Tanti Auguri, Gianluca!! Happy 23rd!

Ciao a tutti!!

bd gg 1Yes, I know it’s been a little while since Gian’s birthday, just about a month to be exact!  Thought we could use a little party to perk us up, while waiting for their new CD and movie to come out!

Due to various other parties being booked on Feb 11, we had our Gianluca celebration on Feb 10, instead!  It was our 4th annual party at Antonio’s, celebrating Gian’s birthday.  Can you believe it was 3 years ago, that we celebrated on their Sanremo night of honor?

bd gg 2

Our little corp group of six were there, along with Barb from Sterling Heights.  Due to this rough flu season, as well as the Fri – Sun snowstorm, several couldn’t make it.  We missed those that could not make it, especially Magdalena, from Toledo; Barb, from Westland; and Betty, from New Orleans!!  

We met about 5p at Antonio’s in Dearborn Heights – our favorite haunt for Gian’s birthday!  🙂  As always, there was good food, conversation, cake, and lovelybd gg 5 presents from Donna.

We even had a surprise, special guest – Mama Rita!!  We saw her when we met there at Christmas time and told her we’d be back for Gian’s birthday.  She must have seen us on the reservation list, as she made a point of stopping by our table to say hello.   We invited her back to share dessert with us.  We went on our way to eating, drinking, and opening our presents… We saw Mama flitting around the restaurant in her hat and scarf and had to ask the waitress to send her over for cake.  She said she thought she had left.  But we waited patiently and there she was!!  She graciously joined us for cake and sat down at our bd gg 4table for a little while.  She was definitely the “hostess with the mostest” as she offered us limoncello or Sambuca, and cappuccino or espressos!  We graciously accepted both offers!  I have to say, it was one of the best caps I had ever had!  🙂 

Again, it was a lovely evening and we were honored with such a special guest at our table!bd gg 3

We were lucky, the snow had pretty much stopped by the time we had left.  We did get a wallop that Friday before!  I think we did get nearly 6 to 8 inches.  Spring is right around the corner now and we are already planning our party for Piero.

If you live in the Detroit area, everyone is welcome!!  Let’s make some new friends and fans!  🙂


Tanti Auguri!!  Next stop, Piero!  June 24!  Can you believe our beloved Piero will be a quarter century old?  Hey, he’s catching up to us!!  🙂




Picture of Mama Rita used with her permission.



13 thoughts on “Tanti Auguri, Gianluca!! Happy 23rd!”

  1. Jana, just checking in. I loved your party and was with you in spirit. What a delightful night and aren’t you so blessed to have a nice little group who are so in love with our boys and you can celebrate together. We watched a concert and had to happy with that. Being in bed 24/7 is making me get creative and it’s hard to concentrate and watch a concert on YouTube at the same time. It’s always worth it though. Jay said it’s so nice to listen to them and hear how they’ve grown and expanded their voices. Those clips from younger days were delightful and a treasure to have. I’m sorry I couldn’t get to Florida to hear them sing, if it weren’t for this little head injury, I’d have been there with bells on. I’m still trying to get over missing that. It would have been such an easy flight too. I hope someone made it. Daniela is getting a lot of hits on Google for her translations and we are so proud of her for making the time to translate for us. Spring is on the way girls and this white stuff can’t last much longer. I’m holding my breath for the new songs. Love to all! Victoria

    1. Hi Victoria, how are you? Still in bed? Tonight I’ll send you an email, let’s see if I can make you spend a few hours dreaming of our guys. See you later!!

    2. My goodness, what has happened, why are you on bed rest? So glad for you that you were able to see the guys in Italy last year!! 🙂

  2. Your party for Gianluca’s Birthday sounds like a wonderful time!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I’ll be thinking of you all on Piero’s Birthday! I can’t believe he will be 25! Not “our Boys anymore”. Piero is a very handsome man! Gianluca gets more handsome as the years progress! I call him Mr Love & Romance!! We all love him & he sings the Elvis & Sinatra songs we grew up with!! I am eagerly awaiting the new Album & Dance video!!!

  3. Jana what a nice idea to make these birthday parties. It is such a joyful thing to meet with other fans.
    Too bad that Brescia is not exactly near Detroit!

  4. Seems like a wonderful way to celebrate Gianluca’s birthday and enjoy being with other Ilvolovers! If I lived in that area, I would love to join you.
    It’s hard to believe that Piero will be 25. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that they were wonderful teenagers with incredible voices!

  5. Yes, so true. Once we are finally together, sharing in our weakness, we tend to forget the weather and other bad things that may be happening in our lives, at least for a few hours! 🙂

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