Desire of the Sea by Daniela

We are all here in a frenetic wait for the new single, but the days go by and nothing new for now on the horizon.

But what are the guys doing???

SEA, SEA, SEA, desire of the sea.

We start from the oldest: Piero

SEA_Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc.png

SEA Cap d'antibes

SEA Piero

He is located in France, on the Côte d’Azur. How lucky he is in the company of friends.

How sweet that you are Piero!


But where is Ignazio ???

Here he is playing on the beach at LIDO DELLE NAZIONI, on the Adriatic Sea in the province of Ferrara.

He too is with friends, I would say that it seems very happy, how nice to see him like that.


And the youngest, where is he???

Gianluca too is at the sea.

He is also on the Adriatic Sea, in San Benedetto del Tronto.

He is the most poetic of all, he wrote on social media: “The smell of the sea, the sand under the fingers, the air, the wind ….”

Also Gianluca here in the company of friends.

Ok guys, you had fun and also in good company.

But now we want to see you together again in your new project.

You have rested and we are very happy with this, but now give us even more happiness by letting us listen to your last new single FINALLY.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

20 thoughts on “Desire of the Sea by Daniela”

  1. Glad the boys can enjoy their time away from hectic schedules. I am sure things will get busy when the CD is released.

    1. Yes Gina, I think it is better that they enjoy the holidays because then, they will be very busy, but it is from January I hear say “in a few days comes out the CD”, now I WANT TO FEEL THE CD !!!

  2. Hi Daniela. Perhaps they will let us have fun at the sea enjoying their new single or CD. Wishful thinking and dreaming !!!

    1. We hope Marion, we hope that the cd comes out for the summer, by dint of waiting, I would not, Christmas would come.

  3. I really like that song that Gianluca and friends are singing. His friends are really talented! They sound great together! 🙂

    1. Yes Pat, they sing well, all three together.
      These guys are having a lot of popularity, thanks to Gianluca.

  4. Think I read that they are having contractual issues with the new CD. If so, it
    may be a while.

    1. True Esther, they have discussed these problems. The disc is ready but can not divulge news.

      1. That explains the delay. I thought it was unusual for them to delay distribution and knew there must be some reason beyond their control

      2. Yes Janet, they clearly said that production, has imposed not to disclose anything, not even the release date or what kind of songs there are.
        They must undergo these impositions.

  5. It is odd to me that something like distribution would hold up the entire Biz . DOESN’T SONY KNOW HOW MUCH WE NEED THIS MUSIC??????

    *grumbles as she boards her ship and kicks a cannon “YEOW!*

    1. Pirate, did you see the post of May 09?
      IF you have not read it, go read it immediately, and tell me what you think, after so much research.

      1. I LOVED IT!. and I wrote some more on that actual post. Thank you!
        I would be such a delighted pirate to have all three on board!

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