Keep Them Coming! — Birthday Massages for Gian



Keep the birthday wishes coming! 

Time is flying as always, and it won’t be too long before we will be wishing Gian a happy birthday.  I will be updating the previous post with the names of the people we have received messages from.  If you would like to send one but don’t have our e-mail address, here it is again:


~~ Kelly

10 thoughts on “Keep Them Coming! — Birthday Massages for Gian”

  1. Peninahonig have you heard if Canadians are permitted to cross the Border to see a concert for one or 2 nights? I have been trying to find out by calling a couple of numbers in the States but can get no positive response. I thought you would know seeing as you have family there.

    1. Loretta, you can go in to the states for a short trip, You only can’t buy a lot to bring back with you unless you stay more than 48 hours. If you aren’t going to do any shopping when you go in for a concert you can go for one night if you want. People go in for weddings and things like that and stay for short trips so you certainly can go in for a concert. Just don’t buy more than (I think ) $200 worth of stuff. If you stay for more than 48 hours you can buy more.

    1. I haven’t yet. I wanted to go to one a year or so ago but the timing was bad–I don’t remember (I’m lucky if I can remember what happened yesterday!) what it was, but it had to do with family obligations. I have a good friend who lives in Florida and is also an Ilvolover. My plan was to go down to visit with her and then we’d both go to a concert. But it never happened.

  2. Your husband didn’t want to go with you? Well now that the guys will be coming to Canada sounds good. I just wanted to do a little extra so will see if I can get extra tickets in Canada instead of the States. Save the journey its bad enough I live so for from Toronto now. Big mistake. Good talking to you.

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