~ Christmas in Italy ~

Christmas In Italy

From Kathy McCabe, Dream of Italy.

While millions of people travel to Italy during the summer months, if they only knew the treasures that would await them by taking a winter break instead and enjoying the magic of Christmas in Italy. Yes, the holiday has become a bit more commercialized here in recent years. Yet, Christmas in Italy is still a holiday of family, spirituality, food, lights, age-old artistry and the wonder of miracles.

From the Christmas markets in Alto-Aldige to a 250-person strong live Nativity pageant in Puglia, there are Christmas enchantments and surprises in every corner of Italy.





















Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca we know you are back home in your beloved Italy just in time for the holidays.   Here are our Christmas wishes just for you…

 I wish you precious time to be surrounded by the loving people who are so important to you in your life.



Credit to all owners of photos.

Article excerpt from Dream Of Italy.

22 thoughts on “~ Christmas in Italy ~”

  1. Ciao. These photos are fabulous. Thank you so much for posting these. I would love to be in Italy during the Christmas season or any other time. Buon Natale! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays! Saluti!

    1. Joan, I think they are at home with their families enjoying being together again! I’m so glad they time their touring as such that they arrive back home just in time for Christmas! I can understand if they go off the radar for a time here and just be themselves in their former lives.

  2. Thanks Jane for decanting Italy so much.
    Beautiful photos you posted, you saw how beautiful is the tree of Gubbio, in Umbria, the tallest tree in the world, extends over the mountain.

      1. Jane, you make me want to go to Italy for Christmas …… ops I’m already in Italy !!!

  3. Oh how I would love to visit Italy at Christmas time! Those photos are beautiful! But I guess it will have to be in my next life. At my age, travel is not in my future. But just looking at the pictures has made me happy. Thank you Jane.

    1. I saw a photo of Piero at the Milan airport but do not know if he was leaving or waiting for someone.
      Are you coming Jana?

  4. Jane! We forgot to stay for this! Now we have to go back! I also remember that beautiful snowy picture of Brecia. We can see that too.

    I ditto your wishes of love surrounding them, Christmas and always.

  5. I’m so late in reading and seeing these beautiful pictures, Jane. Wish I knew how to do teleportation; I would have instantly aported myself to Italy. Thank you, IVFCrew, for these absolutely terrific 2017 Winter Holiday posts here. 🎅🏽

  6. Laura, thank you for the nice comment. I would give anything to go there for Christmas!! It just looks so incredibly beautiful. I was there in fall and it was gorgeous, so I can only imagine with the decorations how awesome it must look! (Jane)

    1. HI! Isn’t is something how Italy has picked up the American tradition of going all out with the decorating, but theirs look even grander in their already charming villages. (Those cascading draperies of ice-cycles are just beautiful).

  7. Gorgeous pictures and a lovely post! I love the Santas in the gondola (?). I’ve been to Rome in early January for Epiphany celebrations and it is a magical time of the year!

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