~Grande Amore – A Very Beautiful Song ~ by Daniela

Often a song that wins the Sanremo festival, gets a good publicity and also the direct passage to the Eurovision.

It is not said that a song has the same favorable feedback with the public because sometimes a winning song does not get a follow-up with the public, or after a short time it can also be forgotten.

This is certainly not the case of GRANDE AMORE.

Since the first execution it has achieved great public success.

Are not served, the many radio passages to accustom people to the musical motif.

This song has immediately entered the head but even before in the hearts of the people and has spread everywhere, in the world.

This song was liked  so much that it was sung in many languages, as this video demonstrates.

Add to the series also this little girl of Moroccan origins OIUAM participant in Sanremo young.

Also, as we have seen, this song has also been used for sports   competitions, such as figure skating or rhythmic gymnastics.


So many times IL VOLO has been accused of making “cover” of songs, now it is the other singers who make “cover” of Grande Amore.

Also in the Rock version.

Did you know that GRANDE AMORE was not to be sung by IL VOLO but by a male and female duo called Opera Pop?

Due to the age overcoming by the male, they could not participate in Sanremo and so the song, thanks also to Carlo Conti, was proposed to IL VOLO.

Here are the Pop Opera in their version, do you think they would have won Sanremo all the same? I believe, NO.

Ok, I do not know if you have had the courage to watch all these videos of the same song repeated so many times, and I have to tell you that I could go on forever, but the message is that GRANDE AMORE is a beautiful song.

But let’s enjoy it one last time from our wonderful guys.

Eurovision 2015 version.



Credit to owners of all videos.

27 thoughts on “~Grande Amore – A Very Beautiful Song ~ by Daniela”

  1. Grande Amore is the perfect song for our young men. I have heard many versions by many singers, but their rendition is and always be the best for me. There is only one other that I like and that is the one sung by the Japanese fellows.

    1. You’re right RoseMarie, there is no comparison. I like this song, but when I hear it sing from Il Volo, I get shivery.

      1. I understand they are young and want to try new styles of music but, I hope they don’t stray too far. I will love whatever they do because they have done so much for me I would never leave them.

    1. Absolutely agree Jeanette. Their presence on the stage is priceless, we do not talk about their magnetism.

  2. YES I agree with Jeanette & Rose Il Volo are the best singers singing Grande Amore but the best singers in the world singing any & all songs. Am I partial to Il Volo YES

    1. Loretta, I am partial too, they are fabulous, what they sing becomes unforgettable.
      Give me your opinion, Opera Pop would have won Sanremo with the same song?

      1. Daniela

        I do not think so. The Italian public loves opera (la lirica) but this song does not suit a full operatic treatment. Although I can recognise her vocal talent, I did not like the soprano voice in this context.

        Also, for me the words are much more suited to a male singer. I can relate to a man singing these words about a woman; I find it more difficult to relate to a woman singing the same words about a man. We have so many female Crew members, I am sure some of you will scold me if that is a sexist view. I hope that it isn’t.

        Of course, I have heard it sung so many times by il Volo that now, I cannot get used to other performers singing it. Therefore, I find it much harder to listen to them objectively. I always make the comparison with our young men. Inevitably, to my ears and eyes, everyone else is competing for the second prize!

      2. Bernard do you think that us buying the 2 copies of Michele’s book was a catalyst to the new version being published? Or just a coincidence? LOL If I ever see him I will ask him and the guys to sign my copy. Which I am expecting early next week. 🤞
        Also, I could not listen to the other versions of Grande Amore. I stopped half way through each clip. This song was made for our boys. You are right, I think this song is not a woman’s song.

      3. Bernard, of course, I agree with you.
        You think that the words were written for a man and a woman, they were modified, just because they were suitable for three men.
        Honestly, if the changes were not made to the text or to the music, as was done for Il Volo, the song would not have liked it so much. For the interpretation, then, there are no doubts, Il Volo forever.

      4. RoseMarie, the book that you and Bernard have bought is certainly the first version, and it will become a limited edition book. As soon as I have bought the new book, I can let you know which parts are removed.
        You think that when the book will arrive to you, here in Italy will release the new version and there will be in Bologna the signature-copies with the presence of Il Volo ……. sigh sigh I will not be able to go !!

  3. Well Daniela I just heard the other man & woman singing up above I do not like their voices & that includes the other man & woman singing separately as well. In fact I don’t listen to other singers or groups. And no Opera Pop in my opinion would only win Sanremo sung by Il Volo. In fact if Il Volo is going to sing any other Opera Pop song then that song will win As I said above I am only partial to Il Volo.

    1. Honestly Loretta, I do not like them either, but as you say, we are biased. What annoys me is that they say that the victory of San Remo was stolen from them by IL VOLO. Instead I’m sure that sung by them, the song would not have won.

      1. You have to know Cynthia, that for the Sanremo rules, it’s the song in the race, so it’s the song that wins. But I am convinced that the impact, was given by the Volo, the same song sung by others in fact does not have the same performance.
        The song can be beautiful, but it is the interpreter that makes it great.

      2. Daniela, I did not know it was about the song at the contest. No one can put the heart and soul into the song like the boys did. I haven’t heard any version that can compete with Il Volo . They are simply beyond anything I have heard and we are so blessed to be living in the world with them singing. You enlighten us so much. I really appreciate you. Hugs to all, Victoria

  4. Thanks Daniela for all these “Grande Amore”s. Some are very good but none come close to being as beautiful as Il Volo’s Grande Amore. I remember watching the video from Sanremo and hearing them sing it the first time. It was incredibly exciting, dramatic and very unique! Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca do have such a wonderful stage presence and you know you are going to love listening to them.

    1. Margaret, you’ve watched them all, you deserve a medal.
      On you tube there are many, but when I hear Il Volo, all the others disappear.
      I too loved the first night of Sanremo and that’s why I started this post with that video, see the emotion of the boys, the tenderness of Gianluca and the reaction of the public is truly priceless.

  5. WEll! After listening all those…..I just had to hear ILVOLO do it so I could wash the sound of the others out of my head! Especially that Opera Duo… YEOWWW! Our beloved Piero, Gian and Ignazio are the true artists here, they were meant to do this song the treatment it got!

    1. Ha ha ha, Connie, did you manage to wash the sound of the others from your ears? Why do you think I finished the post, still with our beloved Piero Ignazio and Gianluca? The problem is that when you hear their music, this remains in your mind and makes room in your heart, there are no other music that can wash theirs.

      1. You are so right, mio amico, I believe they were MEANT for this song! Others will imitate it but they have it sealed in their history and in themselves as THEIR Signatiure song. Happy Easter to you!

  6. Daniela, imitations are never the same as the real thing. I watched every single version and none of them can match the power and beauty of the boys singing that song. No one else can compete with their voices and their stage presence. The boys have such powerful voices that they will always overshadow anyone else who sings that song. I just watch them singing with some street musicians and once again their powerful voices were just magnificent. I haven’t seen anyone or heard anyone that can match the power or beauty of their voices Whatever they saying, I am confident that they will find songs that match their vocal capabilities. I am looking forward to their new album with great anticipation. I know it will be wonderful because everything they’ve done has been wonderful. I am not in the least biased, and have always been drawn to the very best musical talent. Hugs! Victoria

  7. Thanks, Daniela, Jane… It’s apparently a song that many singers can’t resist singing, especially in Europe it seems. I guess one can call “Grande Amore” ‘a singer’s song’. It’s mighty appealing. I watched all the videos posted here and came away with a feeling of being emotionally touched by the human desire to creatively express oneself, through one form or another, the most readily accessible (and free) one being the voice. Whether one can sing well or not, the urge to do it is certainly natural and universal. As for quality, I agree that of those versions which I’ve heard sung now, for me, at least, IL Volo’s is the most compelling and appealing one; ‘hands down’. Have to give credit to the other singers, at least, for their good judgment in recognizing the beautiful music and song. Can’t blame them for wanting to have a good crack at it, bless their sincere hearts. Who wouldn’t want to try their best to sing that one; really.🌹

    1. You are rightly right Laura, after the correct and modernized version was sung in an exemplary way by the boys, I think that for the other singers is a “test” to see if that harmony so fascinating would be good even sung by them.
      But after you hear it from Il Volo, you can not fully appreciate the others, albeit good singers.
      Honor to everyone, but the best are still them!

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