Gian’s Birthday: Last “Last Call”


This is it….

Last Last Call!

Please send your well wishes to:

by 9pm tonight.

The original post has been updated with all of people who have sent messages up till this morning.  If you don’t see your name, please send your message to us again and let me know (you can email me personally at  I will update the names again in the morning.  Thank you all for your participation, and welcome to the new people who have joined and sent messages!

~~ Kelly

12 thoughts on “Gian’s Birthday: Last “Last Call””

  1. Hope you all saw the Olympics last night and heard Il Volo singing their Notte Magica version of Torna a Surriento for the Italian figure skater’s performance. He should receive a medal for excellent choice of music, if nothing else!

  2. Thank you for the video of the Olympic performance accompanied
    by Il Volo’s “Torna a Sorriento.” Skater and Il Volo was in perfect
    sync. Thank you Esther.

  3. An Incredible performance by the young Italian skater Matteo Rizzo. His performance is no doubt enhanced by the awesome sound of Il Volo’s special sound .In figure skating the background music is most
    important. “ Torna a Surriento” by Il Volo rings loud and clear. When our three guys sing everyone is lifted, the performer, audience, judges and all who adore our guys. Great Performance all round! “Bravo”

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