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On December 16th the Karkinos Prize was held in Agrigento, an award that is recognized to the excellence of the Agrigento area.

Piero is from Naro which is in the province of Agrigento.   He is being recognized for the special prize for music.

Here is the translation of what was said:

“Special Award Karkinos 2017 for Music goes to Piero Barone”

(Piero is seated next to his mother, and a video clip shows Piero’s moments.)

The presenter says she is not used to all these people and all these flashes and thanks Piero for being there.  Everyone knows the load of commitments that IL VOLO has and having Piero present is a great honor.

She goes on to say that Piero was one of the first to arrive on that day and was present all the time.  This makes it clear how much Piero is a correct person who is keeping this presence.

Piero is asked what effect this has to receive this award in his land.


Piero replies that he spent his childhood coming every Saturday afternoon from Naro with his dad to sing in the chorus of  voices of S.Cecilia and that everything was born from there. Being recognized in his land is the most beautiful thing, gives him so much satisfaction, and tonight sees so many faces he knows.

Yesterday evening he arrived from Mexico to attend this award.

Carmelo Cantone Carmelo is called to deliver the award.  He says that Piero is an undisputed international star, and that it was for two months that it was uncertain because, ….. he comes, he does not come.  The father of Piero helped by updating him on his travels.  He was in Japan, then in Mexico when Carmelo asked Gaetano, “but when does he return?”  Gaetano said “almost certainly” but this “almost” was not a certainty and then Gaetano sent him a message that yesterday he was at the airport to get Piero and Carmelo was finally reassured.


Piero continues by saying that he and Ignazio and Gianluca with Torpedine have founded a new record label to give space to young talents, and three of these are Sicilian.

Then talking about his land, Piero says that two weeks a year he has a summer rest.   He passes this time in San Leone, in his land.  He could go to the Maldives, but those who want to see him say to come to San Leone, in his Sicilia.

Another award is given to Piero, executed by a jeweler craftsman who makes jewelry dedicated to those who love Sicily and Piero as an ambassador in the Sicilian world is an example. The jewel depicts a Trinacria (symbol of Sicily).


A floral tribute is then given to Piero and then the Karkinos prize with the following reasons:

“The Karkinos Prize Commission is pleased to award the special prize for music to Piero Barone for his planetary success in the field of music.  Piero Barone, despite his very young age, with his important artistic achievements, has highlighted his land of origin all over the world with humility and pride.  The love for his land and his passion for music have made it a masterly example to follow for the many talents of our territory. “

Piero receiving the award says that he is from Naro, was born in Naro, and always returns to Naro where there are many people who love him and these people with the mayor have dedicated a wing of the Castle of Naro to him, as Piero Baron houseteca. At the beginning he thought “but I’m not dead, I do not want a museum” (everyone laughs) but the housetca has become a reference point for all the fans who follow him and there is a bulletin board dedicated to the prizes and this award will go there.


Piero then says that the success they achieved in Sanremo is not only due to them but to everyone’s affection and explains that he sees his work as that of any craftsman (shoemaker, coachbuilder), he explains that the fans are his clients and he could NEVER deny them an autograph or a photograph.

Then he says that Grande Amore was the song that consecrated them to the public and that he lives in Bologna because he undertook the study of opera for his personal satisfaction.

In the end Piero thanks the audience saying that he really loves everyone.


Credit to all owners of video and photos.

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  1. Thank you so much for the translation!! This is a wonderful honor for Piero!! It is a great review revealing Piero’s gracious, humble, charming, hard working, loving personality!! We all know his passion for his music & his beloved Italia. A unique young man!!

  2. Our Piero deserves each and every award and accolade he receives and much, much more. Congratulations and love to you, Piero! Thank you so very much for this translation, Daniela. It has warmed my heart on this very cold winter day. – Allene

  3. Thanks yo so much Daniela for translating what was said at the presentation to PIero I’ve seen all the videos’s and it makes it so nice to actually understand what is being said. Piero is such a special person so giving and still humble and it is nice to see the people of Arigento honor him this way. Congratulations to Piero you are amazing have a great holiday.

  4. Thank you Jane and also Daniela for the translations. Congratulations to Piero for receiving another honor from the people who know and recognize how talented he is and how much he, Ignazio and Gianluca do to bring their beautiful music and Italy to all the world! I am always amazed at how mature, and wise beyond their years, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have been even when they were very young. They are humble, down to earth and thankful for all they have been given

  5. Thank you for the translations! I watched the video of the award ceremony and wondered what was being said. I can now understand what a great honor this is and how graciously it was received.
    Thank you again for the translation.

  6. Thank you all, I’m glad you enjoyed the translation.
    Piero is really a serious and humble boy, as well as Gianluca and Ignazio, they deserve all our esteem and our affection.

    1. Jana and Marie, the new label is a reality, there are news that I have already passed to Jane, these guys have a heart of gold !!

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