Sanremo Update! by Daniela and Pat

Today Daniela emailed us a website link to RAI 1 TV. Here is her note:

Hello ,

For all those who do not have the chance to see Sanremo, I send you the link to watch the streaming.

I hope everything works.

Here there is a lot of emotion for tonight.

We must make our love feel.

A hug to all: Daniela

I was unable to view anything at that site. The message states “The streaming of this content is available in Italy only. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

I looked online and found this link that worked for me:

I have been watching the show, In Vita in Diretta, all morning. There are quite a few folks on stage commenting about the Sanremo Festival. They are also interviewing some of the people performing at tonight’s event. At one point I saw the guys of IL VOLO outside the studio sneaking behind Sting as he was being interviewed by a lady named Barbara. You couldn’t miss Gianluca’s bright yellow sweater with BLIND FOR LOVE on the front! I was hoping they would interview them too and sure enough a little while later Barbara was climbing into their van to speak with the guys and Michele Torpedine, their manager. Here is a screen shot from that interview.

IL VOLO Interview Screen Shot

The transmission starts at 8.35 pm tonight Sanremo time.

This just in! A message just popped up on my Instagram saying, “Tonight headed on the Facebook page, pierobaronehouseteca_ufficiale, we give the chance to those who can’t connect in euro vision to see the boys of IL VOLO.” You might try that as another way to view the broadcast.

ALSO!  Gianluca just posted on Instagram that they will sing at 9:30pm Sanremo time! Looks like the guys will be performing an hour into the broadcast tonight.

Thanks to Daniela for sending the RAI 1 link. I hope it will work for some of us. If not, give the link I found a try or the Facebook page above. One way or the other we should all be able to watch! 🙂

Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

20 thoughts on “Sanremo Update! by Daniela and Pat”

  1. The link that worked for you contained malware and shut down my computer. PLEASE ALERT everyone just in case. I know it was not intentional. I think everyone should know this before taking the risk to open. It was strange. Commercials kept playing, NO Il Volo, no San Remo concert, just commercials. They would not stop. I couldn’t close the page. Thanks for trying. I would love to see our boys.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. oh, I tried the first link and got a message can’t view outside of Italy. So tried the WebTV link and it worked. Watched it this afternoon. I was so thrilled to watch Il Volo Live! Hey, that is a big treat to sit in my home in Bentonville Arkansas USA and watch a broadcast live from Italy. So grateful to Flight Crew who posted information on “how to watch” It was such a thrill for this Great Grandma. 🎶🎶💞🎶🎶🇱🇺️🎶💞🎶💞

    1. So glad you could see them Connie. I, unfortunately had to work from 1-5pm today so I couldn’t watch them live. I did get to see their interview this morning before I left for work. I will look for all the video clips online of today’s performance. I’m so glad someone posts them!

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Rosemarie. I had a popup of some kind but I just cancelled it and then it would play the live stream.

      1. I also got the message “can’t view outside of Italy”
        Then I went to the site you suggested and was just starting to watch them, and my iPhone said I was locked out because of illegal activity!!!!what! Then by the time I got through with Apple support it was too late to see them. Apple doesn’t know why that happened. I am glad I can
        watch the video clips online🙂

  3. Sorry to sound like a wet blanket but I understood they were supposed to sing 3 songs with only themselves. I heard 3 & one was with another singer & that song was awful. As far as I am concerned they did not get the recognition they deserved. I read they got no sleep for 2 days & they looked tired. I hope they got something out of it that satisfied them. Guys we will give you all the standing ovations & love you desire & deserve. All we ask is concerts & you still get plenty of sleep.

    1. There were 3songs, Go to All Things Il Volo and scroll to the video of the performance – you will view all 3 songs – fantastic.

  4. My malware site popped up also on the second link so I
    couldn’t watch it. I hope they will be video for later viewing.
    Thank you Daniela for your hard work, we love you.

  5. I absolutely have to thank Pitterpat0 who gave the correct link for you.
    I’m sorry but I had taken the link from a foreign site so I did not think it would not work outside of Italy.
    Thank you so much Pat, you were a thunderbolt !!

    1. Prego, Daniela! And we can’t thank YOU enough for helping with all the translations and news you bring to us! Bacio!

    2. Daniela I used your link “raiplay” and it worked fine for me here in Florida. As I said before the reception was excellent, so I guess I just ‘got lucky” !!

      1. Daniela just tried the same link and lo and behold there was Sanremo on again only it was this evenings show 8/2/2018, Do not understand how I can be so lucky !! Is there any info on the Guys appearing again by any chance ??

      2. Hello Marion, what I posted is the link to see the RAI live streaming, so if it is ok for you, every time you want to see the RAI you can open it and you will be connected.
        A hug.

  6. Thanks so much for your link. I did see them !! I sent the link on to my Italian teacher who passed it on to her students


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