~ VIA CRUCIS ~ by Daniela

In these days of proximity to the Easter festivals, many celebrations are repeated in the various countries.

One of these was also made in Montepagano, the town of Gianluca.

 Who knows the country, knows that it is a small village of Abruzzo located on a hill, with a splendid view that sweeps over the adjacent hills to reach the Adriatic Sea.

In this small town the rites of our culture and religion are maintained, and in these days we have witnessed the re-enactment of the Via Crucis.

What a great amazement to see that the interpretation of Christ was carried out by Ernesto Ginoble.

It was really a welcome surprise.

We all know that boys and their families have strong roots in our Christian faith.

The boys, as children, sang in the choirs of their churches, you also remember the emotion of Gianluca at the death of his parish priest, very sweet.


Ernesto was really very emotional about having to face such an important part.

Now we understand why lately he has let his beard grow, to better interpret the icon of Christ.

Congratulations Ernesto, this thing makes you honor, the whole family will have been proud of it.


We wanted to add for everyone our best wishes for a happy and serene Easter, that is a joyful fusion of cultures, religions and races.  We hold you all in an ideal hug.

Happy Easter from the Flight Crew writers to ALL our devoted Flight Crew!!

Credit to owner of videos and photo.

47 thoughts on “~ VIA CRUCIS ~ by Daniela”

  1. Wishing everyone a great Easter.
    “Easter is…
    Joining in a birdsong,
    Eying an early sunrise,
    Smelling yellow daffodils,
    Unbolting windows and doors,
    Skipping through meadows,
    Cuddling newborns,
    Hoping, believing,
    Reviving spent life,
    Inhaling fresh air,
    Sprinkling seeds along furrows,
    Tracking in the mud.
    Easter is the soul’s first taste of spring.”
    ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

    1. Gina, what a beautiful poem you have put.
      I will try to do all the beautiful things that are described to us.
      Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart: Happy Easter to you.

    2. Birdsongs and Daffodils…. sigh…. miss the clearly marked four seasons… birds sing all year here… the prettiest music, though. Oh, well… pretty prose poem helps to remind those of us who feel stuck in what can seem like eternal Summer. Thanks a bunch (of Daisies and Daffodils), Gina. 🌼

  2. Daniela, don’t we all wish we could have been there to enjoy the celebration as well. Thank you for sharing it with us and we can always count on you for the details from Italy. We want to wish everyone a Happy Easter and Blessings to all you who so generously continue to contribute to the Flight Crew. It makes my day. Happy Easter, Victoria

    1. Thanks Victoria, ideally, you’re all here.
      From Italy come to you and Jay, best wishes for a joyful Easter, and full of health!

  3. Thank you Daniela for all your interesting and insightful posts. It makes me feel almost like I am in Italy. Happy Easter to everyone on the flight crew!

  4. How proud Ernestos family must feel. God bless him & his family & they have a special & fantastic Easter & also to Ignazio & Pier have a wonderful Easter also. To Daniela, Marie, Jane, Kelly & also all who contribute to this site Happy Easter & God bless everyone.

      1. Happy Easter Jill, what traditions are there where you live for this party?

    1. Yes Loretta, Ernesto was very good. I join you to wish a Happy Easter to Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca and their families, and of course to the whole crew.

  5. A Very Happy Easter to you Daniela and to all the writers and contributors to this wonderful blog. And I, too, am very proud of Gianluca’s brother Ernie for his part in the Easter story. I know his family is very proud of him. I wish the Ginobles, the Buschettos and the Barones a very Blessed Easter. – Allene

  6. It is so heartwarming to see Ernesto taking this very important part in such a very serious event in our religious history . Mr and Mrs Ginoble have two wonderful sons!!!!
    Happy Easter.

    1. Ineke, we all feel involved in the families of the boys, that’s how we feel proud, too, as if they were our relatives.
      Best wishes of good Easter.
      Buona Pasqua, dall’Italia al Sud Africa, un abbraccio.

      1. Hi Daniela
        In Hawaii the different Kahuna’s(priests)hold sunrise services on many beaches around the islands.
        After that, the day would proceed the same as most people’s,an Easter egg hunt for the children, and then a Sunday brunch.
        Thank you for showing us Easter in Montepagano.

      2. Thanks to you, Jill, for explaining the Hawaiian Easter.
        Kisses from Italy

  7. Thank you, Daniela!. Happy Easter to all! A beautiful day for Erny & the Ginoble family! We are happy & ptoud of Erny as if he were our Grandson!!

    1. Anne, we can say that we share every moment that we are allowed to see, of our boys and their families, Erny was admirable.
      Happy Easter to you!

  8. Thank you, Daniela for sharing. What moving images of Ernesto portraying this part of the passion of Christ! I’m sure the Ginoble family is very proud of him! And what an honor for him too! Happy Easter to Gianluca, Iganzio and Piero along with their families and Happy Easter to the whole Flight Crew!

    1. Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca told me to tell you that they reciprocate the good wishes !!
      Joke of course but instead mine are true. Happy Easter Pat.

      1. Oh Daniela! You had me going for just a second! hahaha And you think I am the ornery one? 😉

    1. Maybe, Loretta. But I’m sure that if I got to talk to the guys, they would surely send their wishes and kisses to their Flight Crew friends.

  9. Hope someone reads this!! My FB is not working. My daughter has been trying to fix it. Not able to make it work!! Want to wish a Happy Easter to all my friends & to Gianluca & family!! Also Happy Easter, to Ignazio & family, Happy Easter to Piero & family!!! Have a lovely day!!!. >! I had Tendonitis return to the left shoulder last weekend & had pain again !! Monday I had poor balance & shakiness with feelings of nausea ! We went to the ER & I was
    admitted to the hospital!! Found a severe kidney infection with dehydration! Put me on bed rest with IV’s & medication. I lmediately felt better. I came home on Thurs. I still.feel tired & need to rest & I doze off all the time!! I was so worried that I would not get well enough to see the Boys!!! That has been my main concern!!! So till need prayers for recovery!

    1. Anne, Happy Easter to you and your family. Please know that we are all hoping for a speedy recovery for you❤️. And your FB😊 too, it can be very frustrating when it doesn’t work.
      I have one thing to add to the above poem – listening and singing along with our beloved boys.

    2. Anne, my prayers are going out to you for continued recovery. Easter Blessings to you and your family. (Jane)

  10. Thank youRose Marie & Mary! I never get sick so I am having a hard time dealing with feeling weak & tired! Just resting & trying to get better!!! Keeping my eyes on the goal of seeing our precious trio again!!!

    1. Hope you are soon feeling better Anne! Many people that have been sick the last few months seem to have also been very weak and tired.
      Thank you Daniela for the videos of Ernesto reenacting the Way of the Cross. His family must be very proud of him and how nice it is to see these traditions continuing! A Blessed and Happy Easter to all the Flight Crew Members and also to Piero, Ignazio an Gianluca and their families.

      1. Best wishes for a Happy Easter to you Margaret.
        Friday, the day of the Via Crucis, here in Italy it was bad, it rained and even yesterday, it was cold, cloudy and sometimes with rain, this morning just raised the shutters, a magnificent sun has invaded the rooms, Easter is here!

    2. Dearest Anne, I read only now and I must tell you that you made me worry with your health, but now I read that you left the hospital and, even if weak, you’re recovering.
      I recommend to you, get back into force because just released the record, I believe that the boys will be in promotion.
      I send you my best wishes for a speedy recovery, my prayers will follow you.
      An affectionate kiss from Italy

      1. RoseMarie, Bartoletti, said that very soon we will hear the first single and soon after the album will be released.

      1. it’s really like family already — that recognition. that affinity — like, “oh wow! is that Ernie? oh wow, it’s Ernie!”

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