~ LIFE FROM FAN ~ by Daniela

In the newspaper, SOCIETY AND CULTURE, this amusing article written by Mariafrancesca Mary Troisi has been published.

Read it, it’s really funny.

LIFE FROM FAN: leave all hope, you who become!


Concerts, radio, signature – copies, TV show, the life of the fan is very hard.

Yeah, because the real fan (the certified DOC to be clear), is not there to comb the dolls.

Leave all hope you become (fan). And what is it? Dante’s hell? Worse, much worse!

The true fan, to begin with, has in fact qualities that you can not even imagine. First of all: patience!

Yeah, it seems easy to wait weeks, months, or even years, to get news of their “idol”?  (Term I do not like to use, but I do mine to simplify).

And when the news does not come, it’s a constant anxiety. Will the single come out? Will there be a concert? Will it go on TV? He will eat? He will sleep? (And other vital functions that I leave out).


When then,  finally have the news (hallelujah hallelujah), immediately takes over the other dowry of the fan DOC, ie the “fast race” to get the news in pole position, and put it immediately on its FB status with lots of little hearts to beautify all, doing envy to those who know the news a few hours later. The amateurs in short.

Finally the life of the DOC fan starts to make sense. The idol is coming back.

The true fan DOC then, is almost always also written to the fc (Fan club) of the artist who follows, and for the fc of an artist, often there are events reserved only for members, such as the meeting, where the songs are presented preview. And even if the meet happened on the moon, the real fan will buy his spaceship and … greetings to all! Nobody stops him!


Then follow the signature – copies (for those who do) or interviews on the radio, to promote the new album.

You must know, in fact, that at these events you have the opportunity to meet the artist you are following. And what do you do? Are not you going?  But let’s not joke!

And here they are there in the morning, perfumed and combed with great care (so to speak, there are those who arrive, for example on the radio, always not exactly “polished”), to challenge any weather conditions, make kilometers, and wait for hours, hoping for a selfie and / or an autograph.

During these hours they start throwing malicious glances at those around you, because, especially for radio interviews, the more people there are, the less chance you have of getting to your favorite artist. And they think, “Did that person even come here?”… mentally hoping that she will get an attack of … dysentery, and leave the camp.

Oh this is a war, you do not look at anyone!


But if all goes well, and you can embrace your idol for a few minutes, and in the lucky cases, when there are very few people to chat, the hours that have passed under the sun or in the rain, make sense. It makes your day!


The true fan obviously knows by heart every detail of the artist, his songs (he suggests them to the singer if he were to forget), even the less famous, that even the artist remembers to have written or sung. The true fan never misses an interview with him, TV intervention.  It is not possible.

Finally the concert dates come out, and here too the DOC fan, trained to  throw himself on ticketone and … away, to get the best seats for the dates he prefers. Sometimes, however, the tickets end too quickly even for the DOC fan; then comes hope – another talent of the fan, mixed with despair – to find the “savior” who sells the ticket.


Concert time.

What does the fan do?  But obviously, he sleeps outside the stadium / building, or goes there at dawn.  AT LEAST.  The first row should be conquered with the nails and teeth (then do not say that it is almost not a job that of the fan). Rain, heat, cold, wind. He does not move from there. The front row must be defended at the cost of living.

So you will think … then there is no solidarity between fans?

Of course there is. When there are no signature – copies, radios, concerts, TV … in short, when the artist “hibernates”, they are all friends.

For the true fan the friend is the one who holds you the place in the hurdle next to him: who finds a friend in hurdle, finds a treasure.

But you … what do you know !?


Tell us about the crazy things you did for the guys from IL VOLO.

I begin, I have NEVER been to a concert, NEVER been to a signature-copy, I have NEVER had any friendships on the other side of the world, and who do not speak my language ……. all this before IL VOLO!! 


Credit to all owners of photos.

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  1. Wow wow wow I was speechless reading that until the end. I hope the fans do not get that crazy or mean and I have not experienced it at the concerts we have been to thus far. Everyone has been so sweet and kind. Everyone talks to everyone at the concerts we’ve been to and we all cry together. I think Il Volvo brings something special out of people because of who they are. I must rest and I had to thank you for that piece you sent about fans. Hugs to all, Victoria

    1. I admit that everything that is written is a little exaggerated, because in fact we fans of IL VOLO we became friends because of them.
      But we all did strange things crazy for them, you Victoria along with Jay and Phoebe you came to Rome to hear them in concert.

  2. The craziest thing I have done was to drive with Loretta for two hours up to Casino Rama so that we could get membership in the casino. The reason for this was that Il Volo had scheduled a concert at the casino, and if you were a member you got advanced notice of the ticket sales, and were allowed to buy seats before the general public, So Loretta met me and we drove up there, got the membership and drove back. Was it worth it? Well yes, the seats we got we very good, the M & G was excellent that year also. But I thought the venue was terrible, did not like the way the sound ricocheted in that hall, there was no orchestra for that performance, etc. But the guys were wonderful as always, and were their charming selves in the M & G which was more or less thrown open after the pictures and they circulated among the fans and talked freely to everyone. It was there that Piero told me they were planning a tribute to the three tenors. Exciting news at the time!

    1. Penina Honig, Of course I think that is the rational thing to do given the possibility of getting advance notice for tickets to a small venue of these wonderful boys singing their hearts out. Had I known, I would have been there with you. I generally hate jealousy and I am now green with envy. What a marvelous experience to be in that room. So the sound was not great…. The view had to be terrific and interacting with those gorgeous kids was worth it all. Thank you for the delightful story. I’ve got the biggest grin on my face because I know I would’ve done the same thing. This is the most entertaining group I have ever encountered.. hugs all, victoria

      1. I forgot to mention that at this concert at Casino Rama I was sitting on the aisle, and right across from me I noticed–after the lights went down–that Ignazio’s mother was sitting on the other side of the aisle! And I think–but I am not sure because as I say the lights were already lowered–that Alessandra was sitting next to her. I just got a glimpse of a young woman with blonde hair sitting next to her–I didn’t see her face, just the top of her head. And when the lights came back on at the end, they had left so I didn’t get a chance to say anything to them.

    2. Si Penina, it was certainly a crazy thing, but from what you told, it was really worth it.
      You think if you did not do it, here we say “everything left is lost” and you would not have these beautiful memories.
      You’ve been strong !!
      Congratulations also to Loretta.

      1. Loretta gets extra points! She was driving–and we didn’t really know where we were going. I had some GPS we wwere following but the signs were confusing.

      2. So you really did a great madness, worse than two underage girls !! Congratulations, excellent fans

  3. Where to begin? 3 hour drive to Detroit, 4 1/2 hour flight to Las Vegas (twice), 2 1/2 hour flight to Tampa? (twice) All worth it.
    Il Volo license plate. Too many FB groups to mention. Loved every minute of it all. Who knows what is next? Oh, I forgot, multiple copies of CD’s from USA and Italy, PBS memberships in 3 cities and last but not least Fan Club membership. I think that’s all for now. Waiting for new CD, and maybe the movie Un Amore Cosi Grande will come out on DVD.

    1. Oh my God, what a long list.
      I laughed at everything I read.
      I think that if Italy were closer, I would have also read 3 concerts in Taormina, 1 in Rome etc. etc.
      For the film, you might even think about coming to see it here !!!!

  4. Let’s begin with… I have done many crazy things in the name of Il Volo.  Some I won’t tell because I will most assuredly do them again no matter how embarrassing they may be to “non-fans”.   I suppose traveling 5,000 miles by plane, train and rented automobile just to walk where the Boys walked as a children counts as an example of the crazy life of a Il Volo fan.

    1. Marie, I laugh thinking about the thousand steps of stairs in Portovenere and the narrow streets of Naro where you were afraid to stuck with the car.
      I would never have thought of going to Milan for a signature-copy. It is not for the distance, as Milan is near Brescia, but I have never done it even when I was a young girl.
      You pushed me to go, you told me “go and send photos”. Beppe and I had a lot of fun and when we were back on the train I sent you the photos and before arriving in Brescia (only 1 hour by train), you had already published on the site. Seeing my pictures, which were already visible on the other side of the world and everyone was sending me such nice comments, it was unforgettable for me.
      Think if you had not done the madness of coming to Italy, I would not have met two lovely people like you and Jane.

      1. Jane and I were so lucky to be with you and Beppe. It was the icing on our Italian cake. I could never forget dining on amazing Italian dishes in front of a fireplace while watching Notte Magical for the first time! All in your beautiful dining room. It is one of the most precious memories of my life.

      2. Marie (and Daniela), i just loved those stories of you visiting various parts of Italy and your visit with Daniela……i was pretty new to Flight Crew…. and i just so loved following your story!

      3. Grazie, Daniela, i am glad and relieved you liked them. (i was sometimes concerned if it was a bit too much.)
        i am however not able to post them successfully anymore. i shall ask you one day to show me how you do it 😉

  5. That’s the good thing about Il Volo concerts, that everyone has their place, there’s the race in front of the pc for the first row tickets. And then you can enjoy the time with other fans before the concert.
    In 2016 I road with my son 2,5 hours, only for one song from Il Volo, but it was worth. It was the first time I get in personal contact with the guys, and they were so nice, and since this day I have 3 sons more.
    But the craziest thing was that I flew the first time, despite fear of flying and heights. It was the best concert, we sat in the front row right in front of them.

    1. And do you say little? I could never do the madness of flying, but ……… who knows, never say never.
      However you had a wonderful experience so your madness has been widely rewarded.
      As for the seats at concerts, what you say is true, everyone has their own place and this is a beautiful thing to avoid jostling and crushing, but at the Arena, the high steps are not numbered and then you have to arrive in the early afternoon for make long lines and when they open the gates everyone pushes. Luckily this year I had the seat in the armchair, but I must tell you that the view from the top is formidable to see the whole concert and the public reaction, but seeing and hearing the guys from the front row is priceless.

  6. I think as a teenager and young adult I was a big fan of a couple of artists,bought all their records but did not have the time or money to see them in person. I had no idea that at this stage of my life (in my 70s) that I would be again deeply involved in following every move of artists – our beloved guys. Now I do have the time and options to go to concerts and having their music and sharing it with other fans has been so much fun. I feel like a kid again. I have all their cds and most of the dvds, flew twice to Las Vegas for concerts, took family members twice to introduce them to Il Volo in San Jose, close to where I live. Also we planned a whole trip to Italy last year just so we could be in Verona and see the concert in the Arena. One last thing,
    I now sport a wing tatoo on my left shoulder, closest to my heart. I love showing it off and telling people what the wing represents. Il Volo just is special.

    1. Janet, what a nice words, and what a nice madness.
      You feel like a teenager because the magic of these guys is to bring out these beautiful emotions that seemed finished, and that instead were just asleep.
      Wonderful feeling, moreover, your wing must be very beautiful.

      1. Jill, I had the same thought ….. (and you find out that it will make a tattoo as big as your whole back)

  7. Ok, so the truth comes out here…crazy thing I’ve done in the name of Il Volo?? I ordered a decorated cake for a Minnesota gathering of Il Volo girl friends and I wanted to use a professional photo of them on the cake….which is not allowed…no professional photos copied! I ended up telling a little white lie to the baker who questioned me about “these three handsome young men, and where they brothers and how did I know them”…he was on to me! So I proceeded to say they were not brothers, but friends, and my sister married into one of their families (Piero’s), so he could be considered my nephew! The nice baker smiled and agreed to do the cake which tasted delicious and was a hit at the party! (Shame on me!) 🙂 (Jane)

    1. Jane, what are you doing?
      I never thought you would expose yourself like that, you made me laugh a lot.
      So there is a distant relationship with Piero, interesting.
      ha ha ha, these guys, what do they do to us, I wonder how they could not love their fans ??
      You have been very enterprising. Good job.

  8. This is really a fan madness. What do you say?

    A couple of Americans had arrived in Naro to meet Piero Barone, one of the three of the now famous group “Il Volo”. At the airport they had rented a car without calculating that the car was a bit too wide on the streets of the old city center and so they got stuck.

  9. For me it was Il Volo saying that to listen to them singing on a CD or DVD is good, but the best way to appreciate and enjoy their music is to come to their live concerts.
    Realizing that Il Volo might never come to South Africa, I embarked on a trip that took me exactly halfway around the world.
    I was very lucky to have a friend like Marie who welcomed me and together we attended three unforgetable, wonderful concerts and M & G’s.

    1. I will never forget those concerts, Ineke! I will also never forget looking over and seeing you in private conversation with Gianluca. What a great time we had!

    2. Really crazy Ineke, but you were rewarded with the private conversation with Gianluca !!!
      And then hearing them in concert is priceless.
      And find Marie, ditto!

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