Gianluca & Piero’s duet is marvelous!! Our Sweethearts are the best in the World!!!

  2. I’m so glad “their way” came “our way”!!!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! <3 <3 <3

  3. Beautiful version of the three tenors but no doubt I prefer the duet of Gianluca and Piero, the version of the three tenors is too lyricized, that of our boys is much more incisive, of course is my opinion.
    I think that Sinatra would be very proud of IL VOLO.
    Thanks Jane and Penina, I had never seen this video with the presence of Sinatra

    1. Thanks, Jane and Penina, May I opine that Frank is likely aware of glorious Il Volo and definitely feel pleased and proud of them! I just turned on one of the two local PBS stations here in S. Fla. and see Andrea Bocelli singing in his 2015 concert, ” Cinema.” I was surprised when he said, “…at my home in Miami.” I had no idea that he’s “an official resident of Florida since 2013, living in N. Miami Beach in an ocean-front home.” Makes me wonder if one or more of ‘our guys’ will one day also rent or purchase a home in Miami, as I think they really like that city. I see that Andrea ” still keeps Italy as his home-base.” ( I’d feel bad for Ignazio’s dogs and horses, though, if he were to live in Miami sometimes, so maybe he wouldn’t). That would be nice if they did, though, because some of you Ladies here could occasionally take a ‘vacay’ near them! 🙂 🙂

    1. Marie, I’ve only been to Ohio once, but will make it twice if you can pull this off! Go, girl! <3 <3 <3

    2. Well if that don’t add pepper to the gumbo. Miss Marie, I do declare yer quicker than a chicken on a junebug. I’ve reckoned fer a long while now that yer of a mind to bag that — beg pardon — to fetch that feller — horses an’ dogs an’ all — an’ fixin’ to haul ’em all back to yer place up yonder in Ohia. Yep. Now, yer drunk or dreamin’, but I reckon we’d all be lyin’ if we were to tell ya that we blame ya fer hankerin’ after that there sweet feller an’ all. Personally, I’d be as happy as a flea on a fat dog if ya got yer wish. 😂 😂💛

  4. Gee thanks Penina for recognizing the relationship between Ignazio & me. I didn’t want to break Marie’s heart again because I am going to vacation in Italy until he starts touring again.

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