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Sunday, December 31, in the newspaper the Arena,  appeared this article that updates us on the movie UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE.   Here is the translation of the most interesting part.





“A return of image for our city thanks to the participation of the three tenorini de IL VOLO”

While we are still discussing the fate of opera in Verona, the best part of the city of Verona, is ready to debut on the big screen with “UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE” the film produced by the Verona A.C. Production by Michele Calì and Federica Andreoli.  It hopes to bring young people closer to the world of opera through a love story that promises to fascinate film and opera lovers of different latitudes.

In addition to the distribution in Italian cinemas, in fact, expected between late February and early March 2018, the film will land in 47 other countries, “with great image return both for our beautiful city, where most of the scenes were shot (Arena, Sala Maffeiana, Teatro Filarmonico), and for the lyrical tradition for which Verona is, and must continue to be, ambassador in the world, comments Calì.

The plot, already involving for the subject, also plays another winning card: the friendly participation of IL VOLO, a fresh and young presence, like the two protagonists of the film, Giuseppe Maggio and Francesca Loy, all witnesses, each in his own role, of the prodigiousness of music, and in particular of belcanto.

“A challenge, also for us producers” adds Calì, “to bring Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca on the set, to interpret themselves.  We were the first to succeed and this made us believe even more in the project, obviously also appreciated from the three world-famous artists.”

………………the article continues talking about the subsidies and other non-leading actors.


Also on you tube appeared this video interviewing the main actress, Francesca Loy.

You can activate the simultaneous translator, however at the beginning questions are asked about the plot.  She says that she can not reveal much because the film has not yet come out.

It is a love story that takes place between St.Petersburg and Verona, two guys who meet and one of them is passionate about opera.

At minute 4.59 Francesca Loy answers questions about the Flight that I’m going to translate.

* Recall that also recite the three guys of IL VOLO, Ignazio Piero and Gianluca, winners of Sanremo in 2015.  Tell us a little gossip, how was acting with them, what types are they?

F= So, I’ll tell you, they are first of all very nice guys, just handy, not at all arrogant, they do not even seem famous.  You realize that when one evening I went out with Gianluca.  We went to Piper (a local in Verona) and he was very quiet, that is, very simple people.

It was exciting, because still hearing them sing live, it is an indescribable emotion.

* Are they as strong as they feel on television?

F = Yes, absolutely yes, they are very nice, all three, especially with Ignazio.  I laughed a lot, they are really sweet and very nice guys.


Credit to all owners of article and video.

9 thoughts on “News/Film Un Amore Cosi Grande, by Daniela”

    1. Loretta this film has not yet come out, it will soon be in theaters. If you watch the video of the interview with the actress Francesca Loy you will see Piero Ignazio and Gianluca involved in some scenes.

  1. Loretta, you are not missing anything. I’m sorry this was confusing you. This article is about an Italian movie being made, a love story involving opera and our three boys have participated in it also. It has not been released yet. It will be released in Italy first, then in other countries…hoping ours is one of them! Daniela saw this article and gave it to us as an update on what is going on with the movie. I hope this explains it for you. Rest assured, you did not miss it! 🙂

  2. Of course they’re “really sweet and nice guys” who sing with “indescribable emotion”! Would we have given our complete hearts to anything less?
    Can’t wait for that movie!

    1. I too want to see this film Marie, the premiere was to be only January 28 in Verona and I had already told Beppe that we were going, but now the date has moved and is still not defined.

  3. Thank you for the update, Daniela. I can not wait for this to come onto the big screen. Any Italian movie on the big screen is so beautiful, but this one will be all the more special.

    1. Certainly Jane, I will keep you informed. I hope it’s a good movie and the guys from the few scenes seen were very good

  4. Thank you Jane & Daniela for explaining so my heart doesn’t break. I look forward to seeing anything the boys are doing. I just hope Canada is not so backward & can get everything.

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