~~ Piero ~~ by Luce Blu

The day of the last Magic Night concert, my friend published this letter addressed to Piero.

She used words loving and very delicate and I really hope that Piero has read it.

I also thought about translating it for all  the Crew.



Good morning Piero … and finally the last “Magic Night” has arrived.  I dare not imagine how you can feel, especially you.  Writing the fine word on this extraordinary project will not be easy for many reasons lived, expressed and felt .

“Magic Night” was difficulty, sacrifice, obstacles but also passion, love and countless, satisfaction and recognition …!


You have grown both as artists and as people.   Every experience can bring as much or as little.   It can be beautiful or ugly, but something will always remain … and this something in any case is important and indelible.

You’ll see all is well … The wonderful journey you have undertaken with this project will not be the only one and will be remembered along with many others just as extraordinary, indeed certainly more, considering your young age!


It will be foolish of me, and maybe you will find it exaggerated, but this does not change the fact that for me it is so .  My throat knot is for tonight, thinking of “Magic Night” that has combined everything I love most of music: the bel canto, the lyric and voices (especially yours), but also for the indelible memory of that particular magical night in the enchanting scenery of the Ancient Theater of Taormina, where I managed to meet you and embrace you … without words!


For me, as for many other fans who follow you affectionately, it was an endless emotion.

A sweet caress for the soul and so will always be.  Waiting for your next adventure with the new masterpiece, I just have to hold you in a last and more than warm embrace.  From the first to the last note you will give joy to all!!!


Ps:  if anything you have read up to here, I hope I did not  bore  you with my thoughts poorly expressed and outlandish to the end … thanks for everything. 


Written by Luce Blu with translation by Daniela.


Credit to all owners of photos.

34 thoughts on “~~ Piero ~~ by Luce Blu”

  1. Beautiful, Luce . Thank you Daniela for your translations! I am so proud of our precious trio’s achievements! Piero’s magnificent voice has brought me much pleasure & happiness! Thank you, Piero!! Amore.

  2. Luce Blu, what you wrote is just beautiful! If Piero doesn’t get to read such a lovely tribute he has to at least feel the love coming his way so strongly. He is and always will be everything you wrote. Their concerts are filled with love and magic.

    As usual…thank you Daniela.

  3. Luce Blu, that is absolutely the sweetest love letter I’ve ever read! I sincerely hopePiero reads it and sheds a tear, as I did when I read it!♡♡♡♡from Texas!

  4. Thank you Daniela and Luce Blu for expressing our feelings to Piero. We feel the same, at least I do, towards Gianluca and Ignazio. Without anyone of the three there is no Il Volo. Three voices, one soul. Gorgeous pictures of Piero.

  5. Luce, this letter of yours just flows like a gentle stream. It is simply beautiful. Your words are so sincere and loving. I can only imagine the feeling of warmth he will get when he reads this. Thank you, Daniela for translating. (Jane)

    1. Dorothy, you flatter me a lot.
      Before starting to post, I have always read the thoughts of all of you, you are all very special people and I am honored to be part of this group.

  6. Luce Your letter says it all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Piero. He has a special place in my heart also.

  7. Piero’s incredible voice has sent my heart soaring since I first heard him when he was just a teenager. Thank you Luce for your beautiful tribute to him. – Allene

  8. Thanks so much Daniela translating your friends letter t o Piero I know it came straight from her heart and I can feel the love and admiration she feels for Piero I feel much the same way as she does and it is really hard to put into words the feeling we have for Piero but Luce did it wonderfully.

  9. Thank you all for the comments, I warned Luce of the publication, she is at her sister’s graduation party but she is very happy that you liked her words and said that tomorrow she will answer everyone.

  10. Thank you Luce for your beautiful thoughts in this letter to Piero and the wonderful feelings that you and so many of us share. Thank you also Daniela for this and all your translations. We are so lucky to have you, and that is a stunning picture of Piero at the top of the page!

  11. Thank you, Luca Blu and Daniela. I hope that you were able to personally hand it to him Luce Blu?! I think that Piero would, therefore, have certainly read it later and likely would keep such an intelligent, sincere and beautiful letter as a meaningful gift to him.

  12. Ciao a tutti i cari amici, che piacere conoscere sempre più persone che condividono come me e Daniela la stessa passione per questi talentuosi ma anche bravissimi ragazzi! Loro meritano tutta la stima e l’affetto di questo mondo che potendo contare in un numero maggiore di ragazzi tali di certo sarebbe un posto migliore.
    Grazie mille a voi e a te Daniela per tutti i bellissimi pensieri… Sono felice che Piero Gianluca e Ignazio siano abbracciati da chi come voi gli vuole così bene dimostrandolo ogni giorno con il sostegno e il calore trasmessi da ogni vostra parola.
    Un abbraccio a tutti.

    1. Luce Blu, welcome to our Il Volo Flight Crew. Yes, we all share a passion for these wonderful young men. We love and respect them and wish the best for them forever. Thank you to Daniela for her translations.

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