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A year ago, a broadcast began with Antonella Clerici called STANDING OVATION. Before the transmission Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were interviewed.

I will translate what they said. You can  read  the good words of the priest at the end of the interview.


The guys from IL VOLO, the trio discovered by Antonella Clerici, we went to interview them.  Listen to what they said.  Maybe they will even sing a bit.


What a thrill, I’m with IL VOLO.  Hello guys, cheers to STANDING OVATION, right?

I = Absolutely

P = Hurray Antonella

I= The Standing Ovation for an artist is a fundamental thing, that when he sees them, his heart fills.


Can you tell me about your first Standing Ovation?

I = It was right with Antonella, our first standing ovation.

But what does an artist think “are they doing it, really to me?”

G = Do you think we were 14 years old when we sang the first time together, so many years have passed and we have lived many beautiful experiences, and being here, after so many years, returning with our dear friend Antonella, will be a beautiful thing.

P = We touch iron because it’s Friday 17.

G = Come on, nothing happens.

I = goodbye


Really very successful guys, world success for these guys.


Priest = Excellencies indeed.

They are really a beautiful presentation page of our nation abroad.  I know because I attend a lot abroad, and I often live there too. They are a beautiful presentation paper clean, exemplary, also artistically very valid, bel canto likes, rewards the nation and also who interprets it.

We really hope a long success for these guys, they are also a good example for those who want to take care of culture and know that in Italy there is so much, so much space.

A good example of young people.


This second video was aired the day after the presence of IL VOLO at the Sanremo Festival this year.

At the base of the images there is the writing:

IL VOLO: PICCO D’ASCOLTO DELLA SECONDA SERATA (Il Volo, peak listening to the second evening).

It was put to inform that at the moment of the presence of IL VOLO at the festival, there was the  maximum listening of the whole evening at the time of the performance of the boys. Beautiful satisfaction.



They chose to call themselves IL VOLO as a tribute to the music that took them by the hand, taking them higher and higher.

Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble soon started to put their talents to good use.

They come from Sicily and Abruzzo and began to sing thanks to their grandparents musicians and all three say they have not dreamed of anything but become singers.

Is 2009 when the boys are together on the limelight of the program TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE by Antonella Clerici and then suddenly, the story begins.

Piero, the eldest of the three, has glasses and casual talk.

Ignazio succeeds with great discipline to lose weight.

Gianluca, the youngest of the three, says that with IL VOLO it was like finding another family.

Together they start to conquer the world.

What is certain is that they have become three stars, gathering amazing successes on different theatrical stages and their rise beyond the ocean seems to know no limits.

They are the first Italian artists to have signed with an American major and sang O SOLE MIO as guests of the talent show American Idol, greeted by a riot of applause and standing ovation.

Their debut album, the first day of release entered the tenth place in the list of the best-selling CDs of the U.S.A.


Yesterday evening, the IL VOLO boys returned on the Ariston stage, three years after the victory, of the festival with the song GRANDE AMORE.



 The third video, Exclusiva…

Here’s how they were Piero Gianluca and Ignazio, still young and unaware of the success that would have overwhelmed them.

Known all over the world as the guys of IL VOLO, in a few years they really took off flying, winning millions of fans.

But times change, and the voice should be enough to recognize them, because from the classic look that distinguishes them, here they are making poses, very rock in this photo shoot.

Looks of macho, abdominals in sight, sculpted pectorals, for IL VOLO it’s time for a sexy turn.

The festivities are valid for being bare-chested and showing the abdominals.

Bodies that certainly do not go unnoticed, and that make a massacre of hearts.

It had already been a hot summer for Gianluca Ginoble, called the beauty of the group. After extinguishing the summer flames, he was recently paparazzi in Barbados with this beautiful girl with a Latin charm.

With her, he exchanges tenderness and hot kisses.

Here they are, he and Piero together in the gym during a training session and then realize a photo shoot like real “Riace bronzes”.


Even Ignazio has transformed his body, lost the extra pounds, now he dedicates body and soul to physical activity, and the results are seen.


One thing is certain, to stay in flight, you must also have a “beastly physique.” (an Italian song says that “it takes a beastly physique ….”).






Credit to all owners of videos and photos.



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    1. Thanks to you as always Gina, who you appreciate and always compliment my work.
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      1. Ok, Cynthia, I would say that the third video is also sexy !!
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  1. I appreciate so much the translations that help us to understand what is going on in all the pictures we see. A big thank you for all the work that goes into the presentations!

    1. Jeanette, thank you, and I’m glad you liked it, I understand what you feel when you see videos in another language, it’s the same for me too.

  2. Ahhh Daniela, that was a fun read along with the videos.I always enjoy hearing what Italians themselves have to say about our gorgeous guys! Grazie Daniela, grazie!

    1. Thanks Conni, when the comments are beautiful, it is a satisfaction for me to translate them to you.

    1. One of the first videos I saw after I stumbled upon Il Volo and was researching who they are, was another clip from the that singing competition in which Gianluca is upset because he had formed a friendship there with a girl from Sardinia and was sad that they would have to part. He liked her a lot, poor lamb. (That video clip is entitled, “Gianluca Ginoble – Ti Lascio Una Canzone (moment of emocion) – Il Volo”.

      1. Thanks Laura, I remember that moment, Gianluca has always been very sensitive and does not hide his feelings and emotions, not even tears.


        He says it’s sad because they have to be separated.
        Antonella tells him that there are now phones and cell phones with which you can communicate quickly and maybe in a year they will meet again.
        And she says that Gianluca is really a very sentimental guy, in fact only one person can sing with so much emotion.

      2. Thanks, Daniela, for that video clip! At the time I watched it, I could tell that she was reassuring him about various ways they could stay in touch, but I could not make out that she also was specifically adding saying that they could meet again in about a year, so thanks for that, too. (I wonder what the girl thinks now!) It’s so very good of you to help people out who otherwise wouldn’t know what’s being said sometimes.

      3. Thanks Laura, but you know what I tell you? I’d like to know what that little girl thinks now, given that Gianluca is a very handsome boy, and has been successful. Maybe she will eat her fingers !!

      4. oh Daniela, thank you for this translation.
        i saw this, it think it was this, before i met you,
        and wondered about it, and wanted to ask you. then forgot.
        then here it is !

  3. I can see it now, somewhere in Sardinia there is a woman who had chewed on her fingers in her grief over losing the belliisimo Gianluca. There goes her chances of ever learning to play the piano!!

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