~Piero Inaugurates The School of Naro~ by Daniela

In these days, the middle school was inaugurated in Naro, and Piero was present.

The school was already existing but was closed for several years due to restructuring.

In this video that I send you there is the speech that Piero has done in front of the students and their parents.

Bravo Piero !!!

I translate Piero’s speech for you.


When I was in elementary school, they told me that in the first year of middle school teacher NISI had the students sing, so this was the exam I had to overcome, and I could not wait to start middle school.

I found myself in the first desk and teacher Nisi says “Piero Barone, sing!” and I sang such UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE as the first song.


The mayor indicates with his finger to Piero the teacher Nisi and Piero confirms, saying “yes she is here” – (applause)

So you guys are in good hands.  Of course I do not hide that my favorite moment of the school day was the recreation for to eat the sandwich or lunch time.   I did not like the gym because I was that chubby.

Today I see so many guys that I meet on the street and maybe many do not know them, but the heart is filled with joy to see many guys with musical instruments.

This is the message that I always try to send to children and especially parents, to give a musical instrument to their children.  Today the majority of the time we spend in front of the phone and we waste a lot of time.



Congratulations really guys, because we see that there is so much effort, so much dedication.  Congratulations to the teachers because it is not easy for you students “to play the musical canon” that is, each chasing a different time.

I trained at your age with the choir in Agrigento, but the message is addressed to you students, who can always try to play an instrument, to learn something about music, even in art and even in the gym with physical education , because it is from the small things that the great passions are born.


Congratulations to those who have done this wonderful job.  I remember this school in which I spent a year, “a year or two years?” (asks confirmation to the teacher Nisi who confirms one year) then there was the restructuring.

Anyway guys, good luck, study and be patient with the teachers, what can you do?

Keep it up, love yourself, I love you, and AD MAIORA.


How sweet our Piero when he talks about his teacher.

Does not it seem to you too?




Grazie Daniela for translation!


Credit to all owners of video and photos.


28 thoughts on “~Piero Inaugurates The School of Naro~ by Daniela”

  1. Thank. You Daniela. What would we do without your franslations? Piero always doing good works for his beloved Naro!! A nice speech with tribute to his teacher & encouragement to the students!! He is such a love!

  2. Thank you Daniela. I saw a few pictures but had no idea what it was about. Just love hearing about the wonderful things our dear Piero does.

  3. Thank you, as always Daniela for your translation! Piero is such a warm hearted young man and I am sure he was a great inspiration to those young boys & girls in attendance as well as their parents! 👏 Bravo Piero!

  4. Thank you Daniela for this interesting post. I love hearing the guys tell about their childhood years and how it influenced the road they are on today. Piero is such an inspiration for the young. In fact, all THREE of them are. Naro sure does a great job of honoring him and giving him the platform to inspire others! (Jane)

    1. Always thanks to you Jane. As the boys have also said, they talk about childhood moments as if they were far away, but they are just around the corner, as they are still very young but very attached to their origins.

  5. I would love to have heard Piero sing Un Amore Cosa Grande when
    he was that young. He truly did begin singing at a young age and
    persevered to the international singer in Il Volo Group. I am so glad
    he continued his gift and art.

  6. Thank you Daniela for this translation. It warmed my heart to hear his wonderful speech. Piero has proved over and over that he recognizes that his great voice is a gift that he shares with the world. I love hearing about the ways he gives back to his community. He is indeed a ;very special young man. With love from snowy Minnesota – Allene

    1. Is it still snowing in Minnesota Allene?
      So I’m glad you could read a speech that warmed your heart.

  7. It is nice to see how Piero has contribted to Naro. In 2014 Ignazio became Ambassador of Marsala as well as Gianluca was recognized in Roseto where he lives.
    My opinion is & always has been that God is preserving Italy through our precious Il Volo singers. Re there donations & concerts all over the world, how they conduct themselves & God chose Mr. Torpedine & Barbara to help them to succeed their quest. We are the ones who know them as well as we do & enjoying their success while watching Italy rid themselves of problems they are trying to overcome.
    I hope for me I can see an Il Volo concert in Italy & while there see the beauty of Italy as it should be seen. VEEVA IL VOLO

    1. Loretta I really wish you to come to Italy to see their concert, I will do everything to be there too, to meet you.

    1. Piero is really sweet, disarming I would say.
      Thanks to you Marie, I am happy to be part of this group.

  8. Thank you Daniela once again for translating this speech of Piero’s… I watched the video a few days ago and wished I could understand what he was saying, and here you are making my wish come true… I think you are the Il Volo angel sent to us so that we can truly enjoy everything about Il Volo…

    1. Jeannette that exaggerated that you are, thanks to you for the compliments.
      When there is something in Italian that you would like to understand, you know where to find me, it is a great pleasure to make you understand what is difficult for you.

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