Personally Speaking~ Ignazio the Cook ~


First of all I must tell you that Ignatius here does not provide a real recipe but it is as if he were making an imitation of some Italian chef because he uses a deeply accented language in southern Italian.


So all right,

We roast the zucchini already sprinkle with the red wine.  Spadelliamo ( = stir -fry) for good as Cannavacciuolo ( famoso cuoco italiano del momento) teaches.

All right, take paper towel and clean everything.   Ciao. (kiss)


It is better understood that they are zucchini cut into cubes and fry with a little oil, sprinkle the courgettes with red wine and sauté them (stir-fry), mixing the zucchini well with the wine.


Note the sharp chef’s jacket.  This guy is serious about his skills!  

Ignazio has always had a flair for cooking.  Here he is way back in 2013, making Scaloppine alla Marsala!

This is a sweet short interview from 2013 where Ignazio talks about his favorite food and his Mammas cooking.  Marie and I were lucky enough to actually go to Nina’s Pizzeria.  It is a cozy little place with three smiling young women who make GREAT pizza!

Nina and her staff



to Jane 10


So who would like this dashing chef to come and cook for them?  I think we will all have to get in line BEHIND Marie and Loretta! 🙂


Translation of video by our very own Daniela!

Credit to all owners of videos.

15 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~ Ignazio the Cook ~”

  1. How beautiful these photos, Marie I line up behind you too.
    Jane, you forgot to point out that Nina is wearing the apron given by Flight Crew !!

  2. Jane I am going to squeeze in behind Marie. Isn’t he adorable, charming, & wonderful all rolled up in one. What a beautiful way to start the day by listening to Ignazio’s voice weather singing or talking.

  3. Oh how I envy you for your trip to Italy, Marie and Jane, In the meantime, I travel through your photos. Thanks so much for posting this. – Allene

  4. To Bernard & Rose Marie I am apologising to you both for not thanking you sooner for the name of the Il Volo book. I get so carried away when I am thinking about our guys I forget the important things as well. Please accept my since apology to you both. I just realized how rude I was.

  5. Our Il Volo boys are keeping a low profile about what is coming next. When we hear we will be scattering for sure. I hope they are getting the rest they need so badly.

  6. Hi Rose Marie thank you for being so kind. I am going to go into Amazon & order what they have. I am in a small town where they don’t have up-to-date items. The next concert I hope I can meet you, thank you.

  7. Marie, That Is so neat seeing Nina in her really cool apron from The Il Volo Flight Crew! I love that picture of the three of you together. How wonderful is That?! Marie, I was just thinking: Remember “Crusoe – The Celebrity Dachshund” when you posted the little video of him making Bruschetta, back in 2016?! Well, he’s got a really cute unisex apron in his little store on his Blog. (There are some super cute pictures and videos of Crusoe wearing it with the white chef’s hat on it, perched on his little head, in his Instagram, videos, etc.) Well, I was wonderin’ if that apron would make a fun gift for sweet, animal-lovin’ Ignazio sometime? Just wonderin’ whatcha think. Maybe we could chip in, or donate to get it for him. Just a thought / idea….😘🐼🍳🍲🍝🐶

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