32 thoughts on “Winter!”

  1. Beautiful photos Marie. It was 65 degrees here in Hawaii this morning when I got up and I was freezing!
    If I was in Italy and had Ignazio to keep me warm it could get as cold as it wanted.🙂

    1. Jill, thank you for the first sentence. As I sit here looking at even more snow…the 2nd sentence did not make you my friend. BUT, that last sentence made me want to go there and pinch you real hard. Would you have an extra room if I do? Aloha!

  2. Beautiful pictures Marie unfortunately that is all I can say about the winter which I hate with a passion.
    For Gianluca: Gian everytime I meet you I forget to tell you that you have the best crooning voice which surpasses Sinatra & any other voice I have heard now & in the earliers years. You have grown into a stunningly handsome man. HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope this day is special.

  3. Nice pictures. Thanks. We are told that tonight we will have a “:blizzard” and ice.
    For Texas twenty snowflakes is considered a “blizzard”.

    1. I shudder to think what would happen if you guys got what we’re supposed to get here (Toronto) tonight–up to 5 inches, depending on where you are around Lake Ontario. Some folks will get two inches and others will get more. They call it the Lake effect. I call it nasty!

      1. Peninahonig being on the other side of Lake Erie we get the “lake effect snow” way too often. We are in the snow belt and 5 inches is a walk in the park.
        Marie, I can feel some heat coming from Marsala!

      1. Marie, that makes two of us! The pictures of snowy landscapes are beautiful–but that’s how I like my snow–in pictures! The real thing is UGH!

  4. Where I grew up in San Bernardino, Calif we would drive up to Mt Baldy, play in the snow, drive the hour home and get in the pool. We could see the snow covered mountain from our house. When you grow up with it you don’t realize that you have the best of both worlds. Now, I like the pictures better too.

    1. I had that experience one summer when I was 12, we spent several weeks with my cousin in Tacoma, Washington. We went to Mt. Rainier and played in the snow–wearing shorts! I grew up in Chicago where snow is snow.

      1. Hey Marie, I can personally attest–and weather data will back me up–that Toronto is way windier than Chicago. The Windy City got it’s name from hot air from politicians! Not actual wind. The wind off Lake Michigan can be formidable–especially if you are walking near the lakeshore but Toronto is far windier, and more often windy than my hometown Chicago.

  5. Here…let me scroll up and see if I said I was glad I didn’t live in (Toronto) Canada…yep, I did.
    If hot air from politicians makes the wind blow, batten down the hatches, we’re all in trouble.

  6. Thank you for these beautiful photos Marie – they are breathtaking. The snow is a different background than I am used to seeing of photos in Italy. Freshly fallen snow is a wonderful sight; we had some snowstorms here in New York. We weren’t hit that hard . I’m wondering if our guys enjoy the winter weather and the snow or prefer the warmer weather. I miss them so much news of them and photos to see what they have been up to. I hope they surface soon it’s been too long a stretch!

  7. Marie, Your selections of Winter snow scenes are perfect. I think they’d make beautiful, terrific Christmastime/ New Year/ Holiday cards. For artistic reasons and feelings, it’s lovely to view the beauty that Winter can and does offer. Miss it. Hadn’t realized that the whole Italian peninsula can get snow until I saw a picture that Gianluca showed us last year at his home! Duh. The pictures of the Coliseum and Cinque Terra in the snow are my personal favorites here, although I truly love them all. Thank you!

      1. I didn’t know about the snow either. I’m not surprised how beautiful it is in winter. In late fall it is magnificent! My favorite photo has to be the one with the gondolas. That was one of my favorite spots in all of Italy.

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