~Simply Gianluca~ by Daniela

Leafing through here and there, I found these beautiful thoughts of a girl who met Gianluca on the beach of Roseto.  Her name is Valeria, another Valeria, Valeria Tirelli and her favorite is Gianluca.


With his warm, velvety voice, he caresses the soul’s cords.

With his sweetness, with his kindness, with his generosity in wanting to give you a smile, a word, a hug, he steals your heart.

I’m really happy to have had the opportunity to meet Gianluca Ginoble.

Because I did not meet the famous singer, but he, Gianluca, the “normal” guy, the one who did not change (and I hope it never happens) from the huge, well deserved success achieved along with the other guys from Il Volo.


Together, they enchant audiences around the world with those wonderful voices.  Meeting  Gianluca face to face, he has enchanted me.

Impossible not to be touched by his way of being, so humble, so normal, or by his sweetness, which you perceive in every gesture, in every look, in every smile.

Gianluca is the furthest you can be from how, a bit all of us, we imagine are the famous people.

If, as happened to me, you have the good fortune to meet him outside of the official occasions, you feel on your skin of having in front of you,  a very special boy.  He is kind and helpful, curious and attentive to anyone approaching him to say hello, for a photo or an autograph.



Even if he is in a hurry, he does not deny a few minutes of his time to anyone, ever, going (and it is something that I would like to underline, having lived it in person) far beyond what would be “normally” due to the fans.

So I thank him for his time, for the photo, for the autograph, for those few minutes in which he spoke with us, treating us in a very exquisite way and giving us a precious moment to put in the album of memories.

I hope I’m lucky enough to meet him again.



I am convinced of one thing: only true great artists, and only those who have the merit of being beautiful souls, like Gianluca, are able to enter people’s hearts in this way.

And once they enter, they stay there forever.

Roseto Degli Abruzzi 20 August 2016


Valeria Tirelli is the girl in the center


Translated by Daniela


Credit to all owners of photos.

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  1. And THAT is exactly why we love the guys of IL VOLO so much! They take time to acknowledge everyone who approaches them, young and old. At my first concert and meet and greet this last March I told the guys it was my birthday two days before. I got a hug from each one of them. When I went back to stand between Gianluca and Piero, Gianluca stood right in front of me, looked me in the eyes and said, “Buon Compleano!” I told him Thank You (I forgot to say “Grazie”) and then didn’t even hear the photographer say “1,2,3” LOL Gianluca went that “little extra” to make my first meet and greet special and I will never forget it. Thanks Daniela for this story and Jane for posting it.

    1. Hi Pat, I have to tell you that when I read this comment I thought they were really very truthful words for Gianluca, yes, that’s also why we love our guys so much.

      1. Yes, I felt that Gianluca was very sincere and for a moment there was no one but him and me! It was incredible!

    2. Hi! You’re absolutely right! I hope to meet also Piero and Ignazio sooner or later, I’m sure it would be amazing too.
      (Sorry, my English is not too good)
      Thanks for reading it 🙂

      1. Thank you Valeria for your story! I loved reading it! You’re English is good. I’m still learning Italian! Maybe one day we will both be very good! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Valeria for such splendid words and to Daniela for the translation. He is the most gracious and kindest of all fellows. I once shared with him the memorial card of a friend of mine who passed away. My friend so love the guys that her family used a picture of the boys on it. When Gianluca saw it he grabbed me and hugged me so tight I thought there would be bruises (which would have been quite alright). Since then, he always grabs both of my hands when he sees me.
    Ya know, they don’t make too many guys like that.

    1. Marie, Valeria’s words were too good to not translate them to you. What you say about Gianluca is really sweet. Special boy!
      The ways our three guys have, are not really common ways for guys of this age.

    2. Hi! You’re welcome.
      I have to thank Daniela for the opportunity she gave me on this blog. I’m happy to have shared my experience.
      Thanks for reading it 🙂

  3. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true to meet any one of them on the street or anywhere unofficial? To have a few relaxed minutes with them to say hello would be so memorable. Valeria’s story shows why we love these guys.

  4. You were so lucky to meet him Valeria. I went to Roseto degli Abruzzi and Montepagano in August and did not have the good fortune you had, although it wasn’t for lack of trying! Good for you…but I’m still jealous!!

    1. Hi! True, I was very, very lucky, but don’t be jealous!
      I wish you could meet him next time, do not give up!
      Thanks for reading it 🙂

  5. Thank you Daniela and Valeria, for sharing this beautiful tribute to Gianluca. I didn’t want it to end. Warmed my heart. (Jane)

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading it 🙂
      Your words are the reason why I wanted to share my experience.
      Meet Gianluca warmed my heart

  6. I first met Gianluca at the Fan Faire in Las Vegas. He took a selfie with me which I have on a shelf in my bedroom.
    Later that day at the meet and greet when it was my turn to have my picture taken with them, he looked at me and said “well hello” as if he remembered seeing me earlier that day. He is truly a “Sweetheart” ❣️

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading it 🙂
      Gianluca remembers everything, it seems incredible but when I came back to Roseto with my friends, he remembered us!
      He’s very sweet guy

  7. What a warm and wonderful tribute to Gianluca. He is a loving and caring young man. Valeria you hit on every reason why we love this young man so very much. – Allene

    1. Hi! Thank you!
      You are absolutely right, these are the reasons why Gianluca enters people’s hearts in this way.
      That’s why I’m happy to share my experience.:)

  8. I have had the beautiful encounter of meeting up with Gianluca in Roseto as well… All the words spoken by Valeria are so true… It was past midnight when the five of us who were traveling Italy together to promote and support Il Volo at their concerts in Italy returned to our Hotel in Roseto… As we parked the car we realized there were three men standing by their car which we thought unusual at that time of night… When we got out of the car we realized it was Ercole, Michele and none other than Gianluca… When he saw us walking toward the hotel, he stopped us and talked with us and was so excited that we were there in Roseto… He knew we were going to many of their concerts but we never had time to really share our schedule with him… So he asked us a lot of questions about what concerts we were going to, gave all five of us hugs and cheek kisses and was sad when we said would did not have Ancona on our schedule… He truly loved chatting with us that late at night…We know he was tired, Il Volo had a concert in Rome, then flew to Germany the next day for a guest spot and they were returning home to Roseto to get one night of rest before traveling to Ancona for the Concert the next night… But he took the time to show his appreciation for the fact that we came from the USA to support Il Volo… The next day, we had our hotel manager secure tickets for Ancona, because after Gianluca sharing his affection to us, we just had to show him that we loved him and Il Volo … When he saw us at the Meet and Greet he was so excited… He said, I thought you said you would not be here and he was so happy that we were… That is just who Gianluca is… The gentle soul with a big heart…

    Thank you Daniela for sharing and translating this story …

    1. Jeannette, that sweetness in your words. When Gianluca saw you also in Ancora he must have appreciated very much because you too were very sweet to repay his kindness of a chat with you in the evening.
      I hope I can one day recount such a beautiful meeting.
      Valeria also was lucky and told me that last year also repeated the meeting !!

      1. Hi! Thanks for reading it.
        And thank for sharing your experience.
        “That is just who Gianluca is… The gentle soul with a big heart”…I agree with you, that’s it 🙂

  9. Jeannette, what a wonderful encounter you all had with Gianluca!! Yes, what a gentle soul with a big heart. I like the way you put that. (Jane)

  10. Thank you Daniela, Valeria and Jane. Gianluca certainly has a generous heart and is so kind to his fans! I have met Il Volo twice in New York City. The first time was at the Columbus Day Parade and then when they were leaving the Today show. I spoke to them briefly, and they signed my Notte Magica CD/DVD. Before signing, Gianluca asked me my name and wrote it and also gave me a kiss on the cheek which was so sweet!

    1. Margaret how nice and what luck. Gianluca never denies himself, here in Italy one would say that “he was raised with bread and love !!”

  11. Come meraviglioso e vero e’ la vostra descrizione di Gianluca!! Grazie Valeria.
    Daniela, your Italian/English translations are becoming faultless. It won’t be long before English will become your second language! A very BIG hug for you.
    I also had the luck to have a couple of minutes of ‘one on one’ with Gianluca. After the Meet & Greet in Las Vegas in 2016, all thee guys were walking away from the crowd, but Gianluca stopped, looked back and then stood still and looked at his cellphone. I just had to take the opportunity to walk over and talk to him. I asked him if they had any plans of coming to South Africa. Also we spoke about about Josh Groban, who was at the same time performing in 4 concerts in South Africa. He told me that they were having a keen interest and I promised him to find out how well the attendance was. Suddenly he was called away and he said goodbye. I looked at him running to his friends and I said to myself “Wow Gianluca, you have the must beautiful eyes”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Ineke, what a pleasure, how’s your Italian learning going?
      I also have to learn how to speak English, because one thing is to write with the help of the translator and one thing is to talk and you and I when we meet can not do as our last call. ha ha ha.
      Beautiful your meeting with Gianluca, you are very enterprising!!

    2. Hi! Thanks for reading it! 🙂
      The translation is by Daniela, I’m not good enough! It’s hard for me to write in English, I’m still learning!

  12. Me neither, Cynthia! I know this is later, but thank you,Valeria and her responders, for your interesting, first-hand experiences regarding meeting Gianluca. The men of IL VOLO surely do seem, to me anyway, to have their “Yin” And “Yang” energies very well balanced, individually. Gianluca seems to be a wonderful example of a man with harmoniously balanced male and female energy within himself. I think it’s a factor in why people are drawn to Gianluca, as well as to Piero and Ignazio, aside from the excellent quality of their singing, music and their attractive, physical appearance. I think that their spirits and personalities are naturally ‘magnetic’ — very appealing to people, male and female. Incidentally have noticed that Gianluca is able to accept, respect and enjoy the company of domestic cats, as well as dogs and other Beings of The Animal Kingdom. (Cats have long symbolized/ represented human ‘feminine’ energy. Dogs — human ‘masculine’ energy). Gianluca seems to genuinely accept, respect and appreciate girls and women, too. 😘Good man …of IL VOLO with their wise and truly caring, old souls!). 😇😊

    1. oh Laura!!!!! so nice to hear from YOU again!….
      sooooo heartwarming….
      BIG HUG!
      and thank you for your insights. much appreciated 😉

  13. I got to meet Gianluca , Piero and Ignazio at the Meet &Greet at the concert in Cleveland on February, 24, 2016. They were all sweet, especially Gianluca. He looked at me 2 or 3 times with a big smile on his face while I was waiting in line to meet them. Then after I was done hugging Piero and Ignazio, Gianluca held out both of his arms ready to embrace me with a big hug , and kiss on the cheek. We talked, and when I was done looking for my purse, He kept on looking over at me smiling and said Take Care! He is a sweetheart! I met his sweet mother, Eleonora and she hugged and kissed me on the cheek, then I met and hugged Ignazio’s girlfriend Alessandra and his mother, Caterina! I will never forget that magical night, and I look forward to meeting them again, especially sweet Gianluca Ginoble!

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