Backstage of L’Amore Si Muove by Daniela

Oblivion (the company that made the videos of IL VOLO) has published this video.

This is another backstage of L’AMORE SI MUOVE, but this time the boys were filmed during a stop of filming, in Piazza di Montepagano.

We all know how Gianluca is proud of his Montepagano.


I will translate his short speech.

Gian: Hi everyone, I’m here in the backstage of L’AMORE SI MUOVE.

We had the opportunity to record this music video in my country where I was born and raised.  A shot at the bell tower of Montepagano, look how beautiful it is.

I want to welcome my colleagues.

(He turns to Piero who teases Gianluca and does not collaborate)

Greet the cameramen, welcome to my village Montepagano.

Greet the camera, they are happy, smile … (but Piero remains stubbornly serious and then Gianluca turns to Ignazio)

Ignazio: If you put yourself in front of me how do I smile?

Gian: Give a smile to the camera.

Torpedo: Say hello to the camera.

Gian: Oh well, I’m happy alone. Bye


Poor Gianluca, nobody understands  him.


Video credit to Oblivion Production



19 thoughts on “Backstage of L’Amore Si Muove by Daniela”

  1. Thank you again Daniela for keeping everyone in the loop. Jay just came in and said “It seems kind of empty without a new concert to look forward to from the boys. They are such a big part of our lives now.” We love all the translations and thank you so much for all your work. And Jane, I loved what you wrote a few days ago. I was in your dream with you. I have to rest a lot after a hematoma (brain bleed) from an accident on the plane – going to our Daughter’s wedding Celebration. Just when I was dreaming of another trip to Italy, we got slowed down. I sleep a lot…..and am having regular CT scans. This just gives me more time to day dream about those beautiful boys. I read almost all your emails and comments. You all keep me laughing and in good spirits. You are the sunshine of my life. Thank you all. Hugs and kisses!

    1. Victoria, so good to hear from you here. I hope you continue to heal! It’s a slow process.
      I think we all agree with you that it seems empty without a concert or something with them looming on the horizon to look forward to. And we will just keep dreaming about a language school in Italy!! Dreams are good!

  2. Hi Victoria I am so sorry you had an accident & have put you at the top of list of prayers along with our precious sweethearts. Please keep resting as much as you want so you can heal fast for when concerts are posted.
    There might be a day coming when I can meet both you & Dr. Jay probably at a future concert hopefully. Keeping thinking positive.

  3. Loretta, Thanks for the prayers. And I love this group so much. Mary, we will get to meet soon. It’s so good to keep up with everyone and know what the gorgeous boys are doing. What a life they are leading. It’s such a miracle. It’s fun to see them living such a full life. Aren’t we lucky to get the translations from Daniela. She and Jane are so full of life and dedicated to our feeling included. I don’t mean to miss mentioning anyone and my brain isn’t 100% yet. Those beautiful boys perk me up every day though. Waiting for a hint on the album. Hugs all!

    1. Victoria, When ever you see Mary Ceminsky as having posted, it is ME, JANE. This site has me down as both as my name is Mary Jane. It gets confusing. My first time posting a comment for the day shows up as Mary Ceminsky, then any further comments show up as Jane. I’ve tried to get it fixed, but the site just must really love both of my names! 🙂 So I try and end my comments with (Jane) so people know it’s me. 🙂 Hope this doesn’t confuse you any more.

      1. Mary Jane, that was the best laugh I’ve had all day and I thank you for it. I do understand because I had that good ole Catholic training and they called me Virginia til 12th grade. I was surprised they put my tight name on my diploma. By whatever name, you are a doll! I always jump to any Il Volo emails to start my day and thanks for keeping us all up to date with our boys. Hugs and kisses.

  4. Victoria and Rose Marie, I have actually sat in doctors offices when they call out MARY, it doesn’t even register! I have always gone by my middle name, Jane. So confusing to so many! 🙂 🙂 Glad the three of us have it straight now! LOL

  5. Hello Victoria, I hope you are recovering from all your misadventures and as for the guys we are all crossing their fingers for their presence in Sanremo, missing just a week, we hope they can participate as super-guests.

    RoseMarie really did not know that Jane and Mary are the same person ??? At the beginning I too thought they were two !!

    1. LOL See…I had you all fooled!! 🙂 Not many people I have met go by their middle name. I asked my Mom if she wanted a JANE why didn’t she name me Jane Mary? She said the obvious…”It doesn’t sound right.” 🙂

    2. Daniela, I did not know that she was the same person.
      I read somewhere that the boys have NOT been announced as guests at Sanremo. I hope that is not true. Victoria, good to know you are feeling better.

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