~ The Prince of Marsala ~ by Daniela

Fabio Ingrassia, great friend of Ignazio,  performed this beautiful portrait in black and white and a friend of mine, Rita Spera wrote these beautiful words.




Ignazio is wonderful.

In this work, his friend Fabio manages to portray all the sweetness of his gaze and lets us glimpse the beauty of his soul as a good boy.

When at the end of a public performance he thanks, with his hand on his heart and whispers “thank you” in a low voice and holds his breath by bowing. Here this is the moment when I love him more.

What happens to the matador? The comedian? The clown? The dancer ….. all those that I like so much and have fun with real heart ?????

They disappear by magic …

and he remains, the prince of the modern fable bare, with no other capacity to hide or change. Sweet, sensitive, affectionate, passionate, serious, that is moved by a standing ovation. With the sweet eyes of a boy, incredulous … that they are all standing up for him.

This is Ignazio one of the three Wonders of Il Volo.


Ignazio is really a special person, who does not forget his friends.

These days Amelie Grace was born, daughter of Roberto Amadè, a friend of Ignazio with whom he shared a passion for music.


These are the words of Roberto and his wife,published on his personal profile:


“” Thanks Igny for this immense surprise yesterday; Seeing you arrive on the most beautiful day of our life has been a real gift. You are a brother. Everyone must know how much goodness there is in you and that the bonds of true friendship overcome the distances and commitments. “”  Roberto e Isabel


And this is the announcement that Roberto Amadè has given on his professional profile.


My daughter “Amelie Grace” was born yesterday with immense and authentic joy. Incredibly I can not get away from her. The ecstasy prevails. The family gets bigger. Happiness makes us more and more united.

Yesterday was made even more magical by the surprise arrival of my fraternal friend Ignazio Boschetto, one of the  voices of the  trio, famous all over the world: IL VOLO. Thank you my friend for being with me on the most important day of my life. The emotion still lasts now.

I’ll never forget it.


Our PRINCIPE DI MARSALA is really sweet and sensitive.


On March 22nd, at the Paladozza in Bologna an indoor soccer match was played.

The income was for charitable purposes, for research on ALS.

There were several artists playing, and who could not miss? Our Ignazio with a big heart.

There he is.





Credit to all owners of photos.

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  1. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful young man!!Thanks to all who contributed! <3 <3 <3

  2. Daniela, I woke up to this. What a lovely expression of kindness and love. Ignazio is really a good friend and a normal young man. I am so glad they can live a full life in Italy. We all appreciate your efforts in sending us these photos so we can see what the boys are doing. Hugs to all, Victoria

    1. Victoria, Ignazio is a tender boy who does not forget his friends.
      It was really fortunate that three boys with golden uvules but also from the heart of gold found themselves at the same moment in that transmission.

      1. Daniela, perhaps it’s why we find tears in our eyes so many times when we read about the boys and when we hear them sing. We are so starved for their kind of sincerity and kindness. We are so grateful to find such qualities in our dear boys in the world today. Hugs to all, Victoria

      2. Thank you Daniela. It is a beautiful portrait of Ignazio. And we are so fortunate that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were singing on Ti lasio Una canzone at the same time. God surely gave us a wonderful gift in these three young boys! While different in many ways, they share some wonderful qualities such as their talent, their intelligence,their work ethic and their kindness. I find that at very important moments, Ignazio always seems to know the right thing to say and it comes right from his heart.

      3. Yes Margaret, it was the case that put these three treasures together, but it did not end in an evening or a year. Their charisma resists, because they are exactly as you see them, as you feel them, and it is for us a beautiful sight and a good feeling.
        They respect us and we love them.

  3. Thank you for this The heart of Ignazio is BIG you can tell in the emotions he expresses in the music he sings. Ignazio gives his all. It only makes you love him more. La Vita, e Bella, with the voice of Ignazio, Piero and Gianlucca. Thank you again.

    1. It’s true Rose Marie Lomonte, and maybe the boys do not even realize how much joy they bring to so many people.

  4. Daniela thank you for these wonderful pictures of Ignazio. He is truly precious with a big heart & a voice that sounds like an angel and who shows genuine love & caring for people. At a meet & greet he came down from the platform at a concert & asked me if I got home allright from the previous nights meet & greet. He is my precious young artist who no one can replace. My love for him is genuine is more than just as a performer. His family is truly blessed to have a son who is so magnificent & special. I thank God every day for his caring & I look forward to seeing him in the meet & greets where time is too short.

    1. Loretta, I knew you would like this post that talks about our Prince of Marsala. Your words are beautiful and I know they are born genuine from your heart.
      Great affection for this boy!

    2. Loretta, I had not heard this before. How very sweet of Ignazio to ask about your welfare in getting home. It reminded me so much when the boys passed us on the road with no way to get a cab at 1 o’clock in the morning. Within minutes they had someone come back for us and drive us to our hotel. I cannot tell you what that ride meant to us. It just proved how much generosity and kindness is in the hearts of these beautiful boys. It was a very moving gesture and even now I get very sentimental about it. That he remembered you, is again so much proof of the miracle they bring to the world. Hugs to all of you, Victoria

    1. Rita wrote some beautiful words, Jeanette. It was a surprise for her that I published them and she was happy. I told her to read all your comments.

    2. Grazie a te Jeanette che hai apprezzato le mie parole per Ignazio. Sono molto contenta che Daniela ha tradotto per voi questo mio post. Mi sento molto vicina ai vostri pensieri che sono uguali ai miei. Questi ragazzi ci regalano momenti di gioia.

      1. translation:
        Thanks to you, Jeanette, who appreciated my words for Ignazio. I am very happy that Daniela has translated this my post for you. I feel very close to your thoughts that are the same as mine. These guys give us moments of joy

    1. Rose Marie, today I read a comment on Ignazio and this says it all:
      “Ignazio, my fellow citizen is very generous … we all know it here … It’s not haughty, not at all … You meet him in the bank, in the square at the bar in the center, photo for everyone and happiness to sell …. sorry if it’s too little “.

      1. Rose Marie, that comment is one of many under the post of Marino Bartoletti where you too, you commented. It’s 5 days ago, one of the first comments. The girl who did it is called Margherita Amato. I am attaching the screenshot of the original comment.


  5. I think it’s safe to say there is,thankfully, no one else quite like these three chaps and therefore, no one could fill their shoes. Refreshing to know they exist. Enjoyed the article-thanks, Daniela.

    1. Mark, these guys are really UNIQUE, there are many videos taken without their knowledge, and many attitudes told by people, that melt your heart.

  6. “There he is”. Everyone’s sweetheart. Beautiful drawing of him by his friend. ‘Lucky’ Amelie to have such a loving family and ‘uncle’. 🙂

    1. Laura, I found Roberto Amadè’s words to Ignazio really beautiful, it is clear that they are full of gratitude.

  7. Daniela, this is just a beautiful post. The sweetness and kindness in that young man’s heart …why it just brings tears to my eyes. They all three are so genuine ALL THE TIME! (Jane)

    1. Believe me, Jane, I am always amazed at their attitudes, I think they are part of a beautiful youth from which we must take an example.

  8. Thank you Daniela for all the beautiful words written about Ignazio and the beautiful drawing of his sweet and handsome face. Ignazio touches everyone he meets with his special tenderness, caring and kindness. He and his brothers are spreading love and caring wherever they go. They are so amazing and always display their true souls to us their loyal fans. It is so nice Daniela to see Ignazio and also Piero and Gianluca enjoying everyday activities to relax and get some time with their friends, families and the causes they believe in and support. I love our boys ❤️

    1. You know, Margaret, there is not a lot of work to do to find their nice gesture towards others, just look at them in their daily attitudes, they are young and they will surely have light-hearted attitudes, but their education and respect towards others always emerge.

    2. Ciao Margaret, ho scritto queste parole sulla bellezza dell’anima di Ignazio che si intravede attraverso il ritratto e mi sono ricordata di quando mette la mano sul cuore e ringrazia il pubblico con tanta dolcezza. Io spesso scrivo così, guardando una foto e mi lascio trascinare dalle parole che mi affiorano. sono felice che ti siano piaciute.

      1. translation:
        Hello Margaret, I wrote these words on the beauty of the soul of Ignazio that can be glimpsed through the portrait and I remembered when he puts his hand on the heart and thanks the audience with such sweetness. I often write like this, looking at a picture and I let myself be carried away by the words that emerge from me. I’m glad you liked them.

  9. Yes Victoria I was flavergasted in the first row when Ignazio came off the stage after their song to ask if I got home ok. I wasnt expecting that & I wish I could have given him such a big kiss. Also I wish I could do something special for him. If he recognizes me at all I feel blessed.

    1. Loretta, your story blew me out of the water. Ignazio is very special. I love them all and when he stepped down and said that to you, it just shows his concern for his fans. I loved that you shared that story. Hugs! Victoria

    1. What about Gina, he touched mine when I saw the first concert in 2015. I understand your feeling.

  10. Devo ringraziare la nostra amica Daniela che ha tradotto per voi amici di lingua inglese il mio post su Ignazio. Ha riportato le emozioni che il dipinto di Fabio Ingrassia mi ha ispirato, ritraendo il viso di Ignazio, su questo Blog “Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love”
    Sono molto felice di questo, e ringrazio tutte voi amiche ilVolovers che avete apprezzato le mie emozioni. Amo i ragazzi de IL VOLO, ognuno di loro sa darmi gioia e serenita’ attraverso la propria voce e il proprio canto, ma quando le tre voci si uniscono formano un’armonia incantevole.

    1. Carissima Rita, hai scritto parole scaturite dal cuore e per me è stato un piacere poterle condividere con gli amici di Flight Crew.
      Sapevo che sarebbero state molto apprezzate qui perchè l’amore dell’equipaggio verso Il VOLO è davvero grande e siamo tutti d’accordo sull’armonia incantevole che esce dall’unione delle loro tre voci.

      Dear Rita, you wrote words that came from the heart and for me it was a pleasure to be able to share with the friends of Flight Crew.
      I knew they would be very much appreciated here because the love of the crew towards Il VOLO is really great and we all agree on the enchanting harmony that comes out of the union of their three voices.

    2. translation:
      I have to thank our friend Daniela who has translated my post on Ignazio for you English-speaking friends. He brought back the emotions that the painting of Fabio Ingrassia inspired me, portraying Ignazio’s face, on this blog “Il Volo Flight Crew ~ Share The Love”
      I am very happy with this, and I thank all of you friends ilVolovers who have appreciated my emotions. I love the guys from IL VOLO, each of them knows how to give me joy and serenity through their own voice and their song, but when the three voices come together they form an enchanting harmony.

  11. The many faces of Ignazio really comes to life in Fabio’s wonderful black & white portrait this handsome young man. A Prince, a Pirate a devil and a Angel. Ignazio caring for his brothers and all that touch his life is a testimony of his goodness. He’s been blessed with a great tenor voice and respect his vocal training. The angelic magic is also in Gianluca and Piero. Together Their singing is extraordinary beautiful. In this upside down IL Volo brings hope, smiles and some tears of joy. They are the very best in entertainment in the world! Bono Pasqua to all.

    1. Vincent, you wrote beautiful words and centered the essence of our prince of Marsala.
      You’re right, in this world where education, respect, kindness, beautiful manners seem to have been forgotten, Piero Ignazio and Gianluca represent a wonderful exception.

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