~ CHICCA ~ by Daniela

The group “Torino Aspetta il Volo e poi” shared a nice post that published a beautiful question:


In the various answers, one has attracted me a lot, this one.

L’AMORE SI MUOVE has changed my daughter’s life, and consequently, also mine.  With this piece she won the gold medal at the Italian Fisdir Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships.

 She is a girl with Down Syndrome.


In 2017, however, in Rimini, a bronze medal with PER TE CI SARO’.

So her mother has attached the video of the bronze medal.


Here she is:

I found some news on this girl. Her name is Francesca Giovelli (for friends, Chicca).  She is from Salerno and is a fan of IL VOLO, especially Piero.

Here she is in her gymnastic dress.


Watch the video of happiness when, at Christmas, she received the book as a gift: IL VOLO UN’AVVENUTA STRAORDINARIA.

Really moving, and now here she is with the pass for the concert.


…… and with her beloved Piero !!!


Here is a beautiful image of the guys taken from her Facebook page.


Really good Chicca!  We wish her much happiness and we send her much love!

And you, what is the song that changed your life?


Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

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  1. Daniela you get us some great information from Italy. Thanks for sharing.
    A friend forwarded me the video of the boys singing together in 2009 and it changed my life in many ways. I found something to be interested in and enjoy following the boys and meeting the people on this blog. Plus thru following the boys travel all over the world it renewed my interest in learning about different countries ant its people. Plus the pleasure of listening to their lovely voices.

    1. Thanks Gina.
      I believe that the songs of the boys have brought so much relief into the lives of so many people, moreover their voices are really enchanting to listen to.

  2. Thank you Daniela! What a beautiful young woman, very athletic and precise. She is a joy to watch. You can tell how much she enjoys her routine as she smiles so sweetly through out the entire performance. The look of love in her eyes when she is hugging Piero is priceless. Thank you to her mother for allowing you to share with us here.

    1. Oh, I forgot to answer the question…What Song Has Changed My Life? I think way back to their first PBS special in Detroit…Notte Stellata and La Luna Hizo Esto…can’t decide which one, but they both made my heart feel something it never had before. It was at that moment I started my Il Volo journey and what a journey it has been!

    2. Yes Jane, Chicca is good and smiling. What about his happiness when she opens the package with the book?
      The mother of Chicca, Angelina was really kind to allow us to publish these videos and photos. I told her that here there are very loving people.

      1. Very sweet, Notte Stellata e La Luna Hizo Esto, two beautiful songs ……..and the journey continues.

  3. I can’t remember what song the boys were singing the first time I saw the boys I just know my son called & he said watch this now on TV so I did & I saw 3 young boys march down the walkway & start to sing & which I couldn,t take my eyes off them I stood mesmerized & after I called my son & said “who are they” & he said they were coming to Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto which I immediately got tickets with a meet & greet at Massey Hall & history for me was made & when they are here in Toronto I don’t want to miss one concert. I am hooked forever.

    1. Then Loretta was love at first sight, I confirm that those who do not listen to them and have not seen them, can not understand. Who goes to their concert is bewitched by their skill and charm.

  4. Chicca’s face when hugging Piero was absolutely adorable. You could see the love light in her eyes. Good for her!

    O’ Sole Mio then immediately after that Un Amore Cosi Grand. They were the first songs I ever saw THEM sing. I will never forget the moment my heart ♥ lept. THEY have not only changed my life with their wonderful music, but THEY have allowed me to know and love some very special people all over the world. I never would have dreamed…

    1. I think that Chicca was in ecstasy for the hug she was having with Piero.

      I also really like UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE.
      I agree with you, their magic does not stop at the wonder of listening to their voices and the pleasure of watching them, it is completed with the knowledge of many beautiful and loving people, the great IL VOLO family.

    2. The first song I heard them sing was “ Un Amore Cosi Grande” and it has always remained my favorite.
      But as the saying goes they had me at Hello!
      If it wasn’t for them we would never have met our friend Daniela, who in turn has given us so much interest in her beloved Italia.Thanks Daniela for the video. Chicca sure loves her Piero.
      A beautiful picture of them together.

      1. Since you both know the song so well, you may know the very instant Ignazio will always have a small piece of my heart. While performing Un Amore Cosi Grande at the Arena Di Verona there is a moment when Ignazio takes a very deep breath to ready himself for his next part. Then he lets loose! I immediately knew that there was something very special in this young boy…. and there certainly was! Then and there I knew they would all three change my life. Rare is it that you can see something so clearly. Lucky, lucky me.

      1. Jill, he only says ” best wishes” (read also the answer to Loretta down below).

  5. Thank you, Daniella, for sharing this wonderful story about Chicca! It touched my heart! The song that changed my life is IL MONDO. It is the first song I heard when I played my first IL VOLO CD. I didn’t understand a word they were singing but their voices and the music affected me so much that I was in tears by the end of the song and I’ve been addicted to these guys ever since! I gave the CD to a choir friend and she had the very same reaction after listening to IL MONDO! So I guess I wasn’t alone on how I felt. Now here is the best part….a while back I had both my dogs wtih me in the car. I have an older female Blue Heeler and my new male Schipperke puppy. I was playing that same IL VOLO CD and it was on one of the other songs. The next song that started playing was IL MONDO. My puppy started whining when Piero started his part and went up to the high notes! I thought it was a fluke until it happened two more times when I had him in the car and IL MONDO started to play! So that song even evokes some sort of feelings from my dog! 🙂 You all know there are a lot of other songs the guys sing that have very high notes so why does my Skipper react just to IL MONDO? Unbelievable! I’ll have to tell the guys that at my next meet and greet! LOL

    1. Pat, Il Mondo, has always been one of my favorite songs, ever since it came out in 1965, I was only 7 years old, but I liked it right away, sung by Jimmy Fontana.
      Over the years it’s a song that I’ve always listened to willingly and when I heard it from IL VOLO I thought it was incredibly well sung. What a surprise my first concert of IL VOLO, in Brescia, have opened the concert with IL MONDO.
      At this point I think it is also favorite song of your dog, it is really a fantastic thing this, probably also touches the strings of his heart and reacts like that.

      I am attaching the video made by my daughter, my first concert.

      1. Oh Daniella! Grazie mille for posting your daughter’s video! There aren’t a lot of videos of the guys singing this song. Oh how I wish she would have posted the whole song on YouTube. 🙂 I’ll have to listen to IL MONDO performed by Jimmy Fontana.

      2. There’s a wonderful video of them singing Il Mondo at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in 2012. One of their best performances ever–not just my opinion, it’s Myron’s also!

      3. LIKE LIKE LIKE (this video)….
        your daughter made such a lovely video. (not shaky also. i like that. it’s steady) GRAZIE

      4. Grazie, Daniella for the Jimmy Fontana version of IL MONDO. That was 53 years ago! Wow! It’s great no matter who sings it, but you know I’m partial to our guys version! 😉

      5. Penina, the whole performance of the boys for the Nobel Prize is fantastic. Do you think that here in Italy no newspaper reported the news that 3 good Italians had performed at the Nobel Prize.
        That anger!

      6. Without getting too political, I think the media everywhere has a lot to answer for!

    2. Hi Pat, Very interesting to me about ” ‘Il Mondo & The Pup Tale” 🙂 Canine behaviors: Where to begin and how keep it brief here? Would like to proffer that Dog Pups ( including Wolf; Jackal ) will usually react with whining, whimpering, or even cries to the sounds of ‘howling’. It’s because they haven’t yet learned how to identify the adult members of their Pack; they don’t yet know how to distinguish friends from foes, (internal and external), nor do they yet fully comprehend, understand the meanings / messages of the differing sounds of dog vocalizations, such as the varying types of howls. As you likely already know, dogs also possess acute audial sensitivity. They are able to hear a much higher range of pitch / sound than can we humans. Dogs ( as with at least most animals) also possess a sixth sense: They are able to sense emotions, feelings, thought energies; they’re telepathic. I know from personal experiences that dogs (as with other animals) overall appear to have an enjoyment of and preference for music that is calming and soothing. I’d better sum this up now. In this case of Skipper reacting specifically to “Il Mondo” with Piero singing, regarding when and how Piero begins and then when he reaches the high notes, Skipper ‘s reaction could be interpreted in several ways. Without being able to ask you some questions, I’m wondering if your puppy may be instinctively processing Piero’s particular vocalizations in “Il Mondo” as coming from another animal / Pack issuing an ‘external’ ‘howling’ threat — to him and his Alpha ‘Mama’ (you) and ‘Big Sister’ ( Female Blue Heeler). The wind instruments of music have been shown to sound like a ‘howling’ to lots of dogs. That commanding, powerful ‘wind instrument’ of Piero’s voice, coupled with Skipper’s super hearing ability, his Breed and its take-no-prisoners prey-drive, herding ability, intelligence, might well be why little Skipper, poor little puppy, is whining his way through “Il Mondo.” 😹 😘🐶💙 ( Would like to know if he grows out of it, eventually, Pat ! 🍀).

      1. Thank you, Laura, for your interesting explanation of why dogs whine, whimper and howl. I know they are very sensitive to sounds and emotions but I did not know they were telepathic. I have a funny side story. I have a cat, one of two sisters that I have, who comes to me and meows when I cry. She must sense when I’m sad. So cool! Anyway back to my little Skipper…..I thought at first that the piercing tone of Piero’s voice was similar to a dog whistle or siren and bothered his ears/hearing (and I must say I always play IL VOLO music pretty loudly when I’m in the car). But he doesn’t ever react to Ignazio’s voice and it can go very high too and he doesn’t react when Piero sings any other songs. Maybe Piero just hits the right frequency/pitch to affect Skipper when he sings the words “IL MONDO”. Skipper just turned one year old yesterday and it will be interesting to see if that song continues to have that affect on him. I will keep you posted!

      2. Hi Pat! Dogs whine, whimper and howl for a variety of reasons as you know, but in this case of sweet Skipper puppy, he could be responding to his perceived threat. Reading your reply moments ago, I see that you play the CD loudly in the car, so the sound volume could indeed be a factor in Skipper’s stress-reaction to Piero’s ‘pipes’, which as you mentioned, could have something to do with frequency/pitch of his particular voice/vocalizations at a specific point in the song. If you were to play that song at a lower volume, I wonder if Skipper would still whine. You could try experimenting, such as first playing the song at a very low volume and gradually increasing it in increments until you reach the volume which triggers his whine. By doing that, you’d be able to determine if there is a point at which sound volume is playing a part in his whining — a sign of distress — and if that is a physical cause of his stress and therefore, his whining. Please do ‘keep me posted’ about this particular issue, when you can. Thanks, Pat ! Also, your kitty cat is aware of changes in your emotions. She is definitely responding to your emotional state of sadness and distress when you cry and is demonstrating her feeling of emotional closeness to you by coming to you and meowing in those moments. She trusts, values and feels affection for you and she’s showing concern for you. If her meows are soft and gentle ( as opposed to loud and ‘insistent’) and if she’s purring as well, she’s definitely offering comfort to you. ( If she’s purring strongly, you can be totally sure of that! ) 😘

      3. Thank you, Laura. I agree that my cat must be trying to comfort me. I’ve had many cats in my life but none of them have ever done anything like that before. I know they are all different for sure and each has their own quirks. I just tried playing IL MONDO at a much lower volume and Skipper did the same thing! And even did it when Ignazio sung the refrain! LOL I tried singing it without the music earlier today, even singing it loudly in the same register as the guys sing it and that did nothing. He just likes the guys singing I guess. 🙂

      4. Hi Pat, I like your experiments. He doesn’t do it with the other songs by Il Volo, nor when you sang it loudly, it sure is interesting. Maybe he does like their recording and receives meanings from it that we, as yet, cannot know. Intriguing! Thanks, Pat and Skipper. 💞

  6. Daniela is that what Ignazio is saying good wishes. I can’t make out what he is saying other than saying he is cold. His face is so beautiful I’ll just look at him instead.

    1. Yes Loretta, he only says ” wishes”, (in Italian AUGURI). He published it on the day of the women’s party, so he dedicated it to all women. It was a really sweet thought, thanks Ignazio!

    2. I agree Loretta! Ignazio is so cute in this short second video! I was also trying to figure out what he was saying. Now that Daniella has told us I can hear it too!

  7. Thank you Daniela for these touching photos and videos of that sweet young lady. I do agree with her that Piero has a special place in my heart too. It is hard to say which of their songs affected my life since I love all their songs. But there are 2 that stand out. When I heard them sing “Smile” with so much tenderness I thought they really understood the lyrics. When trouble or problems raise their ugly head I think of smile because tomorrow will be a better day. As someone else said, they had me at hello. But their music soothes my life . The other song that I love is Ancora. I did not know what they were saying , but in the video from the 2015 Arena concert Ignazio throws back his head and extends his arms and hits those notes with such joy and passion. Still gives me goose bumps even though I have watched it many , many times. They are wonderful and unique

    1. Thanks to you Janet, you’re right, the boys play SMILE with a moving emotion.
      Ignazio transmits the intensity of the song with every part of his body.

    1. Pat, I have “ Il Mondo” as the ring tone on my phone, so I hear it every day.
      I had “Un Amore Cosi Grande” before that, and I switch them back and forth
      every six months or so.

      1. That sounds like a great idea, Jill! I’ll have to put one of the IL VOLO songs on as my ring tone! Grazie!

    2. Cynthia, for the boys, the song that left me speechless because I still did not follow them was Grande Amore, thanks to this song I started to follow IL VOLO

      1. Grazie, Daniela.
        i shall eventually show this post to a friend of mine who has a baby girl (about a year or so of age) with Down Syndrome.

  8. Daniela I can’t help thinking Il Volo are the best singers in the world. I like only their version of Il Mondo. They can do no wrong & whatever Ignazio says or does he can do wrong either. He is my hearthrob. Also your daughters video was perfect. I would love to pack Ignazio in my pocket & carry him around with me.

    1. Loretta, everyone would like to put Ignazio in his pocket, perhaps to him, would not like …….
      Enjoy again a piece of my first concert, always filmed by my daughter, Ignazio and Gianluca: Unchained Melody

      1. Daniela, I would like to thank you and your daughter for this video. I would also like to add “swoon” to my “sigh” above.

      2. Thanks Daniela for this great video of Gianluca and Ignazio. Besides singing so beautifully, I love seeing how they look at each other as they are singing. I also really liked the video of Jimmy Fontana singing Il Mondo. I first saw Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca on their first PBS special Il Volo Takes Flight. I knew they were extraordinary and loved all the songs they sang.

      3. Marie, Margaret, I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I was next to my daughter, and literally ate the boys with my eyes. It is here that I was struck by Ignazio !!

        Laura you make me laugh too much with your MC.
        And you Marie make me laugh even more with your answer …… I say Mariah Carey!!

    2. Loretta, You just couldn’t tell anyone who is in there and you’d best avoid close proximity to certain someones of IVFC, especially one with the initials “M.C.” ( Pick-Pockets – a – Plenty).

    1. Yes, Laura, Francesca and Piero, two beautiful souls. Chicca’s eyes shine in the embrace with Piero.

  9. Daniela, if I may ask, what is the theory behind the Italian press not reporting favorably on the “the Trio”. I think they are a national treasure, bringing much joy to millions with song. Lucky Italia-I wish they came from my country!

    1. You know, Mark, we too would like to know. We Italian fans still can not understand why the press (not all fortunately) give this treatment to the boys. Something is changing, but very slowly. I started to follow IL VOLO after Sanremo and when I saw the performance at the Nobel Prize, where the guys were very good and very appreciated, I looked for the articles that talked about their presence. Nothing, not even a line, as if they had not been present, while instead several articles on the presenters that, that year were Gerald Butler and Sara Jessica Parker. Unbelievable!
      I must tell you, however, that it is part of a little of the absurd Italian culture that tends to make foreign characters great and does not value Italian ones.

  10. Well Daniela I am glad Canada has mentioned Il Volo when they have been here infact I called a program when they were mentioning other performers & didn’t mention Il Volo being here at the same time. The person said who are Il Volo so I enlightened her & told her to go & get a ticket & go to the concert & listen to the best singers in the world. Hopefully she is a now a fan.

  11. Yes, this was such a lovely story! Thank you, too, to Jane for putting it together!! Even while “under the weather!”

    Yes, along with many others, Un Amore, Cosi Grande is one of my favorites. I literally looked high and low, all over the internet for the music and finally found it in a book of “cross-over” artists / Italian favorites or something! It was hard to find!

    However, their song This Time, always seemed to touch my heart for some reason, especially when Igna knocked it out of the park at the Detroit concert in Sterling Heights back in 2014! The song is about 2nd chances at love and who doesn’t deserve a 2nd chance? 🙂

    1. I love This Time, Jana! And also Painfully Beautiful! Those guys are all painfully beautiful, aren’t they? As the song says, “I can’t look away…..it makes my heart ache.” 🙂

      1. Those two are favorites of mine also! I have seen people–sometimes children–that are so beautiful you cannot tear your eyes off them (not to mention our guys!). That song always struck a chord with me. And Ancora, which was mentioned yesterday.

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