Flashback Friday: Il Volo’s First Appearance on, The Talk




We are all looking forward to the new album of Il Volo’s to be coming out and can never wait until the next time they are on TV or videos surface of their next appearances, but here is a blast from the past: one of the first times America got to fall in love with them —ย  on the set of, The Talk!

~~ Kelly

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  1. I love to see those early videos and be reminded how and why I fell in love with them. – Allene

  2. I have seen this video a few times before and just love seeing the reaction from the audience. Another favorite of mine is their American Idol performance. As the camera panned the contestants that year the look of awe on their faces was priceless. Our guys are just mesmerizing ! Just love them!!!

  3. Wow! Another video I had not seen before! Thank you Kelly for posting this! I didn’t discover these adorable guys until 2016! Just look at all I missed! I’m having so much fun re-discovering them again and again! ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜

  4. What a treat this was to see again. I didn’t discover them till 2012 and there were so few videos then. What a wealth of riches we have now.

  5. Did anyone notice during interviews as well as when they were singing how Gianluca directs the audience to Ignazio to make sure he is recognized because he is overweight. I have yet to tell Gianluca how proud of him I am that he didn’t let anyone overlook Ignazio.

  6. They are so small but simply adorable. I did not follow them then, and when I see these videos they make me so much tenderness, they are so good and so far away from home. Grazie Kelly!

    1. Hi Daniela, I can relate to your description of those feelings! ( By the way, I called PBS Catalogue and they don’t have the “Il Volo Takes Flight” DVD with the bonus documentary on it for sale. I was told that they will if , or when, they re-air that PBS Detroit 2011 concert again, but only through a Pledge donation while it is airing. I looked on Amazon and E-Bay and saw it there, however. The stock, at present, was not plentiful, but they will get more in stock at any time, I’m sure. It seems to be mostly available in what’s being called a “Deluxe” edition — which is a term being used for a combination package of the CD and DVD, or for the DVD that has something extra and special about it which is the “bonus documentary” included on it. Barnes and Noble Booksellers in the USA told me they can order that DVD, but they can’t tell in advance if it has the bonus documentary in it without being able to see it in its packaging at the store. I was told that one can just order it through them anyway and when it arrives at the store, they’d look to see if it is included. If it is not included in that version, one does not have to buy it, as it can be sold there. I would like to let Cynthia know this information as she is interested in finding it. I started with the easiest possible sources, first, for you and Cynthia, but will look further at other sources which might still deal in this particular DVD. Will let you and Cynthia know just as soon as I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Thanks Laura for the interest.
        I also want to check, when the new CD will come out, if all the old CDs are put on sale in stores, as happened when L’AMORE SI MUOVE is put on sale.
        As for the boys, when they are young, they surely inspire so much tenderness, however, already big even if they are small.
        I saw them in the transmission “Home And Family” and I must tell you Laura that we fans in Italy always recognize that the boys are much more relaxed in interviews and hosted abroad than in Italy.

      2. Daniela, they are more relaxed because they know WE LOVE THEM!! I hope they come to the USA to promote the new CD. So guys, please, please donโ€™t forget your fans, young and older in the North America๐Ÿ˜˜

      3. Thanks for the information, Daniela. I guess that maybe the reason they are generally more at ease abroad is because they haven’t received any negative criticism; only positive attention? That might be why. Daniela, I wonder if you ever looked over this Italian Instagram called: “Il Volo Grande Amore ๐Ÿ’—(@ilvolovers.marche.official.instagram photos and videos.” There are some very funny pictures and things on it, including lots of the guys shirtless. ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s a couple of Piero with the word, “Google” printed across him. (I don’t want to describe where it’s printed, exactly, but it’s very cute and funny.) ๐Ÿ™‚ I was scrolling through it last night and remembered that one of the Crew here had mentioned she had seen a picture of Ignazio (I think) shirtless , but she couldn’t remember where she’d seen it. What she’s looking for (and more!) is on that Instagram:) There’s also a great image for Piero fans of him getting a haircut wearing no shirt, no eyeglasses, (no beard!) from 2016. He looks really great in that one. (That image is not far down and is dead-center, as of last night). There’s a number of pics there that I’d not seen before of them, etc. There’s also another fine image of a shirtless Piero cooking and snapped from behind him; so cute. (That one is far down and on the right, as of last night). Lots of Piero’s ( and Gianluca’s & Igny’s) fans would like the photos, that’s for sure! Quite a bit there that I had not seen before. I enjoy the Italian fans’ Instagrams; always funny and creative. Also, any of the Italian Fan Club instagrams that I’ve seen usually have very pretty artwork on theirs; creative women and girls! ๐Ÿ™‚

      4. Laura, you have hit the mark, the boys when they are interviewed there, they are relaxed because those interviewing them see them as normal guys that they are. Instead, here the press has never been very benevolent with them and many people (who do not know them) think that they are haughty and unpleasant.
        It ‘s true there are a lot of photos on that instagram profile, I put one here.

      5. Thank You, Daniela, for the link to your post of one of my favorite pics — Piero having his hair cut (#Haircut) ! ๐Ÿ™‚ (I apologize for not seeing your reply here sooner; I don’t have access to email notifications). โœ‚๏ธ๐Ÿ“Œ๐Ÿ˜‹

  7. Thank you, Kelly. Can really brings back specific memories of the exact time in our lives whenever we each first encountered them. That they are adorable and evoke feelings of tenderness is right on, Daniela. For me, seeing these videos, they are like a combination of little baby birds and fledgling birds. I’m reminded of the fragility and vulnerability of youth and that, in turn, triggers a bit of a protective feeling / response towards them, such as they appear here in these images. Parents who love their own kids likely feel that, too, or something similar, I would guess. Have you all seen them a couple years later on a morning TV program called, “Home And Family” out of L.A. where they were cooking with the host of the show? There were at least two, fun videos of their appearances there. I had seen it on YT and they were beyond cute there. They seemed relaxed and enjoying themselves, helping to make some Italian food. Really enjoy the ‘throwbacks’. Hadn’t seen these before. Thanks again, Kelly.

  8. If anyone has been watching the guys sing which I have, I have to admire Gianluca has his rendition of any song as perfection. His voice is so smooh better than Sinatra or any other singer I have heard in the earlier years.

      1. Jill and Laura, what are you referring to with this question? Gianluca for what I understand is here in Italy.
        The photos you saw are from when he came to Miami for the Lo Nuestro Award, then the guys stopped to finish the cd, I think they stayed at least 2 weeks and then returned to Italy.
        Yesterday’s photos of Gianluca seem to be in an isolated place where he has relaxed.


  9. Hey Jill, Hi, Looks like he went to work some more on their new album. On his Instagram pics, he says he’s leaving his village to fly to Miami and he has a couple of pics in Miami, including rehearsing a new song in the studio there. That’s what I get, anyway. Maybe Daniela knows more than that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. (Jill, Now thinking the pic of him singing in the studio there might be before he left). Seems it’s some work to do in Miami regarding their new album; poor guy must be tired of traveling long distances so often. Hope Daniela sees your question.

  10. Hi Daniela, On March 14th on instagram, Gianluca shows a photo of him with a suitcase and he saysโ€A life on the roadโ€
    Then a few days later there is a photo of him in Miami, so I assumed thatโ€™s where he went. Today Piero shows a photo of Ignazio and himself at Sony studios in Milan. Maybe that was an old picture of Gianluca when they were in Miami, and he maybe was going to Milan to join his brothers.

    1. Yah, that must be the explanation for those pics there. I was wondering the same thing because of the Instagram pics. Glad you asked Daniela. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. So Jill, I understand what you mean, the black and white photo.

      At this moment Gianluca was going to Bologna with his dad to be present at the graduation dinner of Francesco Barone, remember that I posted the photo of the dinner? He and Ercole were in Bologna for three days.
      Probably the fact that, then you saw some photos of Miami (which had been taken before) has misled you.

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