~Throwback Thursday~ UNICI IL VOLO

Penina sent in this video of the boys that  was done about back in 2014.  Thank you Penina for sending it in and Daniela for translating it for us.  It really is enjoyable to watch!!




When I was little, every day my mother was screaming, because  when I came back from school, I ate, I did homework (when I did) and I went behind my house because we built huts and we were whole days inside talking, joking and playing, then we went out to play soccer.

Everything was more beautiful.  Now it is very beautiful but many times I try to rethink everything that happened to me when I was little, also because I did everything with naivety, I did not think much about things.


We need to unplug and go back to where it all started. I grew up here, all my memories, all my past, I always carry it with me, even when I’m on tour.

My adolescence has been completely different from all my friends.  Sometimes I think about my life and I say, “this is my life” and reflect and think about it.  When you’re on tour, when you wake up every morning in a different hotel, in different cities, even in different countries and you think, “but all those people are here for me, for us” is like a dream.


I was short, fat, protruding ears, I had so many faults, I was  a pacioccone (a plump boy).   I remember that as a child I could not stay at home, in fact I started working when I was 11.  The summer immediately after school I worked two years in the bodywork by my father.


Nothing is done this way from today to tomorrow, there are many, many sacrifices.


We’ve known each other for a long time and I’ve always followed him in his musical and artistic career.  Every now and then he came into the shop and I always offered him glasses that were a little more special than the others.


Immediately after the discovery of my voice, my grandfather Pietro discovered my voice, my father never, never stopped believing in me.  In fact, I sang over the hood of the cars in the body shop and my father had all the customers listen to  my voice.

I sang GRANADA, I sang UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE and you saw this little boy, 1 meter and 40 (cm) singing GRANADA and all the neighbors were looking out.


Let’s say that every time there is always at least one meeting.  A meeting to tell me about his things that I do not tell you because there is the secret of confession.  But also to meet, because even if he is smaller (younger) and I am older there is a friendship.


When you’re a child, you do not imagine what can happen in the future, right?  And we really have to say thanks to our families, because from the first day we decided to sing, they always believed in us.  Always with the same strength in all these years we are singing. Always with the same strength they are helping us.


Always followed me, as a child, I took him, put him on the table and I had him sing in the country.

There was something true.  I felt that something had to happen, but I never would have thought it would come to these levels.


I would like to say something before this song.  Two years ago we made a television program with the present Massimo Giletti.   Massimo gave me an immense gift.  He let me find my grandfather on TV, because in every interview I always say, ” my dream is to sing in front of my grandfather” because it is he who has discovered my voice.

Well, today my grandfather Pietro Ognibene is here and I would like to dedicate this song to you all but especially to him because my dream has come true today.

Thank you grandfather.


No, now that I’m here, sorry but I have to do it, grandfather Ernesto (he introduces his grandfather). I had to do it, a great grandfather.

Grandparents are the most beautiful thing in the world.  Applause to all grandparents.

BARBARA DE ROSSI Italian actress

For example, Piero,  is the person with whom I have a true friendship.  I believe that he is living all this with great simplicity, also because his grandfather is the person who brought him to lyric music. Its roots are those of a simple family that made many sacrifices to let him sing.  I think he manages to keep his feet well on the ground.

I believe that in their future there will be some very important things.  The important thing is that they remain a group, as they are.  They are very well followed because Michele Torpedine is very good and is also a humanly very smart person.


Ours is a united family, even when traveling to the United States and Latin America.  This separated me a little from my wife.  Being that (Ignazio) was a minor,  we accompanied him (one of them in turn) so  the union is a little upset, but now, with the age of majority, my wife and I reassembled, because he is traveling alone.

We are proud of what he is doing, so even if there was a momentary gap (between the couple), I would do it again 100 times.



Translation by Daniela.

Credit to owner of video.

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  1. Thank you Daniela. It is so great and revealing that all three guys look back on their “youth” with so much happiness and respect for all their family members and friends. I am sure this will stay with them all their lives.

    1. Marion, the affection and respect that Piero Ignazio and Gianluca have for their families should be an example for many guys.

  2. Penina and Daniela, grazie, grazie for this wonderful video and translation. You get such a sense of the wonderful humble backrounds they came from. The songs they sing in the video are so beautiful. A real treasure!

    1. While I was translating Jane, I also listened to the songs and they are really beautiful, here they are in Taormina, their first concerts in Italy and they were very proud, it was before Sanremo.

  3. Thank you so much Daniela for this translation. I have seen this video a couple of times and although I can pick out a word or two here and there I never really understood everything anyone was saying. So thank you very much!

    1. Penina, I always liked this video. I did not see UNICI when it was broadcast on TV, (I still did not follow IL VOLO) but when I saw it the first time I was enchanted, so when Jane told me that you sent it for a translation, I was happy to do it.

      1. And we all benefitted! Maybe there is more of this TV program on youtube. I will look and see if I can find any more of it. Another job for you if I do!

      2. In fact, Penina the video you sent me and I translated is the summary of the episode UNICI. The video of the full episode I think there is more because the RAI after a certain time withdraws but there are some clips like the one I send you below. E ‘of bad quality because taken from the TV by a fan, this piece is all about Ignazio, at the beginning is identical to what I have translated but then you will see the missing parts.

  4. thank you for sharing and translating for us. I have read in other places of Piero working to pay for his lessons and scooter. I had wanted more information on the family structure, had read indications that the families had encouraged the fellas when young. This pulls information together. Thank you so much. Love this site.

    1. Connie, have you never read the book written by the boys? In that book are described the sacrifices that families have made to study singing to their children. Piero’s grandfather paid for the lessons and Ignazio’s parents have asked for a loan to a person.

  5. thank you Daniela. What wonderful families our boys come from. Their roots go far. They show the family bond to this day and I think always will.

  6. Thank you for providing greater insight into what people have done to help these boys on their way and for the love and caring that has gone into the journey. This is a lovely piece.

    1. Thanks to you Jeannette, I have only translated, and it is a pleasure to translate words and feelings so simple and beautiful.

  7. Thank you Penina and Daniela, it’s a great video.
    The song “Caruso” has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music written.
    Whenever I hear the guys sing it, I can’t get it out of my head for at least a day!

    1. Jill, I also consider CARUSO one of the most beautiful and meaningful songs and Lucio Dalla when he wrote it did a masterpiece, but I have to tell you that since I heard this song performed the first time by IL VOLO, I can no longer listening to it from any other singer, their is the best, in addition to the skill they put the heart.

    2. And that first Taormina concert was one of their best performances of it. That entire concert is a gem–it’s back on youtube and I strongly recommend everyone watch it! I’ve seen it at least 4 or 5 times and I never get tired of it!

  8. I have seen this video several times, wishing that I could understand what all three of our wonderful guys were saying… Thank you Daniela for translating for us… What humble hearts and beautiful souls our guys have…They share their love of their family’s with us and that gives us a glimpse of their beginnings before they became Il Volo… We now can see why they are so special… Because each of their families gave them the ability to follow their dream and yet taught them to be humble and loving as well… I walked the streets of Montepagano and down the street where Gianluca lives… Just being there allows you to understand how unique this tiny village is and why Gianluca loves it so much and you can feel the love that the people have for him… I also walked the streets of Naro and went to Piero’s Museum… Again you can feel the love the people have for Piero when you talk with them it is not because he is a famous person but because he is a humble and loving person… In Marsala we had lunch with Ignazio’s good friend who gave us insight on how special he really is… We ate Pizza at his sister Nina’s Little shop and you can feel the love she has for him, not because he is her brother and not because he is famous…But because he is kind and loving to who know him… This is what makes us love these three young men so much… This video brings this out with your translations and now we are able to understand the love and sacrifice their families have gone through for them… The three bring that very special love to all of us now… I know no other singer or group that reaches your heart and soul as Il Volo does with their music and their caring ways with their fans… Once again Thank you Daniela,

    1. Thanks Jeannette.
      Just today I was messaging with my friend Maura and the topic was this, we wondered if the fans of the other singers felt so involved as we are with IL VOLO. We have come to the conclusion that no group is so attached to their idol as we do, because what binds us to them, in addition to the fact that they are undeniable talent, is their way of being, humble simple, respectful and grateful with their families , in short, UNIQUE. It was really fortunate that three guys from such different cities had the same teachings from their families and such special, UNIQUE voices.
      I also believe that Nina is so tied to her brother because even though she was a girl she played the role of mother during the months when Caterina Boschetto was in hospital.

      1. Daniela, I agree with you that Nina played a big role in being there for Ignazio when his mother was so ill… She was so excited to meet us and share with us the love she has for her brother… Her face just beamed with love, and she expressed how much she appreciated that we had loved him enough to come there to Marsala and to her to share our stories of him with her… She is a very special and hard working and very loving lady. I also spoke with their mother through a translator in Taormina, and she was so delightful and gave me not only her attention but hugs and expressed her appreciation for how much their fans come from all over the USA to Italy to support them… She was a delight as well…

  9. Daniela mentioned Il Volo’s book, which i would love to read, but it has not come out in English has it?

    1. Not that I know, Esther
      I’m sorry because in that book there are some beautiful pages.
      But I believe that some translations have been made, however, if this were not the case I could translate some chapter for you.

      1. My dear friend Daniela, you have given us a precious gift with your translations. I know it takes a lot of your time. Your dedication to our boys is so appreciated by all of us. Some of us, at least in my case, are Nonnas and love them as our own. I have been fortunate to have met their wonderful parents on the tours. They are the nicest, most thoughtful people and have passed these traits down to their sons. God bless them for giving us the gift of their sons.

      2. Thanks RoseMarie, I like doing these translations, it relaxes me and I am very pleased that you can all enjoy it.
        Surely so many of us are grandmothers and this affection that binds us is like it was aimed at our grandchildren, we are protective and we would like it better for them

  10. Daniela I am so grateful that you translated what the guys have said & also what Mr. Boschetto said about his family & making sure Ignazio got the chance to sing as well as the other boys families did the same. What family bonding. I am so grateful to them for giving their sons to us to entertain us forever. We see the loving upbringing these beautiful young men have receaved when we meet them & how they treat each other & their fans. I know if I can ever meet one of the family members I am going to say thank you & congradulate them for the wonderful job they have done for us. Wonderful, wonderful families.
    I have been trying to find the book they wrote to know avail, for one I don’t know the title so once I find that out I may have more luck. The stores I’ve contacted haven’t heard of the book or of Il Volo. Amazing how some stores don’t want to make more money.

    1. Hello Loretta, I agree with you, the words of Vito Boschetto and mother of Piero reflect the attachment of these good families. I’m sorry that you can not find the book, if you read in the comments above I thought there had already been made translations by fans, but if you want I can engage in this.

  11. Thank you Penina for this video and Daniela for the translation. I did watch the entire video several times after it was first shown but it’s nice knowing what they are discussing. I always believed and still believe that God put Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca together on Ti lascio una canzone at the same time, and obviously they all came from such loving, humble and supportive families. They have had to make sacrifices and also share them with all the world.

    1. Thanks to you Margaret, it is nice to understand what was said.
      I’m very glad you liked it.
      Their words warm our hearts.

  12. I had seen this video before, and it is wonderful to now know what they were saying. Not much to add to what has already been said. It just confirms why they and their families are so special and why their fans love them. Thank you Daniela for the translation.

    1. Yes Janet, this is really a reconfirmation, I think for these reasons we want for these guys “the best things” ……. they deserve it

  13. Daniela would you mind giving me the name of the Il Volo book so I might have a better chance of finding it even if it is only in Italian. Is it named only Il Volo.

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