The sales of Torpedine’s book go very well, he wanted to thank everyone with this message:



Feltrinelli Screenshot

Certainly it is a great satisfaction, considering also the beneficial purpose of selling the books.

Several newspapers have written reviews of the book and there have been many interviews.

This, which I translate, is taken from the article of Optimagazine, written by Red Ronnie and explains very well why this book was made.

“Why did Michele write this book? Perhaps because he was tired of having to reply to artists who told events that concerned him by distorting or inventing parts, perhaps to close the chapter of the past and “fly” again very high, but above all to tell that those who take care of people who climb on a stage he is also an artist to whom not only the money of the percentage he collects is enough, but he would also like gratification.”

With whom Michele has re-found gratitude and the desire to move on?

You have some doubts?

But of course with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, in a word IL VOLO!

Michele and Guys

In an interview, Torpedine was asked if the guys at IL VOLO are grateful and he replied that not only the boys but also their parents, to the point that he had to ask to stop thanking him.

But here’s what he wrote about them when it all started.

“My new creature (creation), IL VOLO,  is challenging, of course, but it’s too fascinating to be able to invent, try, throw themselves together in projects that seem impossible and instead all are realized: theaters and arenas sold-out in every corner of the world; fans of all ages, because with them concerts come, whole families. “

We know that all this is true, during the concerts of the boys it is possible to see from the children to the grandparents, generations mixed in enjoying their music.

Eurovision RAI photo

Another very significant piece written by Torpedine, where he talks about the guys is this:

“They always follow me, even if they do not fully share the idea. They trust me. Finally someone has understood that it is not the gain that interests me, rather the satisfaction of showing that in music I can also make mistakes, but very little, very little.”

How true Torpedine is, you have not made a mistake in your judgment of the boys. Pearls rare, very rare, and you recognized them, even if they were crude.

Crew, what do you think of this? Michele had a nose?

Radio City Music Hall

But the boys grow up and the difficulties arrive and Torpedine writes about this:

“Yet the difficulties were not lacking even with them: they came, above all, when the world realized that he no longer had three prodigy children, but three mature artists aware of their potential. Suddenly, we almost had to start all over again. , with great perplexity of the media and professionals, and we were not afraid to roll up our sleeves. 

We really have to thank Bruno Vespa, it was he who bet on IL VOLO on TV at a time when it was not so easy for us.”

Radio City Music Hall2

But I have to tell you, crew, that the piece that has me a little shocked, was this, and I would like to read your opinion on this.

“Nicoletta Mantovani (wife of Pavarotti) was the first to comment very negatively about IL VOLO, my last creature (the last artists created Michele), aiming to destroy the opinion of these guys, instead of encouraging them at their beginnings.

Obviously it is impossible, not only risky, to compare them to Pavarotti. Who does this is crazy.

Today, however, she also recognizes that they are unique guys: they sing well, they have passion and they believe in it.

Recently, all the media have documented that she strongly desired them at the inauguration of the Museum of Modena dedicated to Luciano.”

What to say, they did not deserve this, they were just kids … but maybe she did not know them and when she finally got to do it years later, she changed her mind.

In fact we say that, “Those who know them can not help but love them.”

Guys with Pavarotti Foundation

I think Michele really loves Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and it is widely reciprocated by the boys.

I believe that the difficulties have not been few and will continue to be there, but the team is strong and the road, even if tortuous, can be leveled.

Surely talent, education and gratitude are not lacking in our guys.

What do you think?

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24 thoughts on “TORPEDINE THANKS EVERYONE by Daniela”

  1. This look behind the scenes is very interesting. I am sure as Il Volo guys grew from boys to men and took more leadership of their career, there were discussions. From the fan side it looks seamless as they tour and appear on stage and make other appearances. But it would be interesting to see just what these discussions and decision making meetings are really like. In the beginning the boys and their families seem to have followed Michele’s lead, but i have wondered lately how much decision making the guys and their families do. Michele has been a blessing to them it seems, and they seem very grateful . Hope his book is published in English one day so we can all take a peak behind the curtain.

    1. You’re right Janet, now they are grown and can choose, is a little like a family, parents are always there to advise but then, slowly are the guys who make decisions, and honestly, I believe that the new CD has been strongly desired by the guys, but it is only my opinion. They were very criticized in Sanremo during the press conference, because they thanked Torpedine publicly and the entire press room said they were very ungrateful to Renis and Cenci, but they knew well, who had always followed them.

  2. Yes Daniela I agree with you that there is a strong affection between them. Michel has proven to them that he is sincere, knowlegable & strong & sincerely loves them & which they can leave their careers to him & know they are safe. I am glad for them. Look at the picture above where it looks as if Ignazio is sick & Michel is looking after him. That’s how I see it & their parents can relax also.

    1. Yes, Loretta, there is a lot of sincere affection between them. Suffice it to say that when Torpedine goes to work in Sicily or in Abruzzo to attend some programs, he is hosted at the home of the guys, in the family.

  3. Daniela, you wrote regarding Nicoletta Mantovani:
    “But I have to tell you, crew, that the piece that has me a little shocked, was this, and I would like to read your opinion on this.”

    Yes, she changed her position and in this clip pre-concert NOTTE MAGICA, it is crystal clear. She even goes out in public, to the press, and endorses our guys and their then upcoming NOTTE MAGICA at Firenze.

    The critics, if they want to have credibility, before making public statements / comments, have to genuinely give their full attention, even for just a few minutes, to the subject, in this case our guys, rather than go off on hearsay, or be judgmental without verifying information. Else they fall flat on their faces.

    Here is the clear, in no uncertain terms, very public endorsement of Nicoletta Mantovani (while we may have seen this previously, here it is again):

    1. In fact, Cynthia, I too had seen Nicoletta Mantovani, in the interview before Magical Night (the one you attached), and I was present on the evening of the premiere in Florence, she was in the audience and twice she got up in feet because they said they had the support of the Pavarotti foundation, represented by his wife.
      So when I read from Torpedine’s book, that in reality she was the one who destroyed them and criticized them a lot, I was very surprised.
      Good thing he changed her mind, she too, got to know them personally.

      1. oh, so you only learned about her initial position on our guys from Michele Torpedine’s book!…. this is the first time i hear of it, from you here. did not know previously…..

        yes, i have the NOTTE MAGICA DVD, and saw that Nicoletta was introduced by Piero, and she stood up…. and i didn’t know she got up twice. when was the second one?

        you know, it was just before ‘Firenze’ that i learned about IL VOLO…. and got very interested and curious about them… and that clip above kept coming up…. at that time i did not even know that Firenze was Florence. i know of Florence of course, but kept wondering what Firenze was….. and now i even have that clip downloaded and saved!….. 😉


      2. and yes, ha ha ha… she fell… for them, i presume BIG TIME. LIKE US!…….

      3. She got up twice because the scene was repeated in Italian and English, and she lent herself to this.

  4. I think it is only natural for Nicoletta Mantovani to be skeptical. Sh was trying to safeguard the legacy of Pavarotti and probably thought here are these kids trying to use Pavarotti as a way to get publicity for themselves. But when she actually met them and heard them she changed her mind, and rightly so. I think we have to give credit to those who were skeptical at first and then changed their minds!
    Sometimes it is courageous to go against majority opinion. Now of course, we think majority opinion is in favor of Il Volo, not against.

    1. I think it’s natural, to be wary at first, but not to criticize for destroying.
      However, certainly over time, the boys have shown their commitment and true talent, Nicoletta Mantovani herself said she was skeptical, but saw that they engaged in the study, also admired their success.
      I agree with you Penina, it is not easy to recognize that you have given a wrong judgment, therefore, so much of a hat to those who do it.

    2. yes, Penina, that thought came to me as well.
      that she, especially being Pavarotti’s widow, was just being wary…..
      (perhaps too much for others)
      but…. she is now on our boat…..

  5. Just like in a person’s life there are changes, joy, heartache, misunderstandings. Also it is hard to learn early in life that not everyone things your are “A STAR”.
    This multiplies in a “FAMILY” composed of talented musicians. They managed thru the last 9 years and I am sure will continue thru 9 more.

    1. Gina, I think the upset life that these guys had at that age could be negative, but thanks to the support of their families and their managers, they managed to handle things well, and this support still works, and thank goodness .

  6. Il Volo is something good that had happened to music….the world is hungry for clean artistry. I am sure Pavorotti would have embraced their talent, knowing hoe Italian pride goes coming from the Sicilian Italian background……hoping praying that they will stay beautiful and humble always. Too bad they cannot be all over the world, Much wishes for continued success with the God given voices they were given….The sky is the limit with The Flight…..Fly High Il Volo. God Bless the guys and Michele and the family who loves them.

  7. This is another excellent article. Thank you. I agree with Penina and Gina. Thank you for stating your balanced opinions.

  8. Daniela I am sad to read how this woman Nicoletta is giving Il Volo unfair problems. Perhaps she is greaving for her husband & grasping for attention? Of course that is all I can surmise. Others here & yourself have come up with other wise ideas. I can only pray for Il Volo & also for Nicoletta who will see the damage she is doing to Il Volo & making herself look vindictive. I also agree with Penina & Gina & of course you who knows so much more than me.

    1. Loretta, you misread, Nicoletta at first did not speak well of them, but then she changed her mind and now she wanted them to visit her husband’s museum. She has now admitted the value of these guys.

  9. I think that this new venture of Il Volo is not only a challenge for our boys but also a challenge for Michele Torpedine.
    Also I am following every Bruno Vespa’s show “Porta e Porta” to see if there is a return of Il Volo on his show. I hope he does a follow up soon.
    Daniela molto grazie for these meravigliosa and relevant posts.

    1. Ineke, I think so, the challenge is not only for the boys but also for Torpedoes, and he has always seen it right, we hope that his vision is not clouded!
      Did you know how much I’d like to see a good show conducted by Vespa with the guys? But as you have seen, he has recently forgotten about them.
      I really hope he calls them.

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