~ IL VOLO 2010-2014 ~ by Daniela

I started to follow IL VOLO from the final evening of Sanremo, so even though I later saw a lot of old videos, sometimes I like to review some again and I always find some that I have not seen.



I had never seen this video with the performance of Funiculì Funiculà.

They are guests at  “Ti Lascio una canzone” and have the name TRIO.


Also this video I have never seen  before, and hearing “Tous les visages de l’amour” always excites me!


I had already seen this video but the guys are fantastic, so young and so “great.”

Of course you all know that Piero wears the band on his head because he had just been operated on the ears.


I had heard about this appearance during the POOH concert. For those who do not know them, POOH is a band of 4 good singers who in 2017 celebrated 50 years of activity.

The singer dressed in white who introduces them (Facchinetti), says that they won an award in America and they are Italians. The video is amateur, taken by the public and you hear the voices of the audience that say “but how they became tall, but how they have changed.”  Then Ignazio gives thanks and says it is an honor to be guests in their concert because they have made the history of Italian music.


This is a prize set up to reward the best journalists who are interested in children in particular in countries where there is war. It was called  LUCCHETTA  PRIZE OUR ANGELS.

A video for every year in which I did not yet know IL VOLO.

Did you already know these videos or some are new to you too?


Credit to all owners of photos and videos.

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  1. This video has brought back so many memories our our guys at the very beginning of their career… How lucky we are that these wonderful moments are on video for us to enjoy and remember how these fresh faced adorable boys with amazing adult voices captured our hearts forever…
    Thank you Daniela for the memory of this wonderful video of our guys before they were Il Volo…

    1. All the early videos are like a history lesson from the start of Il Volo … We love the old and the new videos because each brings these three young men closer to our hearts every time we watch them…

    2. Jeannette, I too often enjoy looking in the big archive of you tube and when I discover something that I have not seen, I’m satisfied, another ring fits into the story of IL VOLO.
      Adorable guys.

  2. Thank you Daniela for these memories of the “younger” IL VOLO
    singers…..We can put together many of our favorite songs and
    create our own customized concert(s)….. I loved them the first time
    I heard them sing and look forward to the new CD…..I listen to them
    a part of every day…..No day is complete without hearing their beautiful

    1. It ‘s true Gale, everyone can make his own concert, and in any case it will always be a great concert to listen to, alone or in company.
      The days spend more happy together with their songs.

  3. Thanks Daniela for a extraordinary look back. I first got to know IL Volo 2015. If your depressed over a winter that won’t quit, listening to the boys sing with such feeling will bring the brightness of spring back into your life. “Life is still worthwhile if you just Smile”. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero make us all Smile!

    1. Vincent you wrote some really beautiful things and you’re right, Gianluca Ignazio and Piero make everyone smile.
      As you read, I’ve been following them since 2015 and when I see these old videos, I’m sorry I did not follow them in those years.

  4. Thank you Daniela for the walk down memory lane. I found IL Volo in 2013 when I saw the We Are Love concert on tv and I’ve been hooked ever since. It is a joy to see their journey in this musical life and to know in my heart they are only getting better with time.

    1. Magnificent We Are Love, I am always enchanted when I listen to it again or watch the video again.
      Luckylady is nice to see the guys improve over time, but it’s also nice to see that their “way of being” never changes.

  5. Thanks Daniela for these videos. I love looking back to the beginning of their journey. I loved their voices when they were young. They sang with such joy..

    1. Gina, the pleasure we have when listening and even seeing these guys is really unique, they are UNIQUE, before, now and ….

  6. I have pictures of the guys when they first came here in concert & meet & greet in Toronto & pictures of me & Ignazio & of course I am aiming for a kiss on his cheek He was so cute then & a treasure now & am waiting for the next concert & meet & greet for another kill on the cheek thats not asking too much is it???

    1. Oh Loretta, I treasure my picture with the boys as well. I got a Bose speaker for Christmas and it connects to everything. You cannot know the tears running down my face as I watch them on YouTube and have that beautiful speaker right next to me. Phoebe is laying on it right now and mutes the music. She loves them as well. When they are on the TV, Phoebe sits at attention and watches with me, I think she remembers their concerts. She sat at attention at the concerts as well. She didn’t move her eyes from the boys. We have an Il Volo Dog. We are proudly an il Volo family. I simply cannot turn them off. My question to all of you is: How come we all are so special that we found them? Why did we among all the world have gotten to share in their years of growing up and adding such joy to our lives. I’ve looked in my life and see why I needed them. Maybe some of you have found that need being filled as well. They and their music is so important to us. And have you noticed they are never about themselves. They are not self absorbed. It is all about their audiences and tributes to their idols. It is never about their egos. They are a miracle! Victoria

      1. Victoria, what you say is true.
        After you’ve heard IL VOLO the first time, you’re invaded by a desire to know all of them, almost a frenzy. But what we discover we really like, normal guys, normal families. They let us peek into the intimacy of their families, and we love them even more, boys educated, kind to everyone, fills our hearts, gladdens life, sing wonderfully and make us dream.

      2. Daniela, I just found someone put together the boys best audiences reactions. (Drinking no doubt!) I can think of many favorite audiences and they would beat this whole video. Was this posted by someone who hasn’t really been to a big concert or what? Nice try. I hope someone else puts together a better bunch of best audience reactions than this lame try out. I am patient and it will happen, I’m sure. My love for your contributions. I still have the question to all of you….. what need has the boys filled in your lives? Victoria https://youtu.be/ThLpaH262js

      3. Hi Victoria
        I wouldn’t even call that audience reactions–I’d call it celebrity reactions–which is not the same thing!

      4. Peninahonig, I laughed my head off at your astute assessment that they were celebrity hunting. Every time I read your comment I started laughing again. I got hooked today all day and half the night. I just cannot turn them off once I start watching and listening to those adorable guys. They got me through andinteresting day and out the other side. Thanks for the laugh. I like those too. Hugs to all! Victoria

      5. We’ve all seen REAL audience reactions–from the teeny boppers in South America and Mexico throwing various items of underwear on stage to the standing ovations they get everywhere–and I may add, from the very beginning at the first Detroit concert, right through to the last Notte Magica one. And what got me in that clip was the section from America’s got talent–instead of focusing on the celebrities they could have shown that woman sitting on stage whose jaw literally dropped when they started singing! That’s one of my favoirte reactions to their singing!

      6. Penina Honig, Always my favorite is when they go into the audience. My husband loves that as well. They communicate and are so authentic with their fans and everyone feels it. One of my favorite YouTube videos is when they were on American Idol and just starting out. How Ignacio and Piero went into the audience was just delightful to watch. We have seen real audiences react and I remember the Moscow concert and they had dolls made to look like the boys and I thought they were true fans. The flowers that kept coming and coming and the boys were simply delightful to watch. I loved your response to the video is I was annoyed as well. Thank you for your insight. Hugs to all, Victoria

      7. Victoria thanks for the video, I had not seen, beautiful reactions of showbiz characters.
        I did not understand why they did not include the reaction of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, who was present at America’s Got Talent and beat Ignazio’s five.

      8. Daniela, I thought the American Idol performance where they went into the audience beat all. We love when they interact with the audience. It made them very popular. Jay missed that in the last tour. I think security is tighter as they get bigger. Neal Diamond was one of the few who would walk amongst the crowd and no one would leave their seats. Not many can do it. I still love to find new entries on YouTube. I spent the day with them and their music with tears in my eyes. Then jay came in and we watched til he went to bed. The boys are hard to turn off. Hugs to all. Victoria

      9. Dear Penina

        I am reluctant to contradict you but the girl in the pink dress was not Laura Pausini. She is called Giuliana Danzè and she was one of the participants in Ti Lascio Una Canzone. She and Gianluca were the same age – 14 – during the 2009 series. Giuliana had also taken part in the 2008 series when aged 13 and also the 2010 series, aged 15. Later, she was a contestant on Italy’s version of “The Voice.”

        She and Gianluca performed a duet of “Vivo per lei” which is a great ;and they did it full justice! It was the winning song of the seventh week in the 2009 series. “Lei” normally means “her” in English but here it means “it” and refers to “music” which is a feminine noun in Italian (la musica). So, it means “I live for it” (i.e. music). I heard the song for the first time when I bought my first ever CD of Andrea Bocelli while on holiday in Tuscany in 1997. On the CD, Bocelli sang it with the Italian singer, Giorgia, who had won Sanremo 1995 with a song called “Come saprei” which means “How would I know.”

        Gianluca’s and Giuliana’s duet received more than 2,000,000 views on YouTube before RAI insisted on its removal on copyright grounds. The good news for Crew members is that RAI kept it on the RAI Player pages of Ti Lascio Una Canzone. I am delighted to supply a link and invite all those Crew members, who do not already know it, to feast their eyes and ears! http://www.rai.it/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-f7838017-fc2c-403d-bc82-e9af0b5d9b0f.html

        Gianluca sang the song with another girl in the series and YouTube still has that preformance available – Sara Pischeddu – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m09kGEMkbIo

        When the seventh programme aired, I remember thinking that Gianluca was destined for greatness. I thought that he would become a top Italian artist. I admit that I never anticipated that Il Volo would emerge from the programme and that they would become a worldwide success. I guess that explains why I never became a music impresario! However, once they had been formed, I told Moira Walters, one of my Irish cousins, that they would become world famous. Moira is the mother of a well known violinist who became the leader of the Irish National Youth Orchestra and is now an accomplished performer who plays with many of the UK’s major orchestras. She even has her own videos on YouTube! https://www.brittensinfonia.com/people/roisin-walters/

        I should mention that seeing the video excerpt from 2009, I was reminded that Ignazio and another girl, Veronica Liberati, had a mutual crush for a few weeks during the 2009 series. I always admired Veronica’s talent even though she never had the break needed to become a household name in Italy. Judge for yourselves from this quartet that comprises, from left to right, Giuliana, Veronica, Arianna and Grazia during the 2010 series – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOTJSIvOvVI

      10. Bernard, what areally beautiful gift those videos were. Thank you from my heart for sharing them and all the information that went with them. We do like accurate information and yours was a real contribution. What a tremendous volume of music is out there for us to watch the growth of the boys. It is magnificent to trace all their beginnings. Thank you again for all of it. Victoria

      11. Bernard, thank you for your confirmation. I knew that Laura Pausini had not participated in Ti LASCIO UNA CANZONE but I was not following at that time the guys of the Flight therefore, it could have been that Laura had come as a guest and I did not know.
        You have been very thorough and kind to confirm all this by attaching the various videos.
        Thank you.

      12. Hello Victoria, It does seem that your little Phoebe Girl is interested and enjoying the lovelight and sound of IL VOLO ! 💛

      13. Dear Penina

        I think that your LITTLE (not big) mistake was actually a blessing because it made me look for the video of Gianluca and Giuliana singing “Vivo per lei.” I hadn’t viewed it in a very long time and I have now brought it to the attention of Crew members who otherwise might not ever have seen it.

        That is another great aspect of belonging to the Crew. One person’s thoughts prompt another to delve into the recesses of their memory in order to recall something that needs to be shared.

        Peaceful Palm Sunday wishes to everyone!

      14. That is a beautiful video, and I have seen it many times. I must have been confused with someone else. Was there another Laura on that program?
        In any case I’m sorry for any confusion I caused. And I’ll be more careful in the future!

    1. What a lucky Loretta, I would like a photo of Ignatius while he gives me a kiss on the cheek, without killing him definitely!

    2. Loretta, one of my favorite memories is from back in the day when they gave roses to fans in the audience. It was the concert in Minneapolis at the Orpheum. I was in the front row, and IIgnazio leaned over the edge of the stage and handed me a rose. It is dry to the point of crumbling, but still has a place of importance on top of my computer desk. Another fond memory is of the chicken hot dish that you carried all the way to Detroit and served to my girls and Marie and me in the hotel.

      1. A rose directly from Ignazio …… “my mother” what a fabulous thing. I am very happy that you Mary had, this beautiful gift.

  7. I ;have been a follower of these very talented Italian young men since I first heard them on the Detroit PBS Special, I believe that was in 2009. The very next day, I headed to Barnes & Noble and bought their first CD “Il Volo Takes Flight”. I have every CD and DVD since then. A day without Il Volo singing in my house, is a day without sunshine. And what fun to see Piero wearing his red glasses. They were his trademark for a while. Can’t wait to meet Piero, Ignazio and Gianluica again, real soon, I hope. Thanks Daniela for posting those videos. – Allene

    1. Yesterday, for my work, I met a girl. She saw that on my pc I have the photo of IL VOLO.
      She told me that he went to a concert in Verona just after Sanremo, out of curiosity, and he got goosebumps all the time. She said they have incredible voices and are real masters of the scene.
      This is the effect that they make to those who listen to them the first time. Love.
      Kisses Allene.

      We hope that Piero will wear, sometimes, his red glasses again.

  8. Thank you Daniela for these videos. I have seen a few of them but not all. I always love hearing them sing “Tous les visages de l’amour”. It is wonderful to be able to see so many videos of their concerts and performances throughout the years. I first saw them on their PBS special Il Volo Takes Flight from Detroit and have been following them ever since. Seeing these videos and watching them grow is a pleasure. Their clothes and hairstyles may have changed, but they are always spectacular and they never disappoint!

    1. Margaret, who do you say it, when I hear “Tus les visages de l’amour”, with their French pronunciation …….. beautiful, and very sweet.
      You’re right, they grow up, they change styles and clothes, but they’re still the same, those delicious guys next door.

  9. All the comments were wonderful. It reminded me of our seeing them on American idol and then the PBS specials made us order anything they have recorded since. We have all their CD’s and DVD’s and even the Spanish version of Grande Amore to get one new song ‘Recuérdame’. Like everyone here we feel their music in our house and Jay’s clinic is a joy every day. We are thrilled at the number of concerts on YouTube and this Flight Crew site has been a real gift. When we were in Rome, Jay had laminated the Flight Crew official logo and we were ushered right through security and staff members from the concert hall took care of us personally. We were so appreciative of your influence. Thanks for all the sharing.

    1. Victoria, I’m glad that the boys cheer up your long days.
      “Recuérdame” beautiful song, I like it in Italian, but in Spanish and fantastic, and so also “Si me falta tu mirada” the video shot in black and white at the Arena di Verona is amazing.
      But in the end, all their songs and videos are very beautiful, you are spoiled for choice, and so the days flow happily.

    2. Victoria,
      For me it’s the overall experience of tremendous, handsome voices and choice of beautiful music that lifts the spirits–their stage presence and seemingly honest, generous and welcoming approach. I sense a lot of integrity and genuine love for their audience, fans, and their artistry. Their sound goes around and around in my mind and makes me happy.

      1. Mark, you have captured in a few words the essence that I feel as well. They touch something in us as well. If I’m listening to them when my husband is done with work, we cannot turn them off and spend the evening dinner with them singing. It is difficult to turn them off. Your clarity I will copy as it is a wonderful synopsis of what we all feel. Thank you. Victoria

      2. Mark you wrote a really beautiful comment, you know IL VOLO recently, but you’ll see they will not let you down, because they are excellent artists, but first of all three good guys: Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca.

  10. Daniela the video called “Lucchetta Prize our Angels” from July 2014 is the only one I have not seen before. I am so glad to hear them sing both my favorite songs, Smile and Il Canto. In the Il Canto song Ignazio sings the first verse and then Gianluca sings the next verse and I just love how low/deep his beautiful baritone voice goes in that section of this song!!!
    Lovely ‘Review’ Daniela and many thanks.

    1. Ineke, I’m glad that at least one video you did not see, and even more happy that it contains one of your favorite songs.
      Each of us, when he starts to follow IL VOLO, goes on you tube and looks at all the possible videos, so finding one unseen, it’s really rare.

  11. Oh Daniela, I love all these videos! What a great idea for this post. I had seen the first two, Funiculì Funiculà and Tous les visages de l’amour, but not the rest of them! Grazie mille! I LOVED the 2012 video when they sang Un Amore Cosi Grande! Such a powerful song. I did not know that is why Piero had the headband on. Gianluca was so passionate and expressive in that one. And, did you notice his wink at around 52 seconds into the video? I wish he would still do that once in a while….. I think winks can be cute, fun and sexy!

    1. Pat, what a pleasure you found something you had not seen yet.
      Yes, Gianluca is very sexy with that wink, he also does it in the video of Grande Amore.
      Did not you know that Piero wore the band for the operation? It had just been done. Can not you find it cute? And the dimples of Igna?
      These guys are too beautiful and good.

  12. Daniela have found different videos for the differnt concerts that the guys had been to in the different cities which I didn;t know about so thanks for the suggestion. So much I never knew were there so I am sure there still others I will look for.

  13. To Mary Bohling so nice you thought of that day & were you ever going back a few years, you have a good memory. Now I am so envious that you got a rose from Ignazio I didn;t know that. That was a fun time maybe some day at another concert we can get together again. So nice to chat with you. Hope your staying healthy & happy & we’ll be happy when we can see our precious boys in concert again.

  14. Daniela, another one of their early performances was – Il Volo en Miss Italia.
    If you can find it, you will see a very good performance. I think Ignazio and
    Gianluca are about 14 and and Piero 15.

  15. I don’t have the know how to put a site on the Flight Crew blog.
    I thank you for making this lovely performance available. They
    were so shy but their voices were beautiful and powerful. Thank
    you so much Daniela. I never dreamed I would ever be in contact
    with a Flight Crew friend in beautiful Italy. You’re the greatest.

    1. Thanks Gale, I too had never thought of having so many friends far from my Italy with whom to exchange opinions, and I liked this very much.

      1. Daniela, I too love all the connections all over the world through this site. I love hearing everone’s comments and am thrilled when I find new videos. I just found these pictures of Piero referring to his ears – as if anyone cared with that sweet face and magnificent voice. Evidently Piero wanted a different look or someone made remarks about him.
        Hugs to all, Victoria

  16. Beautiful this photo Victoria, however, I must tell you that I do not think that even Francis was operated on the ears. Indeed, I believe that Piero suffered even more because his brother’s ears were normal, but his ears were wide.
    However it is true, we would have loved him the same, but he did not like his ears.

    1. Daniela, The boys give so much of themselves when they sing and share themselves with the fans……. that whatever makes them happy – like Piero’s ears – we don’t care about. This page is full of their evolution and I cannot believe how long we have been their fans. We are so blessed to have seen them here and in Rome and we still kick ourselves for not following them all over Italy while we were there. It would have been so easy except for my health. We treasure our time with them and everyone must see them in person to fall in love to a greater depth. Thank you all for you contributions to this site. I have enjoyed videos and photos I’ve never seen before. We are blessed with everyone’s generosity in sharing all that they have with us here. Hugs to all, Victoria

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