Piero Celebrates Dr. Francesco

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Aside from our absolute amazement at their talent and adoration for their remarkable personalities and open hearts, I think the thing we most love about Il Volo is their devotion to family and friends and their lives before they become the international stars that they are.  Truly, being Il Volo is simply a part of very full lives, and they don’t forget that.

We also love that they share their families and their families’ lives and anything that they feel is important with us through social media, inviting us to grieve, celebrate and contemplate with them.  It’s an enormous privilege that many artists don’t allow, and is another reason that Il Volo is so special.

This week, The Barones celebrated Francesco and he completed his post graduate degree (Masters equivalent) and became Dr. Francesco Barone, and we join Piero and Il Voloers around the world in congratulating Francesco on this accomplishment!











22 thoughts on “Piero Celebrates Dr. Francesco”

  1. Thank you, Kelly! We do love that the Barone Family shared their celebration of Francesco’s completion of his post graduate degree!! There are the beautiful photos to commemorate this joyous occasion which we all enjoyed!! What a wonderful & proud day for Piero & his family!!

  2. What a proud day for the Barone family . Bologna is a very prestigious university. Congratulations to Francesco! I look forward to learning what career path he has chosen to follow. Thanks Kelly

  3. Very impressive family. Congrats to Francesco. I read a quote from Piero about his brother being 110. Didn’t know what that was, looked it up and several things I read said it’s highest academic achievement, and equivalent to A+ in USA. WOW

  4. Congratulations to the Barone family. It does take a village to raise children to become adults with a purpose in life. Can’t wait to see what MariaGrazia will do as she gets older.

  5. Congratulations to Dr. Francesco! What a wonderful accomplishment. The Barone family has so much to be proud of!

  6. I am surprised Franz is a Dr after only getting a Master’s degree . In the US you have to have a Ph.D which is after several yrs after masters and completed research

  7. Congratulations to Francesco and all the Barone Family! It is kind of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to share some of the important events in their families’ lives. It is also heartwarming to see how each of them support and respect all of their families. In this case, we see Ignazio and Gianluca are there to celebrate this important achievement with the Barone Family. They are always there for each other at these times.

    1. Loretta, Piero was eating in a sushi restaurant with Michelle their manager in Bologna (Italy) yesterday.
      Gianluca said he was going on a trip a few days ago, but didnt mention where. I think Ignazio is probably with Marie!😁

  8. Well Jill thanks for the in formation of where the boys are but I don’t believe for a second Ignazio is with Marie because he can’t be 2 places at one time because he is with me.

  9. Thank you Daniela I like seeing your comments, how are you & your hubby coming along staying healthy I hope. I hope the guys are getting plenty of rest at least that is what I am expecting them to be doing maybe not maybe they are on their way to some function. Like your happy face picture. Looking forward to what is coming from the boys.

    1. Loretta, Il Volo has recorded a new CD but it has not yet been sold and nobody knows what it’s called. As soon as I get news, I’ll tell you right away.

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