Sara’ Sanremo – set your DVR! December 15 – 7:30p EST on RAI

I‘d first like to give a big Grazie Mille to Jane and Daniela, who are keeping this site going right now.  I can’t thank them enough for all of their hard work finding and writing articles.  What a dynamic duo!  🙂

Thank you to All About Il Volo, I saw this plug on Instagram that the guys are promoting the Sara’ Sanremo special where you can vote for your favorite artist that will be on the Sanremo 2018.  Dave Monaco, is from Michele Torpedine MT Opera & Blues and the guys mention that he will be on this show.

I actually have it set to record on my AT&T cable on the RAI1 channel.  It starts at 7:30p – 10:15p on Friday, Dec 15, 2018.  I can’t quite get if the guys are actually going to appear on the show or not.  I don’t think so, but maybe we can find some new talent that we like?  🙂 


Here are a few You Tube videos I found of Dave Monaco.  He’s not our guys, but he’s not bad.  His voice sounds a little forced to me.  Where our guys open their mouths and the sound just flows out, it seems  he has to work a little harder….  This first video here does not have Dave Monaco on it though, odd…but there are some interesting singers and friends of Il Volo on here, like Lorenza Fragolo and Francesco Renga – the one who wrote L’amore si muove. (just fyi… there are little You Tube ads interspersed in between the artists on this video…)  It says he won back in 2005, but I guess you can enter as much as you want?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if the guys entered again and won a few  years from now?  🙂  If you watch this video, it’s amazing to see how simple and classy our guys were, compared to what’s out there now!

Up next is their concert in Mexico for Ferrero Rocher – the Golden Symphony!  Looks like they did a sampling of Notte Magica, and Latin favorites!


9 thoughts on “Sara’ Sanremo – set your DVR! December 15 – 7:30p EST on RAI”

  1. My understanding is that Friday’s program will preview the eight finalists in the “newcomers” section of the 2018 Festival. It will also announce the 20 particpants in the main competition. I cannot watch it because I am having dinner with friends. I do not expect our guys to take part. If they do, I will watch it on Raiplayer. However, I am hoping that we will receive confirmation of the rumor that Il Volo will perform as “super ospiti” or “super guests” on one of the evenings.

    It is possible to compete in the main competition many times; and lots of famous artists have done just that. In recent years, one of my favorite singers, Arisa, won the newcomers category in 2009, with a song called “Sincerità.” Then, in 2012, she finished second in the main competition with a great song – La Notte, or the night – before winning the event, in 2014, with “Controvento”, which I liked but not as much as La Notte. She was then one of the hostesses assisting Carlo Conti in 2015. Arisa’s real name is Rosalba, which is also my wife’s name! Arisa is a “made-up” or invented name based on the initial letters of the names of some of her family. The “R” stands for Rosalba.

    I always enjoy the whole week. I will only really like three or four songs but you have to hear them over and over in order to know and understand them. Then, there are the guests who are outside the competition (we hope they will include Il Volo, of course). Then, on Sunday, almost the whole day is dedicated to analysis and review of the whole week’s events. It makes for an entertaining week.

    1. Bernard, you have been more than exhaustive.
      I also hope that they confirm that the boys will be super guests in Sanremo.
      I do not think that they will be present tomorrow at Sarà Sanremo.

  2. Jana thanks to you for the compliments.
    We are a team, right, and then we give each other a helping hand.
    A hug.

  3. I’ve always preferred baritones and basses and the only tenor I enjoyed was Placido Domingo until Il Volo came along. Regarding Dave Monaco, I feel compelled to like him because Il Volo is promoting him but I find his voice a bit thin as compared to Piero and Ignazio. And yet he has received many accolades. I don’t feel the power I get from Il Volo, nor do I feel the emotion. But I will reserve further judgement and give him a chance. Would love to hear what Myron has to say about him.

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