Perhaps not all of you know that Michele Torpedine, the manager of IL VOLO has written a book, which is titled RICOMINCIO DAI TRE (I start again from the three ). In this book he talks about his career as a manager and all the artists he brought to success, their gratitude but often ingratitude, until he talks about Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio.

This book was  withdrawn from bookstores, but one of my Volo-friends had already bought it and so she photocopied it for me.

I will translate for you some passages concerning IL VOLO.


The first time I saw them I was at home sitting on the couch talking on the phone with Tony Renis.  I was watching TV, but without volume. I had tuned in on the program by Antonella Clerici in which young performers sang: TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, broadcast by the Ariston of Sanremo. I only looked, and imagined.

I did not need to listen.

Then these three boys of fourteen or fifteen appear. I see them, I still do not hear the voice, but already they reminded me of the three tenors: Ignazio as huge as Pavarotti, Gianluca a little like Josè Carreras, Piero more difficult to associate with Palcido Domingo, but you could try.


The growing curiosity pushes me to turn up the volume. And here I realize another element, even more important than the first: the three, casually put together to sing a song of the program, possess an incredible vocality for the age they have.

Of course they are good, those guys, I repeat to myself. And if I tried to put them together really? A trio, here’s what I could do.

The next day I am a volcano. I want to talk with everyone: producers, managers, families.

After meeting with Tony Renis I call Roberto Cenci, the artistic director and director of the program – who had the intuition to let them sing a song together – and I ask, the addresses of the three boys.


So another great story started, a new story at a time when it seemed to me there was no future for me: a breath of oxygen in my environment.

After years of disappointments, loss of confidence and lack of gratitude or denial, with Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca I rediscover the values ​​of correctness, gratitude, esteem.

They, the boys of IL VOLO, give me trust, first of all, the administration of a world tour, with important amounts to move, on which I could take what I want if I were dishonest.

Trust is theirs, but also that of the parents, to whom I have committed myself to teach everything, the mechanisms, the things that move, the relationships. All.


 Today I do not talk to three guys with incredible voices, I compare with three men of just over twenty years who have made international experiences that 99.99% of our Italian stars do not even imagine, because they have never crossed the borders of Bel Country.

These three “guys” (I continue to call them that), have very clear ideas and I have never seen them impressed in front of audiences that many would shake their wrists.

Never heard a smear of voice or a wrong attack, and if some inconvenience has risked making it happen, wisely have been able to file the problem at the origin: extraordinary, always. Their voices grow with them, mature, take on body and soul.

There is no other team or artistic team so complete.



If I had to define the story of IL VOLO with a dominant feeling, I would call it that.

Many have arrogated the merit of the success of the three boys, which is certainly the result of a great teamwork, but it is above all the result of intelligence, humility and generosity of the three families who have not only never hindered my work as manager, but were supportive in the best way: Ercole and Lenora Ginoble parents of Gianluca, Vito and Caterina Boschetto father and mother of Ignazio, and Gaetano and Eleonora Barone who gave life to Piero.


Credit to all owners of photos.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I think each of us can relate to Mr Torpedine`s reactions when he first saw and heard the guys. Didn’t we all react the same way? I remember my first reaction – like wow, who are these little kids?

    1. de acuerdo con el pensar y sentir del Gran Sr. Michele Torpedine, y dio a conocer al mundo unos talentos con valores invaluables, que en estos tiempos difíciles de encontrar. Por eso esperamos con ansia su nuevo material discográfico si es diferente sera un éxito en voces del IL VOLO

      1. Amalia, todos estamos esperando el nuevo CD, sabemos que será diferente, pero confiamos en la sabiduría de quienes recomiendan IL VOLO y la destreza de los muchachos.

  2. Thanks Daniela. This is a wonderful post. One more story of how these three young men changed the life of Michele’s also!! (Jane)

    1. In fact, Jane, that’s right, because Torpedine before talking about the flight tells that he was rather disappointed and disheartened …… then they arrived: Piero Ignazio and Gianluca.

  3. Loved Mr. Torpedines book & if I ever get a chance to meet him I have always wanted to shake his hand & thank him for taking such good care of our precious young men & for being so honest you can see the admiration that the guys have for him & for the pictures we have seen when Ignazio has been sick & Mr. Torpedine was making sure he was taking him to his room. I will also tell Barbara what a terrific job she has done in looking after the guys. Its also nice to know that the families are 100 percent behind Mr. Torpedine & Barbara. I did meet her at my last concert but she was busy so didn’t get too much time to talk to her. But I did tell her how she was so lucky to be in the position she is in & how we are all so jealous of her position. I was hoping Mr. Torpedine was honest so I am so glad my feelings were correct. I hope he is as healthy as he looks so he stays on this earth for a long time yet. To get someone as honest as he is is hard to come by so I am going to make sure I pray every night for both Barbara & Mr. Torpedine. I am really happy our guys are being so lovingly looked after.

    1. Of course Loretta, we all saw the good relationship of trust that exists between Torpedine and the boys, but reading it black on white is really different. It reassures us and makes us understand that we were not wrong to judge.

    1. Grazie, Daniela.
      Michele Torpedine states:
      ” I compare with three men of just over twenty years who have made international experiences that 99.99% of our Italian stars do not even imagine, ”

      Curious — who would be in the remaining 0.01% category?

      1. Hi Connie, maybe you’re right, but of the three tenors only Pavarotti was Italian and his popularity began well after 20 years.

      2. Right, Cynthia, his success is worldwide, but also for him, as for Pavarotti, the success did not come before his 20 years. Torpedine speaks for a long time about Bocelli in this book, it is he who introduced him and insisted on this.

      3. Anyway, his (Andrea Bocelli’s) success is indeed worldwide. As with Pavarotti, I think. Doesn’t matter when it came.
        (of course with our guys it’s different – it’s been stellar, phenomenal…from the get-go!)

        So it was Andrea who encouraged Michele to write this book?
        Did I get that right?

        Would be nice to have this book published in English. I would love to read about our guys from his (Michele’s) perspective. And his life with them….From the video clips that I’ve seen he’s just been in the quiet background, though sometimes on the drums or eating with the guys having much fun altogether, like one big happy family that they are.

        And speaking of books, I’ve been waiting for our guys’ own book – the one that they wrote themselves in their own words – to be published in English. Any update on that?

        Grazie, Daniela.
        Buona Notte

      4. Cynthia, certain that Bocelli and Pavarotti have achieved world-wide fame, but what Torpedine says is that 99.9% of Italian artists did not reach this popularity by the age of 20, only IL VOLO.
        Bocelli did not encourage Torpedine to write the book. Torpedine talks a lot about Bocelli as their work relationship lasted for a long time, also at the beginning Bocelli was not accepted very well, in short, so many things to tell.
        As for the guys’s book, IL VOLO UN ‘AVVENTURA STRAORDINARIA, unfortunately there is no news that has been translated into English.

      5. Cynthia

        If I had to make a guess, I would say Laura Pausini, who won the newcomers’ section of Sanremo in 1993.

        She is an internationally famous Italian and sings in many languages; primarily in Italian and Spanish but also French, English, Portuguese and Catalan. She also writes some of her own material.

        She has won three Latin Grammys and a host of other prestigious awards.

        I have a copy of the DVD of her concert at the San Siro stadium in 2007. You can find thousands of videos on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet.


      6. Plus, if I am not mistaken, you can find her in early videos on Ti Lascio Una Canzone, some of which she sings with one or more of our guys!

      7. Hi Cynthia, I left a reply to you down below, under Daniela’s video from the DVD 2011 documentary at the Detroit Opera House. (I put my reply to you in the wrong place! ) 😂

      8. Ciao Daniela,

        When I first read the post above, from your translator , it came across to me that, though the age is mentioned, that is only matter-of-fact, secondary.
        It comes to me that the focus is on the acclaim being international and worldwide, and astounding!…. that other italian artists, regardless of age, cannot even comprehend it!
        However, since you have the original material, then thank you so much for the clarification 😉

      9. Hello Bernard,

        Why yes! Laura Pausini would definitely be a candidate for that 0.01%.
        Thank you so much for pointing that out to me and putting in a gist her accomplishments. I am not as familiar with her as I am Andrea Bocelli for example, but I have watched/listened to some of her songs and our guys and other renowned artists have a high esteem for her.
        Thank you for connecting 🙂

      10. Yes, I agree with Bernard, Laura Pausini is just an Italian artist who has achieved world fame at a young age.
        She is very good and, I must say, still very sweet.
        Yesterday I listened to her interview on Italian radio, she does not live in Italy but these days she’s here, I have to say that made me laugh, because I heard her speak with the accent of Bologna, like a good Emilian, and I felt her an ordinary girl, ready to laugh and not at all set as an international star. Also she also loves our boys and recognizes their skill.

      11. She grew up with them on Ti Lascio Una Canzone. She knows them well. And didn’t they appear on one of her shows a few years ago?

      12. Peninahonig — you mean she was not yet the star that she is now when she was at Ti lascio una canzone, singing with the guys?

      13. Yes, she was a teenager like they were in 2009. She got her start on the same program, and there are videos of her singing with one or another of the guys. Go to utube and put in Ti Lascio Una Canzone and her name and see what pops up. There is a duet with her and Gian for sure.

      14. Dear Peninahonig , I checked YouTube for a clip of Laura Pausini singing with Gianluca but couldn’t find anything. She is 20 years older than our boys so I don’t think she was on Ti Lascio Una Canzone as a contestant at least, maybe as a guest? Please correct me if I am wrong.

      15. Hi Rose Marie: Laura Pausini is in her early forties and you might like to checkout YouTube March 2014 if you haven’t seen it already. She did an anniversary tour starting at Madison Sq Gardens. Our guys were invited to sing with her. They sang In Assenza di te.Checkout Gianluca’s jacket.

      16. I freely admit I made a mistake! A big mistake! It was not Laura in those videos. Sorry to have confused you and anyone else. Read Bernard’s email above. He has it right.

  4. Once again you have given us an important piece of Il Volo history by translating this part of Michele’s book… Until today, I did not know he had written a book… Thank you so much for being the translator for us who do not understand the beautiful Italian language… You have not only been a friend, an Il Volo lover like the rest of us, but but a God send to us for always helping us understand what is going on in the world of Il Volo when it is written in Italian… Thank you again my sweet friend.

    1. Jeannette, Torpedine really wrote very nice words about the boys and believe me, as soon as I read I thought you had to read them, all of you. I know how much you love these guys and it’s really a pleasure to be able to share beautiful words that you would not understand because of the language.
      Soon I will also translate another episode.
      Thanks for your very nice words

  5. Daniela thank you so much for this wonderful translation. Michele Torpedine’s account of his journey and honesty moves me to tears. I would love to read the book !! The boys are very blessed to have had the loving support their Parents,Michele and Barbara who, along with Gianluca’s, Ignazio’s and Piero’s impecable work ethic, are making their dreams come true. Thank you !! We love all of you !!

    1. Yes Joanie, is a really winning team. There is everything, talent, education, understanding, love, honesty.
      They are all qualities that we all love.

  6. I’ve told many people ” I’l Volo is very well managed.” I can see that mutual respect and love is key.

    1. RoseMarie, three of my friends have managed to have it right away, two in the bookstore (one in Sicily and one in Tuscany) and the other online but I do not know if they only ship to Italy. I inform myself.

  7. Through the many pictures that are posted with Michele and our guys one can see and feel the warmth,love and mutual admiration they have for one another. Fate put them together and hopefully never to part.Thanks Daniela!

    1. Annette, you’ve really done the center with your observations on the photos and we hope that they do not separate.

  8. First of all thank you Daniela for the translation of Michele’s book How fortunate for us all that he was watching the TV that night.! Had he not been doing so Il Volo would probably never have been. The Guys might have gone on to be solo artists due to their talent, but should we call it luck, or fate that Michele was watching the TV that night and knew who to call to start the fabulous trio that we know as Il Volo. They have given everyone of us so much pleasure and we cannot wait to hear their latest venture.

    1. Thanks to you, Marion, but you know, I’ve thought about their solo career several times. Perhaps they would have succeeded, but it is undoubted to say that the alchemy that is unleashed when they face harmony with their united voices, is unique.

    2. Hi Marion, On the DVD I have of Il Volo’s 2011 PBS concert in Detroit, “Il Volo Takes Flight”, there is a documentary section in which Tony Renis is speaking. He says that he was watching TV with his wife in L.A., channel surfing, and landed on the Italian channel. He sees the boys on the program and says he called his good friend, Michele Torpedine. ( Tony Renis was a well-known Italian singer when he was younger and was, at this point in time, a producer or something –I forget exactly what — ). Anyway, he says that he suggested that they form a team to help the boys. Meanwhile, Ron Fair, also in Calif. and the music business, was about to play a role in Il Volo’s career, also. He is speaks in the documentary, as well. As you might know, Ron Fair held an informal gathering at his home in L.A. around that time in which Il Volo was invited to sing for a small crowd of people in his home. (Ron Fair’s company is prominently mentioned in the credits of the PBS Detroit Opera House concert DVD). So, we’ve got Italian producer, Robert Cenci, intuitively combining the three young singers on the final evening of the vocal competition in Italy; then Tony Renis says he sees them by chance at home in Calif; then he contacts Michele Torpedine who agrees to unite with him to organize a larger team of people and offer their professional assistance to the three boys’ and their parents in consideration of performing as a trio. Ron Fair says in the documentary that (someone) told him at his company in L.A. to check out the boys singing together on the program, via his computer. T. Renis and R. Fair were in contact at some point. The whole picture we get is, indeed, a very interesting series of serendipitous moments involving a number of professional people, all positioned in the right place at the right time to further enable the destiny of the three, special singers to materialize. It’s a great example of the age-old question of pre-determined ‘destiny’ or merely a set of ‘fortunate coincidences’. Whatever it is, it worked out beautifully. Aren’t we music lovers ‘lucky’, too ! 🙂

      1. Thanks Laura I do remember a short take at the end of the Il Volo concert in Detroit and Tony Renis talking and explaining how Il Volo originally came about, and how several “organisers” came together to launch Il Volo. How fortunate for all of us that they all agreed that the 3 boys (they were boys then ) should be promoted as a trio. And what a trio they have become !!!!

      2. Thanks Laura for the long explanation. I started to follow IL VOLO from after Sanremo and I miss their first years. It’s so nice to find out about them. I remember seeing this documentary, I do not have the Takes Flight CD.
        It is just destiny that so many professionals were there waiting for these three little boys.
        What a wonderful thing for us music lovers.

      3. hi Laura. nice to hear from you again 🙂
        i did get to see that video on youtube. and you put it together here so nicely. thank you.
        (and you and i know, there are no coincidences 😉

      4. 😘Thanks to each of you in turn. Glad to be of some assistance. I have just noticed that, down below, Daniela posted a video excerpt with the relevant portion of the documentary. That is the documentary contained in my particular DVD of the 2011 concert in Detroit. Very kind of you for doing that for folks who haven’t seen it, Daniela. 💞

      5. Thanks Laura, my intent was just to bring him to know who has never seen it.
        Unfortunately that video is only the first part of the bonus of that cd, I have not yet found the second part or maybe it has never been published on you tube. Sin.

      6. i’ve been looking for the 2nd part for a long time now. i don’t think it has been posted on youtube

      7. Daniela and Cynthia, Regarding the other part of the documentary video, I wonder if the DVDs still have it. I have a couple of that DVD and is from PBS that I bought in 2015. They all contain the documentary. Just for the heck of it, have you tried PBS catalogue? How about the Free Internet Archive @archive.org ? I’ll try to see if they might have that documentary footage and will let you know A.S.A.P. I’ll look elsewhere, too. ( i couldn’t believe that the Internet Archive has one of my all-time favorite performances with “The Flamingos” — a clip from a 1959 movie where they’re very energetically singing and jiving to their ’59 song, “Jump Children”.😃 I’ve loved them for years! 😄 ). Sure hoping i can help you both out.😘

      8. oh, thanks so much, Laura….
        i’ve been looking for that second part, even before i came across Flight Crew! thank you so much again.

  9. Thank you, Daniela, for this translation. It is wonderful. You are wonderful!

    A big thank you to Michele for all the work he has done for our precious Boys! We are all so grateful! What luck for all of us that he was watching TLUC on that particular night.

    We already knew what our Boys were about, but it is so nice to hear it said by someone who knows them so intimately inside and out.

    1. Marie, do not make me red, thank you!
      Sometimes everything seems aligned to the right point, and that evening everything was in its place, Torpedine, discouraged looking tiredly television. Three guys who do not know each other and are randomly put together to join their voices in a song ……. the rest is history !!
      Reading Torpedine’s words is very good for us.

  10. Thank you Daniela for translating part of Michele’s book.
    Daniela, do you know if Michele has children of his own?
    I wonder if Barbara has ever thought of writing a book about her life on tour with Il Volo, that would be a great read.

    1. Jill, for the news I have, Torpedine has no children. He is not married, let’s say he was and is a womanizer, indeed he admits it himself in the book.
      He has a sister and a brother.
      I also think that a book written by Barbara of his life on tour with IL VOLO, it would be wonderful, we try to suggest the idea.

  11. Michele Torpedine believed in them from the very beginning. The first time I saw Il Volo was in a promotional video put out by Mr. Torpedine in which he talks to Mr. Renis and several others in the music business, some spoke in English, and some in Italian. I would love to see that video again. It showed clips of the boys singing and then each of the “experts” gave their views of the boys and their voices. One or two of them–I do not remember which–said when they heard them they did not believe it was them singing–their thought they were lip synching. They could not believe the sound was coming from them! I was already hooked and quite gratified to know these experts all agreed that the boys had truly amazing gifts.

    1. Penina, I remember that video you are saying, if I find it I send it willingly.
      Surely all the experts who heard the boys the first time had no doubts, they saw in them excellent qualities, then the seriousness and professionalism of the boys who continued to study, did the rest.

      1. Daniela, is it not the video that accompanied the Detroit concert from 2011? I remember Tony Renis describing how he saw the guys for the first time, He did not mention his phone call with Michele Torpedine but his comments about thinking the voices were fake stuck in my mind!

        Daniela, se non mi sbaglio, si tratta del video che accompagnava il concerto di Detroit nel 2011. Mi ricordo di aver sentito parlare Tony Renis quando aveva visto i ragazzi per la prima volta. Non aveva menzionato la chiamata con Michele Torpedine ma mi sono rimasti nella testa i suoi commenti che le voci fossero finte!

      2. Bernard, I was thinking of that, the problem is finding it again.
        Michele was always in the shadows, but the boys have always known, to whom they owe everything.

        Bernard, pensavo proprio a quello, il problema è ritrovarlo.
        Michele era sempre nell’ombra, ma i ragazzi hanno sempre saputo a chi devono tutto.

      3. Daniella–it is not any video that is included on the DVD. I don’t think I saw it on television athough it is possible. I think I saw it on the internet. I have tried to find it once or twice without any luck.

      4. Daniela

        I think that it is a supplement to the DVD “Il Volo takes flight.” I will check it in a few minutes!

        Credo che si tratti di un supplemento al DVD “Il Volo takes flight.” Controllo subito!

      5. Daniela

        I was right. It is part of the Bonus Material on the DVD. The comments of Tony Renis begin at 1:30.

        Avevo ragione. Fa parte del “bonus material” del DVD. Il commento di Tony Renis comincia a 1:30.

      6. Yes, Bernard and Penina, you’re right, I also read Laura’s comment above.
        As I repeat, I remembered seeing this documentary but I do not have that CD.
        After all your explanations, I found it on you tube.
        Here it is, thank you all.

      7. oh, Daniela, i was just telling Laura (above post) that i saw a video on youtube about it… and it is here. Grazie! BACI

      8. 😘 Cynthia, I’ve actually been back for awhile now, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it, as I was trying to catch up with reading earlier posts. ( You guys were having a lot of fun on Jana’s post, “Happy Wednesday” (March 7th ?) and I got happily ‘stuck’ commenting there, too! It was a hoot! 😂

  12. Many thanks for posting this translation with photos and all you do to keep us informed and connected with Il Volo😘

  13. Daniella, do you know why the book was withdrawn? Or is it just that it was published some time ago?

    1. The book was published at the end of October 2017.
      In this book Torpedine speaks very well of IL VOLO, but not so well of some artists, before them, who have been ungrateful with him.
      I think that one of these artists, not happy with the hard and truthful words, has forced Torpedine to withdraw the book to bring changes.

  14. Many thanks for this. What a good man. His reward was already in the pipeline and finally arrived for him, unexpectedly, as it usually does. He expresses his thoughts so well. The excerpt you translated for us, Daniela, was a perfect choice. That last line… wow,,,.straight to the heart.

    1. True Laura, I was very impressed by this thanks to the families, a duty, but not so obvious for everyone

      1. Daniela, I left a description of the documentary which some of you have been trying to remember or locate, regarding the initial, professional events which factored into the creation of the trio, “IL VOLO” (aka, “our guys” 🙂 ).

  15. Thank you Daniela. So interesting that other than their talent and personalities becoming more mature , they’re still the same wonderful “Guys” they were before they became famous. Thank you Mr. Torpedine for watching T.V. that night.

    1. Yes Marlene, having read these words has done nothing but expand the esteem and affection for the boys and their manager.

  16. Thank you so much for this translation! It is another piece of the story of these amazing singers. How wonderful that it was Mr. Torpedine who saw them and had the inspiration to do the great work that he has done.

  17. I have just bought a paperback copy of the book on Amazon.UK. There were only two remaining copies. I assume that only one is left now. I paid £12.84 – about $18 or about 14.50 €. I am so grateful to Daniela for alerting me to the book’s existence!

    Ho appena comprato una copia tascabile su Amazon del Regno Unito. Ci rimanevano soltanto due copie. Suppongo che, adesso, ne rimangano una sola. Ho pagato £12.84 – circa $18 o 14.50 €. Ringrazio tanto Daniela per avermi avvisato dell’esistenza di questo libro.

    1. Bernard, for me it was a pleasure.
      He does not speak much of IL VOLO, but so much of Bocelli, of the way he came to know him and bring him to the fore when no one wanted him.
      It speaks of many Italian artists that you can recognize as you know Italian music and Italian language well.
      When you read it I’d like to exchange some opinions.
      Let’s say that IL VOLO was a panacea, for Torpedine at that time.

      Bernard, per me è stato un piacere.
      Non parla tantissimo de IL VOLO, ma tanto di Bocelli, del modo in cui è venuto a conoscerlo e portarlo alla ribalta quando nessuno lo voleva.
      Parla di tanti artisti italiani che tu potrai riconoscere in quanto conosci bene la musica italiana ela lingua italiana.
      Quando l’avrai letto mi piacerebbe scambiare qualche parere.
      Diciamo che IL VOLO è stato un toccasana, per Torpedine in quel momento.

      1. Daniela

        Sarò molto lieto di scambiare opinioni dopo averlo letto!

        I shall be delighted to exchange thoughts after having read it.

      2. Bernard, please share your thoughts with us here. i would be interested. thank you

    2. Bernard, thanks for the head’s up on the paperback. I just bought the other copy from Amazon/UK. I paid $34 USD for it. Including shipping to US. Maybe it will be a collectible someday. According to Daniela I will probably not recognize many of the other names in the book. I will google them though.

      1. Hi Rose Marie

        I am delighted to know that the last two copies have each gone to a good home! Amazon has scheduled delivery of mine for this Friday!

  18. A once in a lifetime story that keeps giving so much joy and pleasure to so many, in a troubled world-who couldn’t feel that they, and those immediately involved with them, aren’t among the greatest souls to grace our lives. May their extraordinary talents never wane. Grazie, Daniela

    1. Yes Marchio, we hope with all my heart.
      They are young but have had to face changes.
      A change in their career was made after Sanremo and I think that now with the new CD there will be a further step, maybe not everyone will like it but this shows that they are multifaceted artists, who can interpret many genres, they have demonstrated with the airs of opera and with pop. Now we are anxiously waiting.

  19. You can indeed be proud of these fine young men who you have brought to the world to enjoy. Their parents put their trust in you and you have not failed them. We can only hope that all of you have many years of success ahead . Bravo to a man of great class.

    1. Irene, I think this special relationship, in addition to great talent, makes things so special. We fans sense it and we appreciate it a lot.
      These guys are really “good guys” and their team is a big family.
      Torpedine can be satisfied with his work.

  20. Daniela I saw at an earlier post back to 2015 that people were looking forward to March re Il Volo. Do you know or have you heard if there is an Il Volo concert in Detroit or somewhere in March? I would appreciate if you could put out feelers. Thanks for whatever you could find. Being in Canada & close to the border if there is a chance to see Il Volo I would be on top of the world.

    1. Loretta, I think there will be no concerts for 2018 but the presences to publicize the new CD.
      It was also said that they would work on another Italian CD, I think completely different from the Latin one. Anyway, I promised to let you know about the changes.

      1. The video you posted from the Detroit DVD is NOT the video I am referring to. I have that DVD and therefore the video. The video I saw was made in Italy, and the only clip of the guys was singing O Sole Mio–I think they were outside but I can’t be entirely sure of that. It started out with Mr. Torpedine talking first., Then some others who spoke in Italian. Definitely not this video.

      2. I understand Loretta, you’re right, this I published was the video that described Laura and Bernard.

      3. Sorry Penina, the comment was for you and not for Loretta, I’m still looking for the video.

  21. Grazie, Grazie Daniela! I am so glad you were able to translate that much for us. I read books All the time and it makes me sad that I have so little Italiano, I cannot read on my own. For your work I am very grateful. Torpedine has always been a mystery to me, now I feel much better about him because he has true affection for “the guys”. In essence he is one of us… a fan! I look forward to the next chapter you can give us. Beso!, Piratesorka

    1. Hi Pirata, Torpedine has always been surrounded by an aura of mystery, but this book helps a lot to understand him and his work, which is often not a recognized job, because the manager is often in the shadows. In the book Torpedine speaks of this aspect, the gratitude and trust that the boys and their beautiful families recognize and that as a boomerang returns to them.
      Soon I will translate another chapter.
      Un bacio a te.

  22. Thanks Daniela for all your information on our guys & Mr. Torpedine. You must get tired at some point you are so knowledgeable. Don’t forget to get plenty of rest we don’t want t lose you

  23. Many thanks Daniela for yet another great translation of an article that we may never have known about. I think you are a wonderful and brave person because your translations are so great and yet the English language is mostly foreign to you!!

    Very interesting to read Michele Torpedine’s description of the events that portrays his achievements with Il Volo. I am also sure that their antics are keeping him young!!

    Something interesting about the Il Volo PBS concert in Detroit “Il Volo Takes Flight”, that is not shown on Deniela’s video is that it was Huberto Gatica who started the Il Volo mantra of “Three Voices, One Soul”

    1. In the end you read it right away. Thanks to you Ineke.
      I think Torpedine with our boys has revitalized and I also believe that he has a lot of fun with them.
      It is true, it was Gatica who said “Tre Voci a anima”.

  24. Dearest Daniela….Thank you, thank you for bringing this wonderful translation of Michele’s heartfelt book. I am having the same loving feelings concerning Michele’s deep affection for Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero and their families. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives and to be warmly connected to so many people all over the world … all because of three young, very talented, sweet Italian fellas. Thank you, again. ♥

    1. Dearest Hariett, I am very happy with your comment and I thank you very much.
      Soon I will translate another piece of the book so that all of you can enjoy reading it.
      You’re right, our guys are the wires that connect so many people in the world, and it’s really nice to run through these wires to meet wonderful people that otherwise you would not have known.

  25. WOW. What a gift for all of us to get this from the book. And we’re so grateful that it was quickly purchased. Thanks for this excerpt. It just shows what a miracle we’re witnessing and aren’t we all blessed to have them in our lives. The joy they bring is beyond words and we all know how special and genuinely honest they are with all of their triumphs. There is nothing fake in what the boys give us. Thanks so much for this.

    1. Victoria, what did I tell you? That reading Torpedine’s words would have been good for us all, and so it was.
      To be able to understand the affection and respect and I would also say gratitude that he has towards these boys and their beautiful families, warms all our hearts.
      See you next time.

  26. Cynthia, If you haven’t already, you might try national, international and rare booksellers to see if they have a good copy of the book. Some will contact you if they find one, but it might cost you a pretty penny, It’s worth a try and maybe someone will be offering it for a reasonable price. You know, somewhere on YouTube, I think, I remember reading a translation of a section of that book. I think it was in later 2015 or early 2016 that I came upon it. Am not sure now, but there may have been more translated there. The part I read was about when they were in Miami in 2010 and they couldn’t fid Igny and everyone was frantic. He turned up the next morning after having been found laying on someone’s lawn by the police. He’d been roughed up a little, robbed of his watch, wallet and favorite blue jacket. He’d been drugged via his drink in a nightclub the night before. Very strange and disturbing incident. I think you might know that part of the book already, though (?)

    1. That is what I remember reading in the translation, as best as I remember, anyway. You might also look at the archives of “All About Il Volo” if they still exist. Maybe that’s where I read it. Was thinking previously that it might have been on YT in an interview with the guys in Italian, but with English subtitles. Just not sure now, Sorry, Cynthia.

      1. Yes, right Laura, what you wrote and remember well the episode of Ignazio, but I think Cynthia wanted to know if the book came out in the English version. Unfortunately no, it has not been translated, it exists only in the Italian version.

      2. Daniela, I sure would love that book translated. I can see from that excerpt about Ignazio that some things they didn’t want public and there were reasons it was pulled. I’m sure some people got copies and they will show up. Does anyone know the name of that book? It’s spring and I can hardly wait for the beautiful 3 to get their album out. I found this and loved it. It was posted March 2017. Il Volo on American TV. https://youtu.be/AodWd-M6ssY
        Hugs all, Victoria

      3. Victoria, the book we are talking about is posted in photos by Cynthia, here higher up in the comments and is titled IL VOLO UN’AVVENTURA STRAORDINARIA. Chapter 5 of Part II speaks of Ignazio and his misadventure.
        This book has not been translated into English.

        Nice video, fun, I remembered seeing it.

      4. Daniela, Thank you so much and I did find the excerpt from the book. It was so very informative and a part of the story about the boys and those who Influence them. We appreciate any news in the states as you get so much more information in Italy. Bless you, Victoria

  27. I’m happy for Mr. Torpedine that he was able to come in contact with the Il Volo boys immediately & have the help & faith in their families. Seeing as the profession he was in before looking after other artists careers & from what I read how he had been mistreated & probably not listened to & also not been paid. From what I read he was at his wits end & didn’t know how his career was going to turn out.
    So I am a firm believer in God. Il Volo came along with these amazing voices & pure & honest young men with honest families who needed a guide & there was Mr. Torpedine who needed new clients to work with & who has done a fantastic job of promoting them & never took a cent from the beginning from their families & even now is reluctant to open up his hands to be paid even when he knows the boys trust him. We are the recipients of being blessed to listen to angelic voices & even some of us have been blessed to get to know the boys not only on stage but in person. I am one of those recipients & I feel blessed to know Ignazio & Ganluca & briefly Barbara & a few people on this site.
    I can’t be sorry for the clients that Mr. Torpedine had because they didn’t appreciate an honest man but who probably took advantage of him & probably didn’t pay him or worse.
    So when I listen to Il Volo I usually thanks God my hearing & eyes are perfect for my age & as soon as I hear of any Il Volo concerts even if I have to wait for a year I will speed run to get tickets hoping they are going to be in a vicinity I can get to & scream whoopy maybe I can give a kiss to Ignazio.

    1. Great Loretta, you did a really thorough analysis but dictated by the heart. Beautiful words.
      I hope Torpedine and the guys read these words and all these wonderful comments posted here.

  28. Daniela

    I now have my copy of Michele Torpedine’s book. It came as a hardback and not the paperback that I was expecting!

    An interesting fact from the opening few chapters is that his sister, Liliana, finished second in the Miss Italia competition in 1971. She was Miss Puglia which is the region where the Torpedine family lived before moving to Bologna. ”

    I checked Wikipedia for the 1971 contest and sure enough, one of the contestants was Pasqualina Torpedine! When Michele describes her as a very beautiful woman, we can be sure that she is!

    There is a clothes shop in Bologna called “Gocce di Memoria di Pasqualina Torpedine.” The address is via dal Luzzo. However, it is clear that Pasqualina is known as Liliana because of this information which includes a photograph of Liliana/Pasqualina and gives the same address for the shop!


    Gocce di Memoria was also a song recorded by Giorgia, whom I mentioned as having sung “Vivo per Lei” with Andrea Bocelli. Michele Torpedine was her manager who took her from obscurity to fame. He does not speak too kindly of her in his opening pages! The song can be found on Vevo and YouTube. “Gocce” means “drops” but I think used in the sense of teardrops. It is a sad song!

    I am looking forward to reading the book but I have already read the parts relating to il Volo. Daniela is going to tell you about those; so, I won’t ruin it by saying anything here.

    1. Gocce di Memoria is a beautiful song. I must tell you Bernard, that I did not like Giorgia’s behavior, I did not believe her like that. I do not know at what point you are for reading, but you will be amazed at so many things.
      Yes, I believe that Liliana and Pasqualina are the same people. There are some photos of the guys with Liliana, I post one.
      I would say that of the boys, Torpedine speaks very well. I would like to translate the whole part of IL VOLO for the crew but I would not like to attract someone’s anger.
      I’m glad you got the book. Enjoy the reading.

    2. Bernard, I am hoping I get a hard copy also. In the description it says paperback. Can you tell how many pages there are, as I will have to translate it with google translate. Thanks for the info.

      1. Good morning, Rose Marie

        Officially, the page count is 244. However, the reality is that there are a lot of blanks and half pages because the chapters are very short.

        The content about il Volo starts on page 233; so, as Daniela says, there is not too much about them. As the books title implies, they are a new beginning for Michele.

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