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  1. Hi Marie, thank you and Penina. This gave me chills from my head to my toes. I am so sorry I missed the first few years of their journey but this helps. Hope whoever made this video keeps adding to it.

  2. Thanks for this video. I loved every minute of the journey with the boys. I miss the “babies” but am proud of how far they have come.

  3. I know! I feel like Gina. I miss those chubby dimplesd cheeks, spikey hair and that Gianluca babyface. BUT, I am so proud of their journey to get to where they are today.

    I am also proud of us and the small role we have played to promote that journey.

  4. Marie, so good to hear from you. You should be proud of the major part you have had in the forming of the Flight Crew, and congratulations to Kelly, Jana, Jane, et al who are continuing the work that it takes to keep the site active and vital. Also loved the continuity of seeing our boys in the video as they grew and matured. It is truly amazing how t hey have continued to develope their talent, and the way that those “baby faces” have grown into the gorgeous men they are today.

    1. Thank you, Mary. Your contributions to this site have been invaluable. I know you are proud too.

      Do you ever wonder, like parents who think their baby is the most beautiful in the world, are our guys (all three of ’em) as stunningly drop dead gorgeous as we think they are?

      Oh Mary…that was a silly thought. Forget I even asked the question.

      1. YES not silly at all . They are each one is truly the most stunningly drop dead gorgeous man on the planet. And I would love to run my hands through Ignazio’s hair & would ask him to kiss my cheek after. Then I’m in heaven.

  5. Love this video of their journey from darling teenagers to handsome young men with an abundance of talent! Thanks Marie & Penina

  6. glad to see you back Marie. I have been with our boys since the beginning. I hope to be with them some time more.

  7. Thank you so much for this great video. I too miss the chubby, dimpled young man. But I am very proud of what they have done with their lives. I can’t wait to see what this new CD will bring.

    Alice in Florida

  8. This is wonderful to watch, and Marie, I can see why pu watched it many times. I will too. The boys are men, and i think all of us miss the boys. Is it our mother instinct or what? They have progressed farther and faster than expected, but I wish they stayed true to their early beginnings. Miss some of that music. However, still love them.

  9. Barb, I’m guessing we haven’t seen the last of “some of that music”. Their opera tribute was classy and wonderful, but I’ll bet we see more of their normal fun personalities this year. They have to be ready too.

  10. Love this video, Marie and Penina! Those curls, those dimples, those red glasses, oh my! I have loved them from the beginning and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring. – Allene

  11. I also love the old videos. Which is why I pounced on this one when I found it.
    Everyone has the favorites, some of mine were included in this video and some not. To those who want to “catch up” on old videos, just go to youtube and put Il Volo and the year you are interested in into the search bar. All sorts of things will pop up! The first Detroit concert (Il Volo Takes Flight) is a must for anyone who has not seen it. The Nobel concert is another “must see.” One of my personal favorites is the first concert in Italy, at Taormina, July 20, the video by Giuseppe Magali is the best one. I love the spontaneity of this concert–Piero singing to his mother who is seeing him in concert for the first time, Ignazio dancing with Antonella Clerici. Il Volo’s TLUC “godmother”, Gianluca hugging his grandfather, etc. A real gem!

    1. Penina you’re right, that video of Taormina is really beautiful and spontaneous. I also watched it several times when I found it.

      1. Before you joined the flight crew, Myron made copies of that concert for anyone who asked him for one. I had watched it at least 4 or 5 times on youtube before he made that offer. Now that I have the DVD, I can’t tell how many times I have watched it! Just finished watching it again!

  12. Oops! I meant to say July 20 and 21st, 2014 for the dates of the first Taormina
    concerts. Both are worth watching.

  13. Very nice this video, thanks Penina and Marie for proposing it, I follow IL VOLO from after Sanremo so seeing them in the years when I was not following them is like discovering something I lost.

  14. One of my favorites was when Piero came on stage wearing black pants and t-shirt like Ignazio. Ignazio was so surprised he couldn’t stop laughing. Piero is the real trickster of the three. Oh…my other favorite was the time Ignazio sang to and danced with Alessandra on the phone. Most romantic thing I’d ever seen.

      1. You know Loretta…I was afraid someone was going to ask that. It was during a concert (not this year). I have completely forgotten where it was.

  15. Oh I just remembered my very first favorite moment. It was when Gianluca won TLUC and Bocelli praised him on a video. Gianluca’s knees almost buckled and he wept. Look it up on Youtube. Total sweetness!

    1. Yes Marie I remember that also & the little sweetheart was so surprised he was crying & he was also enamored when he met Bocelli awhile back. Our precious trio appreciate any recognition they receive from other artists & also from their fans.

  16. Hi Penina magnificent find & if you had to put this together then it is a complete success. It is such a treat to see again the songs I saw from the beginning & also to some I never saw before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also the added CD’s. You have given us a real gift.
    Thanks again Marie for posting these beautiful gifts.

    1. You’re very welcome Loretta! Sometimes I just hunt around on youtube and when I am in luck I find something good. There doesn’t seem to be much logic in the way the videos come up. It’s really hit or miss.

  17. Thanks for answering me Marie. You & I are in the same boat our heartthrob is going to get married eventually. At least he will be marrying a winner. I am going to have to make sure my tears are full of joy for them.

  18. Yes, this was a nice watch…. I think Piero certainly improved the most in the looks department, I think Ignazio certainly did the most transforming, not only in looks, but in his voice, as well, and Gianluca’s voice really got deeper as he gained more confidence on the stage.

    Is it me, or did some of the years seem off?

    Sorry I’ve been off the radar lately – work has been incredibly busy and I come home and crash.

  19. Suggestion: if you want to watch the best performance of Il Mondo (here they took the Detroit video – which is good but not as good ) go to the 2012 Oslo, Norway, Nobel peace prize concert. That gives us a more mature and more in control trio of boys who really in their element vocally and it gives us one of the best orchestras they have ever had. This video has the We are Love song from that concert which is also great but the Il Mondo just before this is incredible.

    That was such a PRIME NIGHT I wish they would have done a dozen songs.

  20. If I were to add anything, of course, it would have to be the first NATIONAL IL VOLO FAN FAIRE convention held in Las Vegas March 25, 2016 at the Palms Hotel. The next one is coming soon.

    Also, the performance in Las Vegas and/or the performance at the Dolby Theater (home of the Oscars) in Hollywood.

    You are correct. The musical and vocal growth has been incredible with these guys. They are an example of what high quality vocal art should be today and too often is not. And I tell you, it does not come easy. It requires continued work with vocal coach prior to any tour or major event.

    There are so many songs to choose from.

  21. Thank you so much for posting this video! It’s just amazing to see how they have evolved over the years! I just love them more and more!

  22. Hello to Marie and Myron, Marie its always good when you pop in.
    Myron, I was at the Fan Faire in Las Vegas, but you are teasing us about the “next one coming soon” I will hold my breath, so any details will be welcome.
    You are right when you say it takes work for the boys to stay at the top of their game. We all see the glamour, the great clothes, the fans, and the fun side, but we don’t see the working side of them. The lessons, training they must go through. Traveling alone must take a toll on them, even at their young age. I hope they are home enjoying their friends, families and relationships. Love those boys and everything they have brought to my life.

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