~Personally Speaking~ Il Sasso School of Italian Language ~

One is never too old to learn.  How did I miss this amazing looking school along my life’s journey?  I want to become a student once again and study at this incredible looking place!  My dream/wish is that  a group of Flight Crew people would all go over together and immerse ourselves in this beautiful culture,  language, and people.  To sit at tables on a beautiful patio, surrounded by flowers and country side where you view rolling hills and cypress trees as far as the eye can see, while sharing wine and our life stories with each other.  To go to the market together and choose fresh ingredients,  then  gather around a small table in a warm Italian kitchen and learn the art of making true Italian pasta.  To study and  have fun learning as a group their beautiful romantic language.    I may be a dreamer, but it’s a beautiful thought.

 Chianti near Florence


has been running courses in Montepulciano, in the heart of Tuscany. The school offers Italian courses for speakers of other languages studying in small groups and individually. There are six different levels, corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Il Sasso also runs art history, wine, cookery, literature and current affairs mini-courses, as well as courses to prepare students for the CELI and CILS exams. The school is recognised by the Italian Education Ministry and certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards. It is a medium sized school with a reputation for excellence, and is open all year round. Students of all ages come to study here from all over the world.


Enjoy this fun video.  



Article excerpt and video credits to L’Italo-Americano Newspaper

Photo of Tuscany countryside from Tuscanyphotos.com

11 thoughts on “~Personally Speaking~ Il Sasso School of Italian Language ~”

  1. Oh yes. Certainly looks like a great learning adventure. Believe I am just a little past remembering a new language. But, it is a great idea.

  2. Thanks for this video and article. There is so much to learn about Italy. I had told Marie that we should have a “Travel Agent” in our group to write about the countries where the boys give concerts.

  3. Many years ago my husband and i signed up for an Italian language course. Ha, what a failure we were. Maybe we should try again in Italy.

    1. Barbara, I tried learning some Italian before going over there in 2016 and was able to pick up a little. I think I need to actually LIVE there for awhile to really let it sink in. That would be the easy part…convincing my husband I need to do this would be the hard part. 🙂 (Jane)

  4. I am in! I love Il Volo, am half italian, have been to Italy once before, and felt like it was home. I am going to look into this school as a real possibility.

  5. Jane, beautiful post. Of course I am an Italian who come to discover many things from you Americans but that concern Italy.
    I did not know anything about this school but I know Montepulciano, I’ve only been there once.
    However Jane did you understand why I really like Tuscany? Did you see that beautiful images of the Tuscan hills? Even where I go to the see it’s like that.
    Really nice this school, I would see well the students of the crew.

  6. Thank you for the nice comments! It certainly would be an adventure of a lifetime. It’s always fun to dream!

  7. I would LOVE to do something like that! I have been telling all my friends that I need to go back to Rome and live there for a month! That’s the only way I could truly finishing learning Italian. I really don’t have anyone to speak with in Italian. This school would be a great opportunity!

  8. Well, I’m definately late for school, but I want to go too!
    Keep dreaming, Jane. That worked for us once before. And I’m with you again. Andiamo!!!

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